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I’m having kind of a bad day, so I spent my lunch break writing pure unadulterated fluff to make myself feel better.

Perc’ahlia, 1100-ish words, after the Chroma Conclave.

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There’s an airship on the outskirts of Whitestone.

To be more accurate: there’s a battered, broken down airship on the outskirts of Whitestone. Percy doesn’t believe it when he first hears people gossiping about it, but curiosity has him traveling to the abandoned farm almost immediately. And sure enough, it’s an airship, haphazardly tethered to the old barn. Percy stares at it for a while, along with the small crowd of Whitestone citizens who have gathered. “Where did it come from, Lord Percival?” a woman asks.

He can only shake his head. “I have no idea, but I’m going to find out.”

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Lots of people have made observations about how reading fanfic is watching the same two people fall in love over and over and somehow it never gets old, but sometimes it feels more like I’m falling in love with the same two people over and over, and that never gets old either. I love how a really good fic can make it feel like The First Time, the first fic you read, all over again.


Hug it Out (Ver. 2.0)

Wanted to draw stangst but drew stanhugs instead. This is partially what I headcanon will happen in the finale (the Mabel crying “hug it out” again part, not the crying part). I was also remembering the news article Alex liked on his twitter, with twin brothers who hadn’t seen each other for 60 or 70 years finally reuniting. There were hugs and crying.

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DA Version

I just cannot emphasize on how happy dan looked in this video.
His eyes are crinkling, his teeth clearly visible and his smile that stretches all the way, his giggles and his genuine laughs, and its just amazing to think how far he’d come, from that kid who gets bullied at school, to dropping out of university, to having existential crisis, to just beat all of his problems and horrible past with one huge smile. 

The cat whiskers do come from within; it came from within dan’s happiness upon meeting and being with phil 6 years ago and it came when they’re just having fun and living life being with each other. It came from within their own little world that nobody understood except for themselves but is now a show with millions watching, it came from their inside jokes, it came within their own joy and personalities. They say Happiness comes from within and I think that’s what PINOF is. To be so happy and to smile like you don’t care about the world and its ugliness. To smile and to just let loose in front of the judging camera, to smile and just draw cat whiskers on your face and just be silly, cause who cares

They’re not just silly boys doing silly things on the camera, they’re having fun and being happy and sharing that happiness with others and that’s what I think makes this annual tradition so appreciated. For a moment they can forget being an adult and just do weird shit on the camera. 

and that’s completely ok

I am the worst sucker for reincarnated loves like I am the WORST TRASH FOR THAT SHIT

That thing where they first meet again and that expression of confusion bc ‘I know them’

and then they struggle with getting closer for no damn reason but just?? t h e m


Or one of them does and they have to stare into that other person’s face every morning knowing they’ll never understand how much they love them


I know a lot of people are feeling a little iffy about the surge of new pokemon fans thanks to pokemon go but honestly… I’m so happy to see so many people enjoying what I’ve loved for almost my entire life. it fills me with so much warmth to see everyone making connections and having fun because of pokemon. I’m so glad I get to share this experience with so many people and the fact that this game is introducing the wonder of pokemon to tons and tons of people who probably wouldn’t get into it otherwise really means a lot to me

holy shit it’s been a year since these gay nerds ruined my life and the sexual tension between them is still going strong! 

but real talk, thank you so much @carmillaseries for making such an amazing show that’s helped me through some of my worst days and has inspired me so much. words cannot express how much this all means to me so thank you <3