sapphire range

The colors of sapphire enchant. Faceted stones (from left to right): 6.36 carat (ct) pinkish orange “padparadscha,” 1.63 ct pink, 4.76 ct violet, 5.43 ct violet-purple, 3.03 ct blue, 2.12 ct blue, 8.06 ct yellow, 3.46 ct yellow, 2.00 ct orange and 1.01 ct deep orange. Photo: Robert Weldon/GIA. Courtesy: Dr. Edward J. Gübelin Collection and Bill Larson, Pala International

The September birthstone, sapphire, comes in a range of colors in addition to the familiar blue. Called “fancy sapphires,” these are violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, black, brown and intermediate hues. Sapphire can be colorless, too. That’s because the gem belongs to the mineral species corundum, which is composed of aluminum and oxygen. In its purest state, corundum is colorless. However, colorless corundum is rare. Most corundum contains trace amounts of additional elements including iron, titanium, magnesium, vanadium, and chromium that replace aluminum in the corundum structure. The coloration of blue and fancy sapphires involves interactions between these impurity elements—sometimes in combination with imperfections in the gem’s crystal structure—that absorb light and impart color into this otherwise colorless mineral.

Garnet Fusion Theory - I Think I Know Who The Two Fused Are

Ok, so the stones/crystals/gems that are used in Steven Universe seem to be the type that have a lot of metaphysical lore and attributed characteristics. if you’re going by the kinds of gemstones that the show seems to use - the most widely known/used for spiritual purpose - then the gems they’re picking aren’t obvious, but not a surprise either.this is more obvious if you look up the metaphysical meaning behind them and then look at the gem in the shows personality. but this also gives those who know a lot about gemstones and the lore connected to them major hints about them - and more often than not I’m not surprised by what gems show their face and how they act.

what actually surprised me originally about the show was that while amethyst, pearl, and rose quartz are all not only basic gems any little kid would know (ideal for regular characters) but also metaphysical staples, garnet seems to… come out of left field. its kinda… specialized? its far from unknown, but its a bit more removed from the usual ‘name some gemstones you know real quick’ list.

until i read the garnet fusion theory, and it all snapped together.

when i first read the theory my first thought was ’that’s cool, but what gems could garnet be?’ i figured the obvious thing to do would be to run through the quick list of basic gemstones i could name off the top of my head, going from most easily recognized by the general public to more obscure.

obviously rose quartz, pearl and amethyst are out. next is clear quartz - unlikely because its so close to rose quartz. next was obviously diamond. i think we’ll see diamond at some point, thats to obvious a gem not to use for a major plot point. similar ideas for emerald, gold, and silver. amber? maybe, maybe not - its technically not a gemstone but i wouldn’t be surprised either way; but i don’t think it fits for garnet. next is ru-


IT’S SO BASIC! how did i miss this!? it’s one of the most widely known gems, especially for color variety. why, there was even this one movie i watched where all the girls picked their favorite jewel - it gave them distinct colors so they could be easily told apart. one picked diamond, one emerald, one ruby, and one sa-


OH MY GOD wait wait YES. ruby and sapphire are two of the most basic well known gemstones - they would be some of the fist thought of when making any list of gems. plus garnets are maroon - a deep red-purple color. rubies most commonly range from red, to a deep burgundy, while sapphires most commonly range from pale blue to cerulean. the most likely color you would get from mixing a deep red and a pale blue is maroon. it would make perfect sense for this to be the case for a fusion.

/EDIT/: This also makes sense from the metaphysical aspect. For garnet being the fusion of ruby and sapphire, the CHARACTER garnet would logically have a personality reflecting not only the aspects of the gem it is as a fusion, but also as the two individuals. so lets see.

the metaphysical attributes of rubies are: Invulnerability, protection, power,strength, joy. said to protect the home from storms and negativity. it was also said to guard soldiers from wounds in battle. 

for sapphire we have: psychic ability, love, meditation, peace, defense, health of body. thought to banish fraud, therefore allowing truth. returns negativity back to its sender

and finally, we have garnet: strength, energy, happiness, peace, balance, patience, inspiration, persistence, protection, healing, balance. said to enhance endurance, and vigor. also said the mere presence of a garnet wards against criminals, specifically thieves. supposed to help align the emotional body to the spiritual body.

the charactor garnet has, with a bit of creative license, all of these aspects in their personality - but this is only a guess right? thats not a done and proven theory.

until i remembered.


