Sunday 23rd

Today I had to get up at 9:30 so Megan and I could go to the Rostro before all the people got there, after I dragged myself out of bed I ate a quick breakfast and met her at the train station. Once we took the metro we met up with one of Megans friends from her University and walked to the Rostro. Her friend was really nice and we were at the market for a good two hours I’m pretty sure I saw everything. I didnt get a chance to buy anything but I now know what I want so I can go back next time and buy it. After the Rostro I went home and took a hour nap, then ate lunch and then went back into town and met up with Elizabeth because we were going to go to some museums. Some museums were free on Sunday such as Rena Sophia. I was suppose to meet Elizabeth at the entrance of Atocha at 4:20 and I got there at 4:09 so I waited a while and Lizzy’s always late but I told her if she was late again I was kicking her butt. So it was 4:40 and I was pissed but then I realized she said meet me at Atocha not Atocha Renfe and guess where I was.. Atocha Renfe.. so I walked over to the Metro where I saw her and I told her what happend. She was also there at 4:08 so we we literally sitting across the street from each other waiting. When we walked to the Museum there was a huge line.. hell no was I waiting in that line so we walked to another museum that was suppose to be free. It wasn’t -_- so then we walked backed to the Rena Sophia and the line was gone! Woo, all the paintings not going to lie were kind of boring but I did see the famous painting Guernika by Picasso that was exciting. After I just went home

Waiting for Elizabeth in the hot sun…

I wasn’t suppose to take any pictures!

Tujhe Bhula Diya - Anjaana Anjaani

Tujhe Bhula Diya – Anjaana Anjaani

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Tujhe Bhula Diya – Anjaana Anjaani

Naina lagiya barisha
Te sukke sukke sapne vi pijj gaye
Naina lagiya barisha
Rove palkan de kone vich neend meri
Naina lagiya barisha
Hanju digde ne chot lage dil te
Naina lagiya barisha
Rut birha de badlan di chha gayi

Kali kali khali rato se
Hone lagi hai dosti
Khoya khoya in raho me
Ab mera kuch…

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Sania turns beautician to raise money for fan

SANIA Mirza left the tennis racquet to pick up the beautician’s brush for the sake of a very special fan recently in Mumbai.

The fan in question is Sonia, an acid attack survivor whose ardent wish had been to meet the tennis icon. Sania made her dream come when she recorded an upcoming episode of the reality show Mission Sapne with Sonia this week.

The show is about a celebrity performing a specific job for a day to raise money for a noble cause.

Whatever amount the celebrity earns is then multiplied particular cause or person.

Sania, for instance, decided to don the garb of a beautician to raise money for Sonia’s treatment and wellbeing.

The tennis superstar raised ` 5,850, which means Sonia ultimately received ` 5,85,000.

Sania fans cutting across age groups turned up to get a special touch- up or two at the hands of their sporting hero.

She has been on a spree lately, winning consecutive her doubles partner Martina Hingis, and a long line of admirers were excited to meet her.

Incidentally, Sonia mentioned to Sania that she admired Shehnaz Hussain and considered the pioneering beautician as an idol.

Sonia also said she would love to learn the art of makeup from Hussain.

Sania had a surprise in store for Sonia. She blindfolded Sonia, seated her in a car and took her to Hussain’s residence.

An overjoyed Sonia chatted away happily with her two idols and also clicked photographs with them.

By Mail Today Bureau in New Delhi Tennis star took fan Sonia to meet Shehnaz Hussain

Jimmy Shergill has a soft corner for sports

Mumbai, Jan 29 (IANS) Jimmy Shergill, who has paved a way for himself in showbiz with his acting caliber, says sports like soccer, hockey and cricket have a special place in his heart, adding that he always wanted to learn boxing.

“I’m from an army school and participation in sports was compulsory for us. I’ve played soccer, hockey, cricket and a lot of other sports, I also make it a point to carry a bat and ball during my outdoor shoots. I’ve hurt myself a lot of times in the boxing ring, but didn’t get a chance to pursue it a lot,” Jimmy said in a statement.

The actor, who balances his career in Bollywood and in Punjabi movies, was on a TV show “Mission Sapne” when opened up about the dreams he had before he entered filmdom.

For an episode of the show, which is aired on Colors, Jimmy turned into a ‘halwai’ to support an aspiring boxer named Rishu.

While Rishu was delighted to hear about Jimmy’s support for her, she discussed her passion for boxing, with him.

In turn, Jimmy shared that he’s an ardent sports lover, with a special love for boxing. He even asked for Rishu’s guidance, and gifted her a boxing kit.

The actor, who has featured in films like “Mohabbatein”, “Yahaan”, “Lage Raho Munna Bhai”, “Tanu Weds Manu” and “A Wednesday”, shared that the concept of the TV show “touched upon his life in a very special way”.

“It has not only made me value life but has added value to my life as well. I had an amazing experience while helping Rishu and hope my contribution will make a difference in her life,” he said.

The episode will be aired on Sunday.

Na Jane Kyun Hota Hai

Na Jane Kyun Hota Hai

Movie Info

    • Singers

      Sohail Sen, Pamela Jain

    • Lyricists

      Javed Akhtar

    • Music Director

      Sohail sen

    • Mood/Type

      Love Song

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Sapne saloney, hai sach toh hone Lekin woh sapne tumko, kaise dikaaun Kehta hai jeevan, jitne hai bandhan Raste se main pehle toh unko hathaaun Mann ki baat, kehne ke pal nahin…

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It is not just a meeting of India and Africa.

It is not just a meeting of India and Africa.

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This is what Narendra Modi said:

  आज, यह भारत और अफ्रीका की सिर्फ एक बैठक नहीं है। आज, मानवता की एक तिहाई के सपने एक छत के नीचे एक साथ आ गए हैं।

Quote in English:

Aaj yeh bharat aur africa ki ek baithak nahi hai.aaj manavta ki ek tihai ke sapne ek chat ke niche ek sath aa gaye hai. 

English Translation:

Today, it is not just a meeting of India and Africa. Today, the dreams of one-third of…

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Meri khaamoshi jo tum sun lete ho
Mere sapno ko aankho mei bun lete ho
Jab Bheed mei mujhe chun lete ho
Tab jaan mujhe apna tum kar lete ho
Sab kuch hota hai aise jaise ho koi sapna
Sapno mei jab tum aate ho
Boht mujhe lalchaate ho
Kuch aise kaam Kar jaate ho
Jo bolne mei sharmaate ho..
Kaash wo sab sapne sach ho jaate
Hmare pyaar ke charche har waqt ho jaate
Mohhbatt ki duniya jo bnayi hai
Dilon ki nafrat usme jalai hai
Tumhari naram hatheli pakdi thi
Dil mei himmat takdi thi
Baahon mei tumhe bharna tha
Yaa jeena tha ya marna thaa..
Jab baahon mei tumhe jakda tha
Or haath tumahra pkda thaa..
Wo nasha abhi bhi hota hai
Dil kbhi kbhi talab mei rota hai..
Dil dimak ki iss kashmkash mei
Aankhon ka kya kusoor hai
Yaadon mei rona dil ka hai
Aansuo ka aankho mei aana
pyaar ka usool hai….
Jo khoya tha tunmne mujhme use paa liya
Pyaar ka jahan mere saath bsaa liya
Apne Iss jahan ko dunniya ko dikhana h
Pyaar hmara ek din sbkko btana hai…

Kangana Ranaut fronts Askme grocery debut campaign

New Delhi, Feb 5 (IANS) Actress Kangana Ranaut has been roped in by consumer internet company Askme for their new online grocery portal brand launch and communication campaign.

The campaign will go live on television on Friday.

The film captures the story told from the perspective of a passionate woman, played by Kangana, who loves to sing and dance. She makes the choice of ordering grocery from and saves that time in pursuing her ‘adhoore sapne’ (unfulfilled dreams).

The marketing team at Askme with filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani has conceptualised the campaign.

Commenting on the launch of campaign, Manav Sethi, group chief marketing officer and head - Digital Strategy, Askme, said in a statement: “Data suggests that 65 percent of total retail in India is contributed by grocery in some shape and form and hence, it’s imperative that in near future grocery would corner significant share in India’s e-commerce market.”

“Through this film we are trying to address a social shift in grocery buying where digital platforms (mobile and internet) are big enabler and convenience of buying and delivery at your doorstep is big enabler. Time and money saved could be deployed in something more consequential!”

He also mentioned that has been scaled to 27 cities in last two quarters as hyperlocal grocery platform and by March 2016, Askme aims to make it available in 70 cities in India.

3Novices:Using Mathematics to Improve Human Health

3Novices:Using Mathematics to Improve Human Health

Scientists at the Universities of York and Torino have used mathematics as a tool to provide precise details of the structure of protein nanoparticles, potentially making them more useful in vaccine design. Working with a world-leading group at the University of Connecticut in the USA, who pioneered the development of self-assembling protein nanoparticles (SAPNs) for vaccine design, they have…

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Hausse des tarifs des autoroutes : des automobilistes en colère et un gendarme impuissant

Les péages d’autoroutes augmentent de 1,12 % en moyenne à compter de ce lundi 1er février. Cette hausse résulte des accords passés entre l’Etat et les sociétés concessionnaires en avril 2015 après un conflit de plusieurs mois. Les augmentations varient selon les réseaux et sont nettement supérieures à l’inflation. Les autoroutes du sud de la France (ASF) relèvent leurs tarifs de 1,63 %, Area de 1,27 %, APRR de 1,23 %, Sanef-SAPN de 0,86 % et Cofiroute de 0,82 %.

Le résultat est contraire aux attentes des automobilistes persuadés si ce n’est de la poursuite d’un gel des tarifs, au moins d’une hausse très limitée inférieure à l’évolution de l’indice des prix, comme l’avait promis la ministre de l’environnement Ségolène Royal.

En septembre 2014, suite à un rapport de l’Autorité de la Concurrence dénonçant l’importance de la rente des sociétés d’autoroutes depuis leur privatisation en 2006, Mme Royal décidait de remettre à plat les accords avec les concessionnaires. Elle commençait par décréter un gel des augmentations de tarifs prévues pour 2015, estimées à 1,07 % en moyenne.

Le gouvernement liait l’issue des négociations au lancement du plan de relance autoroutier de 3,2 milliards d’euros proposé et financé par les sociétés concessionnaires en échange d’un rallongement moyen de deux ans de la durée de leur concession qui s’achève à l’horizon 2030.

Sécurisation des contrats

Après des mois de tensions, en avril 2015, un accord était trouvé. Les sociétés autoroutières se sont engagées à verser 1 milliard d’euros pendant la durée de leur concession à l’Agence de financement des infrastructures de transport. À cela s’ajoutent 200 millions d’euros dans un fonds d’investissement dans les infrastructures, qui sera géré par la Caisse des Dépôts. En compensation, les sociétés d’autoroutes ont obtenu une sécurisation plus grande de leurs contrats, pour éviter toute tentative de remise en cause par des futurs gouvernements.

L’accord d’avril a confirmé le gel des tarifs de (…)

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Renault et Nissan veulent développer une voiture électrique à bas coût
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