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ハッピーバレンタインデー  (*´▽`*)

in japan, it’s custom for girls to give 義理チョコ (giri choco, or “obligation chocolate”) to her friends and coworkers, and for her to give 本命チョコ (honmei choco, or “true feelings chocolate”) to the one she has romantic feelings for, but ya boy doesnt care about japanese gender roles

anyway happy valentines day!! i thought this would be a cute idea although im pretty sure someone already did it (better)

sequel coming on white day ^___^


studio Pablo
Background-Art Works
- Seraph of the End -

Production Process of hand painted backgrounds
Title: srED_004
+Use of the painting in the ending 

Don’t you dare take these pictures anywhere else or repost on Tumblr without my permission. Just DON’T. Please. 

Who you should fight from Owari no Seraph
  • Mika: Don't fight him. He's a vampire whose sword sucks his blood. Don't fight Mika.
  • Yuu: Fight him. I dont know if you'll win I just wanna see someone fight him. You might die cause Mika would kill you but just fight Yuu. Fiiiight hiiim.
  • Kimizuki: Fight him. He's a good fighter but with a little practice you can probably take him
  • Yoichi: ARE YOU KIDDING?! DO NOT FIGHT. Why would you even want to fight him? CINNAMON ROLL TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD
  • Shinoa: Dont. Dont do it. You'll get wrecked.
  • Mitsu: Fight. Fight. Fight.
  • Guren: hit him in his pretty little face. Both with your fist and your face and then run away cause he'll kick your ass.
  • Ferid: Fight. You can take him. Or you can't. Who knows really?
  • Krul Tepes: Run. Run far, far away

Onsweek Day 7:  Everyone’s a Sinner

  • Free Day!

Sadly enough I was not free at all ( ≧︹≦) So here are my favourite ending cards of Owarino♥ [Colours are edited; Click to enlarge]