“I really dislike how the narration in SAO is desperately trying to convince me that Akihiko Kayaba was not that bad of a guy. “Look, he was smart, and he helped Kirito in the second arc, and he’s developed that nifty medical technology! Sure, he’s also a mass-murdering sociopath, but meh, nobody’s perfect”. 

Important SAO Questions
  • who would win in an arm wrestle competition, Kirito or Asuna. this is very important to me I just need an answer but I would bet on Asuna
  • like they were (mostly) gamers but were they also into anime? did klein have a fucking naruto phase. did silica dodge the awful world of animes by entering the death game, saving her from the grief of anime conventions and hordes of akatsuki cosplayers?
  • when will we get to see see agil’s wife??? I want to see the beautiful woman capable of chaining down those 200 pounds of PURE MUSCLE
  • why does leafa have a ceiling poster of her own ALO character??? did she comission someone for that thing? and I mean that thing is fucking HUGE it must have costed a good buck? wtf leafa

kawahara reki pls respond