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Animal of each Weston’s House

@thedarkestcrow​ has an interesting article about the symbolism of the representative flowers of the four Weston dormitories.  I want to continue this theme with my own thoughts about the symbolism of the animals, which we can see in the logo of each dormitory, and how former prefects suited to their dormitories.

Green House - Green Lion
Distinctive features: physical strength; students of this house have talent to a variety of sports and martial arts.
Former Prefect: Herman Greenhill.
Lion has a dual meaning, carrying the personification of both good and evil. On the one hand, lion symbolizes the greatness, strength and courage, fortitude, justice, law, military power. On the other hand - cruelty, ferocity, animal life.
All these characteristics ideally fit to Greenhill. He has great physical strength, he is great at playing cricket. And he was the one who was disgusted with
Derrick’s injustice. In the name of justice and law (traditions) of Weston, he flew into a rage like a beast and committed murder.

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“I always used to think the song “Piazza New York Catcher” by Belle and Sebastian was a great song to describe Lapis and Steven’s relationship ♥”

- @jasper-foxes  {song}

MN: I so agree with this, I’m totally gonna make a thing, a little music video with Steven and Lapis ahhh ♥ - MSapph

Sapphire Fox

Their final year at Weston was suppose to be the best year they had. It was not suppose to turn out like this. Edgar had been torn up ever since the incident with Derrick, the one thing that never failed to cheer him up was bothering Lawrence. To those watching, it seemed almost as if he was being cruel to the Sapphire Owl, but in Edgar’s mind, he was flirting, taunting him, calling him by his first name…