An onslaught of luscious beats and sexy vocals flow abundantly on deep house and R&B jam Looking At You, an ace tune from Sweden’s Sapele. The soulful dance jam comes from Sapele’s upcoming EP, The Day, and it exudes endless, seductive allure. Sapele’s The Day EP will be released August 28th on Dirty Soul Recordings. 

I finished this built-up transom frame/ corner-post hybrid thingy today! It is massive, it is 6 ½ inches wide, by 7" thick at the thickest point. It has everything you could want: a changing bevel on a curve, multiple compound angled notches, and a compound notch within a compound notch. This “piece” is fit on 6 sides. It comes apart in lifts, and will get glued together in place tomorrow. #woodworking #boatbuilder #redesign #finewoodworking #handtools #sapele #artisangeometry #somuchspiling

It’s been but a week since I first encountered music by Sweden’s Sapele, who wooed me easily with deep house and R&B jam Looking At You. Now, the producer has released his four track EP, The Day, on Dirty Soul Music, and with it, he proves even further that he has a masterful grasp of combining the moving organic with the soulful electronic. EP track Testify is a deeply pumping, infectiously melodic, and lusciously intoxicating future imbued deep house jam with honeyed R&B vocals. Stream the rest of The Day EP or order it, here.

On Dec. 8th I am participating in a show through an organization called RAWArtists. I will perform with my band as well as have my artwork on display on Dec. 8th at the Absinthe House in Boulder, CO. I need to reach my goal of selling 20 tickets to the event, and I’m offering custom woodburnings like these to ticket buyers! Even if you’re not in the area, you can help show your support for my art and my music by purchasing a ticket here: (where it says ‘buy a ticket for this artist’ in yellow)

When you buy a ticket, send me a note with what animal you want on your woodburnings! These are all pieces of Sapele, an exotic african mahogany with an amazing sheen. I appreciate everyone’s support <3