I’d like to think no-one who is part of the Doctor Who tumblr community would do this, but I’m just going to say it just in case:

Do not pirate the Doctor Who audio plays (Well: don’t pirate in general). Big Finish is a small company and has been hit by piracy before and badly. It forced them to end then previously successful Sapphire and Steel range because piracy of the series in it’s third series was so bad that Big Finish had to abandon the series on a cliffhanger. Which was never resolved. At all. 

(And I’d love to drum up support for a renassiance for the series: but guess what? The licencise expired this year and Big Finish can no longer sell the series. It’s gone. Forever. Outside of inflated Ebay prices. Thanks for that, pirates - and if you want to know what your missing out on: Sapphire & Steel was a really great continuation of a 1980s horror/fantasy/science fiction series about two mysterious human figures who appear to be human, but are anything but who appear when strange events begin to occur and investigate in a procedual fashion. It’s a really surreal offbeat series and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone to watch the original (which I only found out about through the older generations of Whovians) . The revival series also had Mark Gattis playing a new character, Gold and he was fantastic. But, now that’s gone. Forever.)

And Big Finish have been honest about just how much, despite the Doctor Who name, piracy has cut into sales and despite Big Finish having Moffat’s favour that licencise isn’t cheap.

In addition, as a small company, Big Finish, despite the Who name, face distribution problems in getting their products out their on the market. So, their products don’t have anywhere near the same exposure as the revival series and it’s tie-in media  does. Colin Baker himself spoke out about it and about the realities of the situation and means of production itself - and while Dark Eyes (and the promotion of it in DWM) came along and it doesn’t seem to be as pressing as it once was, I still can see how all the newfound intrest in the Eighth Do ctor could lead to a rather unfortune knock on effect for Big Finish. 

And apparently people have been buying subscriptions so they can obtain the subscriber specials and upload them on the internet? A big source of Big Finish’s revenue comes from the subscriptions. 

Big Finish also had to let their Stargate licencise expire due to poor sales.Apparently, this was due to a large portion of the fandom prefering a new series over audio drama set within the time frame of the series, but I’m more then willing to bet that piracy played a role in poor sales as well.

pairing: y/n/luke

rating: nc-17

words: 13k

*old writing

You knew who sent the text before even looking at the screen of your phone.

The distinct chime notifying you that a text had been sent to you broke the light trance of concentration you had been under while studying. You internally debated with a voice in your mind telling you to ignore the only person you know who would text you at 11:55 PM on a Thursday.

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Before We Turn to Dust

Fandom & Pairing: Steven Universe - Ruby/Sapphire
Warnings: Rated T; Past family death, mentions of religion (Christianity).
Note: Shout out to my lovely betas, Emma and Rhin, who encouraged me a ton. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your time and support!! 

Summary: Their days were dirt roads and endless blue sky. It would be freedom, except it wasn’t. Sapphire is a quiet country storefront and Ruby dreams.

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Sapphire patted the dust from her apron. It gathered from where her skirt pressed against the small shelves lining the counter of her store, in those crevices and quiet spots she didn’t care to clean. It clung to the tops of jars on the highest shelves and hid between the aged floorboards and spun through the beams of early morning sun and waning afternoon light, day after day. Sapphire ignored it as well as she could.

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This is a fabulous assortment of Sri Lanka sapphires, ranging in weight from 18.19 carats to 188 carats. A few minerals are used as gems in their natural crystal form. Most, however, are shaped and polished to bring out their sparkle, brilliant color, and/or unusual texture. Gems that are transparent, like these sapphires, are normally faceted: cut with a machine that polishes small, flat windows (called facets) at regular intervals and exact angles. This maximizes light reflected by the stone, highlighting its optical properties and causing it to sparkle. 

