saphire fire

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did you think she was weak?
this girl with flowers in her teeth
a dress of black souls floating to her feet

her life was changed in a crack
earth split open, dragged down deep, ankles blue black
but the love she found was of no compare to flower and wheat

a man of nighttime air and winter springs
eyes like saphire on fire
a crown on his head, an outstretched hand

did you think she didn’t know?
when he asked for no more than a kiss, lips pomegranate red
when his hand found her hair, she was his

the seeds passed her lips
a sense of home long lost to the comfort of the dark
as she slipped into bliss, into rule, into love

why do you think she was there?
in her youth dreaming of a throne, crowns made from roses
maybe she grew poisoned flowers for a reason

fly traps and wisteria, Lilly of the Valley  
a need to hold the ugly in her pale, gentle hands
maybe she knew what she was doing

who holds the keys to the dead?
a girl with flowers in her teeth and stormy seas in her eyes
she is the winner of a game of death

she now holds the throne, sitting proud  
her dress of oblivion hanging on her swaying hips
a Queen, a Conqueror, she now his world.

—  a girl with pomegranate still fresh on her breath.