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Where are the jewels of Caroline Bonaparte today?

I don’t know very much about the jewels of Caroline Bonaparte, who was one of Napoleon’s sisters and later Princess Murat and Queen of Naples.  There are a few pieces floating around the internet mostly cameo, coral, and lapis jewels that are attributed to her but I haven’t done enough research into the subject to know if that’s accurate.  If they did belong to Caroline then there doesn’t seem to be any one person that owns a large number of the jewels like a descendant of hers but instead they are scattered between different museums and private property.  Here’s my favorite of the jewels that are said to have belonged to Caroline.

Empress Joséphine’s Sapphire and Diamond Parure, sold by Hortense de Beauharnais, Queen of Holland, to King Louis Philippe of the French in 1821.


Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

Day 17: Favorite Monegasque Tiara

The Ocean Tiara/Necklace

So if I’m being honest, I don’t love any of Monaco’s tiaras. I don’t hate them, but I don’t really care for them either. That being said, I do like the Ocean Tiara/Necklace but more as a work of art than a piece of jewelry. Made by Van Cleef & Arpels, it was a wedding present from Prince Albert to his bride Princess Charlene. Charlene was an olympic swimmer from the mediterranean, so many of her wedding gifts had a water theme. As a water girl myself, I can appreciate what VC&A was trying to evoke with this piece. The beauty, yet fierce power of ocean waves, all conveyed in sapphires and diamonds. On display, and as a necklace, this piece is magnificent. As a tiara, I’m not convinced quite yet. It will take more than one magazine spread for me to say yay or nay on this one. 

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Hi! Could you tell us about or show us the oldest tiara still in use in the royal collections? Thank you.

Ok, I’m going to try my best to identify the oldest tiara still in use by each of the current European royal families but some of these are just my best guess because we don’t always know when a tiara was created.  Here we go…

Belgium - circa 1925 - Queen Elisabeth of Belgium’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara

Denmark - circa 1804 - Queen Désirée of Sweden’s Ruby Parure Tiara (though the original set of hair ornaments weren’t turned into a tiara until much later)

Liechtenstein - circa 1870 - Kinsky Honeysuckle Tiara

Luxembourg - early 1800s - Luxembourg Empire Tiara

Monaco - 1949 - Princess Charlotte’s Pearl Drop Tiara

Netherlands - 1881 - Queen Emma of the Netherlands’s Sapphire Parure Tiara

Norway - early 1800s - Duchess of Leuchtenberg’s Emerald Parure Tiara

Spain - 1867 - Infanta Isabella of Spain’s Shell Tiara

Sweden - circa 1806 - Duchess of Leuchtenberg’s Sapphire Parure Tiara

United Kingdom - 1820 - King George IV of the United Kingdom’s Diamond Diadem