More from the Museum’s Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems.

Image credit: Erica and Harold Van Pelt

Modern Middle Earth AU

It started off as a camping trip, Erebor was their favorite place to go when they wished to get away, while their home in the Blue Mountains was beautiful with the sapphire range and the snowy winters, Erebor was like paradise with its robin’s egg blue sky, fluffy white clouds that easily compared to perfect marshmallows, when the season was warm the grass rivaled the complexion of an emerald and when there was snow it was like looking into a Yule card, and the Lonely Mountain was famous their motley hot air balloons, the rainbow village with cobblestone streets and ponies that took tourists up the hills and the tiny foreign cars, beautiful farms, large pine trees that sometimes smelled like peppermint, up in the mountain was also where Thorin Oakenshield had his mine, he is the owner of mines and a jeweler.

Kili Durin his nephew already lived there up in the mountains, he managed the Erebor jewelry boutique up in the Lonely Mountain and the one down in the lake town below, Dale, which was famous for their canal system and had more modern stores than the tourist attraction of Erebor which his uncle also controlled and gains a lot of money from. He lives in the luxury cabin that the family comes to visit every now and then. His brother Fili mainly lives in the Blue Mountains and is training to take over the company one day since their adopted cousin Gwen prefers to design the world famous jewelry.

Well it was an odd time to go on a camping trip, it was January and the holidays had just ended but Thorin wanted to keep a closer eye on his colliery and see how Kili is doing he promised his mother (Thorin’s overbearing sister), Fili missed his brother so tagged along, Gwen’s favorite place in the world is The Lonely Mountain and secretly she was planning on staying there to live permanently which she didn’t tell her father for she didn’t want to upset him, after all he is very attached to his little girl, but she loves the place dearly and well with her job she can work anywhere. They had some more relatives tag along, and a friend of the family Uncle Gandalf, a bit of a free spirit he teaches philosophy at different universities, one in Rivendell, another in Gondor, and another in Hobbiton which she visited once when she was very small with her Aunt Dis and cousins Fili and Kili. Well Uncle Gandalf wished to bring a friend from Hobbiton a writer friend.

The shire was a very cookie cutter pleasant little town it was the sort of place that nothing could ever go wrong in, it was quiet and enchanting a good place to raise a family. His friend Bilbo Baggins is a journalist for the newspaper The Hobbiton (creative I know), but wishes to become a novelist and wishes to become inspired. They all rode up in Bifur’s RV, got into an argument with the toll people who they jokingly call The Toll Trolls, when the RV broke down they stayed at a friend of Gandalfs who is a real nature guy named Beorn, another named Radaghast, it was as if Uncle Gandalf’s only friends were hippies.

When they stopped to rest (Bifur needed it driving for all those hours) they stopped in the metropolis of Mirkwood an up and coming city that Thorin disliked hiv biggest competition was here, Thranduil Greenleaf, playboy, philantropist, businessman, wealthy from a noble line, utterly prententious but Kili had taken a liking to the sheriff of the city, the fiery redhead sheriff Tauriel Archer, and well Gwen didn’t like him at first but she saw the real him not just some spoiled, priveledged heir, Mayor Greenleaf’s son Legolas, she and Kili were the most sad for leaving Mirkwood for those reasons but when they arrived to the state of Erebor where Dale and the Lonely Mountain were their spirits lifted, Kili couldn’t stop texting the sheriff the entire ride which Fili and Gwen teased him mercilessly for.

They all arrived at the Durin Cabin in one piece, the place was gorgeous, luxurious but not pretentious and still kept it’s wooden natural assets. That night Bilbo cooked for them all and they had a bonfire, in the morning Bilbo cooked for them again but not everyone was up yet, except for Thorin who wished to see how the mine was doing, Kili had to go to work so he took a breakfast sandwich made by Bilbo and told him he’ll get his coffee at the place by his job, and Gandalf was off looking around the place.

“You didn’t have to cook again.” Thorin gruffed at the writer as he fixed his tie and went for the coffee.