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im like 200% sure this last chapter is gonna wreck me #GetWrekt

It may. O.O

There’s a lot of pressure on the last chapter, so I’m also prepared for people to feel it was anticlimactic. Epilogues are rarely what everyone wants to read (*stares quietly at the Harry Potter epilogue*).

Maybe yall will find out that Gwyn named his horses Severus and Albus or something.

I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world’s greatest cookie, and my heart does a little dance.
—  Why would I even bother trying to sum up what it feels like to be back in New York, even after being gone for just four days, when Nora Ephron already did it perfectly?

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I really like to think about Haruka and Rin just laying on a bed, touching and caressing each other’s skin and kissing and hugging the other close. Nothing sexual, just- that, lazily cuddling for hours and staring into each other eyes and being mesmerized by how beautiful the other is and falling even more in love.

I don’t know that I believe in
Soulmates or “the One”;
The converging universe or
“Things happen for a reason.”

I’ve never known if any of that was feasible.

But I believe in the way she looks at me, like my smile in a grocery store aisle is all the sunshine she needs in her day, like my kiss on her shoulder is a badge of courage she’s proud to wear, like my every clumsy impassioned stream of consciousness is worth burning blue ink into this novel we’re co-writing.

I believe in the slide-latch-lock of her palm skidding, line to line over mine, her fingers lacing clean on even the briefest car ride to nowhere, warm puzzles I’ve been working out for months, lifelines and fingerprints and praying this story unfolds into perpetuity.

I believe in the tangle of her legs, the pillow of my head on her chest while a superhero movie plays, and the way her heartbeat kickstarts mine as it slows beneath the crushed shell of my ear, as she dozes through the penultimate scene.

I believe in the red scrape of her nails along my hipbone, in the hissing grooves her teeth draw upon my shoulder, in her laughing breath on my lips, in the vibrant bone-deep pulsebeat that craving for her has become, even in the anxiety-thrum of my busiest day.

I believe in how she dances in the kitchen while the water boils, and how she nestles close after a bad day at work, and how she laughs, a blue-smoke teenage revolution in glorious blue-green-endless eyes, and even as I’m swimming upstream against the black dog chaos living behind my own skull, I believe every patient repetition: “I love you, I love you, I love you, you gorgeous person of mine.”

I believe in the exhilaration, the first nature, the skin on skin so exquisitely reflective of home when she tucks in behind me at night, a cradle of hips and hands and lips tracing blessings into my spine, and I believe in waking wrapped in her strangest dreams, and I believe in sidewalk crack-tripping long walks, existentialist star-gazing porch conversation, idiotic cat photos, late night wine breath, fingers carving gentle promises into my cheekbones, every kiss, every shiver, every new brick of this family we’re building. I believe. I believe.

I don’t know that I believe in
Soulmates or “the One”;
The converging universe or
“Things happen for a reason.”

But oh, I believe in her.

This is all the faith I need.

When shit like this happens, everyone gets so amped up and excited, and I mean I do too at first, but then this peace washes over me. This calm. Because when I see Harry and Louis together I know I’m looking at the purest love ever created. It’s like looking at a sunset, or the stars on a clear night. It’s just breathtaking.

I think Rune Factory might be my favorite fandom on this site, tbh.

I’ve been on here since 2011 or so, and, to be frank, almost every fandom I’ve been involved in has had a huge slew of problems. We’re talking shipping wars, petty complaints/controversy, drama between users/creators, etc. Heck, not even just the large fandoms; even some of the smaller ones that I’ve been in have been wild over the years.

So… yeah. Thanks a ton for being so cool, everyone. It’s been a great ride, and I can only hope it’ll get even grander as time goes on.  c: