Sword Art Online Vol. 7: Mother's Rosario
"Since Absolute Sword's so strong, is it possible that... it's someone from SAO?"
In response to the whispered question, Lisbeth nodded with a
serious expression on her face."I suspected that. But when I
asked Kirito what he thought after his fight with Absolute
"What did Kirito-kun say...?"
"He said that there was no way Absolute Sword was originally a
SAO player. His reason being..."

"He said that if Absolute Sword existed in that world,
«Dual Blades» would've been given to that person instead."
-Mother's Rosario ,Chapter 1
 Sword Art Online Vol. 8: Early and Late
I want to meet up with them.
I want to meet up with Suguha, with my mother, with my dad. I
want to meet up with them.
But that was not something that could be allowed. After all, the multiple electric fields let out by the Nerve Gear severed my
consciousness from the real world completely, imprisoning me
within this world.
While holding down the sobs that my mouth was bent on gushing
out, I felt like I had finally understood the situation I was
in. The «truth» of this world."
This is a «parallel world» that I can't meet with the people I
want to. That is, the one and only truth.

That is the «reality» of this world.
-Early and Late, First Day