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1. ur probably expecting this tbh, love of my life, personal sunshine, my ult bias = Park Jinwoo !!

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2. another one y’all probably know already, my first ult i ever had who has his hands wrapped around my heart tbh = Kim Jonghyun

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3. another ult (yes i hv 3 dont blame me), my first shinee love from back in 2013 = Choi Minho

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4. not an ult this time,, but he is another ray of sunshine in my life = Choi Youngjae

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5. likes to act like a tough shit rapper but is actually a giant baby = Lee Jooheon

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Viktor starts sneaking in little terms of endearment when he’s talking to Yuuri (Russian is such an emotionally expressive language!!), and Yuuri is confused until he gets his hands on a Russian dictionary…. and then he obviously has to surprise Viktor by returning the favor. :^)

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I always found Victor’s face in the last frame weird… his eyes are fixated on the screen and he is deep in thought, but why?

Because he once fell in love with Yuuri, then he received the cold shoulder from Yuuri, then he sees Yuuri skating his program, with such dedication that… he starts hoping, doesn’t he? He is weighting his chances. His reason fights with his heart.

Look at him how happy he was when he noticed Yuuri, and look how sad he got when Yuuri turned his back on him.

He was so in love, and Yuuri just broke his heart.

Then he sees the video, and decides to go.


did somebody say wedding day destiel?

Klance stuff

• Lance finding out Keith is ticklish and takes advantage of it while cuddling so he can hear him laugh.

• Keith teaching Lance hand to hand and kissing every bruise he made on his boyfriend and telling Lance he’s improving.

• Ever since they started sleeping beside each other, Lance makes it a point to wake up first so he can wake Keith up with soft kisses all over his face, neck and shoulders.

• Keith loves it but sometimes Lance’s stubble tickles him so he tries to hide in Lance’s chest or under the covers.

• Keith was reluctant and hella stiff when Lance first tried to give him a massage before sleeping. Now he loves when Lance massages him and Lance loves running his hands all over his boyfee.

• Lance loves it when Keith wears his clothes and Keith loves the look on Lance’s face when he sees him wearing his clothes.

• The first time they bathed together was in a bathtub because showering (standing naked together) was a bit too much. So they had fun with the bubbles and Lance scrubbed Keith clean because he is NOT gonna stand having a greasy sweaty boyfriend all the time. After that they almost always bathe together.

• Keith likes smelling like Lance’s shampoo and Lance loves Keith clean and smelling like his shampoo.

• Lance gets addicted to running his fingers through Keith’s hair but also grumbling how this mullet wouldnt even be this fluffy without his help.

•When Lance gets into his moods being homesick, Keith can always tell so he drags Lance off to the hangars so he can hold Lance near Blue. Blue’s comforting purrs and Keith’s warmth always helps.

• When they actually fight/argue for real Keith starts to get teary eyed because no NO he doesnt want to fight with Lance NO.

• Lance on the other hand hates it when Keith cries because Keith NEVER cries and knowing he’s the reason for it breaks his heart so they cool off and talk and cuddle and Lance kisses Keith’s face all over.

• Before they got together, Keith tries his best to bond with Pidge and Hunk like helping Pidge with her tinkering and helping Hunk with cooking (No) because he wants thier acceptance in dating their best friend.

• Pidge and Hunk laugh it off and assures Keith he doesnt need to do that because Keith’s already a-ok in their book. Meanwhile Lance was doing the same thing Keith was doing with Shiro.

• They’re still rivals even when dating and get into more silly competitions like who can carry who longer through the hallways or who can last longer in a kiss without needing air.

• When one of them comes out of the healing pod the other is always there with a blanket and a hug ready.

• Lance likes to roll the both of them up in a blanket like a borrito so Keith can never escape when Lance tickles him.

• The first time an alien tried to flirt with Keith, Lance short circuited and kinda just draped himslef all over Keith blabbering hey met my boyfriend? Isnt my boyfriend great? What were u and my boyfriend talking about? Have I mentioned he’s my boyfriend???

• After that incident Keith reminded himself to always stay close to Lance and be quick to shoot down any alien.

• Needless to say Lance had turned from ‘Wow they’re hot i wanna flirt with them’ to ‘Shit they’re hot gotta keep my bae close so he wont get taken away’

• Keith is touch starved. He always hold hands with Lance, locks ankles with Lance at the dining table, tightens Lance’s hold around his waist when spooning, hugs Lance from behind when he least expects it, buries his face in the crook of Lance’s neck when cuddling, lets Lance pull him to his lap even when theres plenty of space in the couch. Keith loves it. Lance loves it. Its a win-win.

• Sometimes they lay awake in bed just to stare deeply into each other’s eyes until Lance or even Keith breaks the moment with a joke/witty comment and they start laughing and hugging tangled in a sea of sheets.

• They’re a power couple the team didnt even know they needed and expected.

• To Lance’s delight, Keith is actually a child at heart. Its sad that Keith grew up as an orphan and never expirienced the nicer part of being a kid but Lance makes him happy by giving him his first surprise bday party, his first Merry Christmas with presents with the whole gang, makes him decorate the odd blue tree they found with him. Keith’s smiles always wide and happy and genuin.

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