nicest person on tumblr award

Because, like, I don’t even know you and you bent over backwards to find me a zip of an anthology. You win… I dunno what. I don’t have anything particularly awesome. So, uh, have a GIF of a ferret drinking beer.

Because…. because… I dunno why.

maldoraan asked:

Hi, I'm not sure if you remember me, but I just wanted to say that I love your icon. :) I haven't seen Buffy on here in a very long time.

I REMEMBER YOU! You’re like, the coolest, nicest person ever who searched hard for that Death Cab anthology! I’d never forget (:

Thank you so much on the icomplement–which is, uh, icon and compliment thrown together in case you didn’t know since I just made it up. Yours is… I’m so embarrassed for knowing this… James from Big Time Rush, right? Or it was when I posted this.

Sorry for the public answer, but I’m on my iPod and, well, it doesn’t allow private responses. D: