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saphire-dance replied to your post “I’m gonna be honest I put a lot of work into a glow in the dark jelly…”

They do have glow in the dark yarn

saphire-dance replied to your post “I’m gonna be honest I put a lot of work into a glow in the dark jelly…”

Let me see if I can find a link

That’d be great. I did find a fingering weight yarn but ugh, teeny-tiny yarn takes forever! I’m a solid worsted weight person except on specialty items. (Which, I suppose, glow in the dark products probably ARE…).

And I found a vinyl ‘yarn’? But IDK how that’s gonna work out…

‘Painting’ my yarn with acrylic paint worked well enough, it was just a lot more effort than I usually expend and without much of a pay-off. Like, the jellyfish does visibly glow but it’s not like… super bright.

saphire-dance replied to your post:So someone on AO3 just discovered “Muy Caliente”…

well at least the one we wrote together has a happy ending

Hahahaha. Yeah, I think that all the longer fics-


*glances at “Hell and Back Again”*

Most of the longer fics are less angsty, because there’s more room for a whole variety of emotions and stuff here, but if you’re just going over the ones under 10k, it’s basically “angst,” “angst,” “Batfamily hot pepper eating contest,” “angst,” “angst.”

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Do you think the dancing is more of a tradition than a requirement to fuse? Because the Ruby's didn't dance, so maybe it started with Ruby and saphire?

I think dancing might be exclusive for fusion between different Gems, like Garnet and the other Crystal Gems fusions we’ve seen (Opal, Alexandrite, Sardonyx, and so on). Fusion between like-Gems probably comes more naturally, whereas this new form of fusion needs a ‘running start’