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anonymous asked:

I'm an autistic sapphic girl and I'm worried no girl would tolerate my stimming

So am I! There are plenty of other autistic sapphics out there, trust me. And stimming is a wonderful thing; you deserve a girlfriend who loves you, stims and all. She’s out there, somewhere, I promise.

@ lesbians who haven’t been in a relationship yet:

i know it’s hard to imagine but you will find a gf someday who will love you very much!! it’s hard when you only know 1 other sapphic girl but trust me, one day you’ll get a gf and it’ll be gr8!! if any straight person ever gives you shit for never having dated a girl before just let me know and i’ll fight them bc it’s hard enough trying to find someone who likes you back without having to deal with the fact that they’re probably not into girls and i don’t think people acknowledge that enough!!!