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Fuse: Wisp, I have come to ask you if know a way to cleanse a shrine of evil spirits. (acnl-fusehime)

Wisp: Sounds like an important question. Erm… Princess? I know a couple answers to that, decorating the shrine with paper talismans can be effective depending on the state of it.  I’ve heard spirits are very vulnerable to silver weapons, like your sword, but slashing all of them at once is easier said than done. Speaking of decoration, feng shui doesn’t just make you lucky but it also keeps the place in harmony, it might be crucial to keeping a home evil spirit-free.

… If it gets too complicated, I’ll allow you to borrow my special lantern, you sound serious about this after all. 



Lala’s name means “Tulip’!

It makes sense for Lala to have a name that means flower.  It does fit her because, she does travel and is connected to the “Sanzu River” which is covered in flowers. 

I ❤ Monster Girls!

  • Sebastian in ch62: The “price to cross the river" has already been paid.
  • Western fandom: He's referring to river Styx (Greek mythology).
  • Japanese fandom: He's referring to river Sanzu (Japanese folklore).
personal thoughts about  the meaning behind Rohan’s name:岸辺露伴

so, as I was having my daily “think-over-how-precious-my-bae-is” time, I noticed some connections between Rohan’s name and afterlife=Reimi

(Before starting my rambling, Araki sensei already said that 岸辺 is after a name of a place somewhere in Sendai he doesn’t remember, and 露伴 is named after Japan’s novelist Rohan Kouda幸田露伴, so this post is completely me overthinking)

Anyways! When you consider the meaning of each kanji characters in Rohan’s name, they oddly make sense. 

岸辺(Kishibe)=riverbanks or coast of lakes

(Ro)=dew, or something that is as fugacious as dew

(han)=to be with

It may seem absurd in English, but as a Japanese, these kanjis are relatable.

In Japanese folklores, there is a river that runs between the Afterlife world and the present world called Sanzu River. Also, in Japanese poetry, dew is often used as a metaphor of life aka spirits. So, when you add all the characters,  岸辺露伴 can be coarsely interpreted as “at the bank of the river of Afterlife, I will be with you, my dear spirit”

In DiU, Rohan is the closest person to Reimi, our beloved ghost girl. And in a way DiU is a story of Rohan meeting his long-dead sister friend and trying to grant her last wish.

His relationship with Reimi, and the overall meaning of his name…It makes too much sense to be a coincidence, don’t you think?


Higanbana (彼岸花), Red spider lily or Red magic lily (Lycoris radiata), originally from China, Korea and Nepal, it was introduced into Japan and from there to the United States and elsewhere,usually bloom near cemeteries around the autumnal equinox and are described in Chinese and Japanese translations of the Lotus Sutra as ominous flowers that grow in Diyu (also known as Hell), or Huángquán or Jigoku (japanese) and guide the dead into the next reincarnation. It flowers in the late summer or autumn, often in response to heavy rainfall. The common name hurricane lily refers to this characteristic, as do other common names, such as resurrection lily.

Some legends have it that when you see someone that you may never meet again, these flowers would bloom along the path. Perhaps because of these sorrowful legends, Japanese people often used these flowers in funerals. The popular Japanese name Higanbana literally means higan (the other or that shore of Sanzu River) flower, decorate and enjoyable, flower of afterlife in gokuraku jyōdo.

It’s also referred to as manjusaka, based on an old Chinese legend about two elves: Manju guarded the flowers and Saka the leaves, but they could never meet, because the plant never bears flowers and leaves at the same time. They were curious about each other, so they defied the gods’ instructions and arranged a meeting. The gods promptly punished them, as gods are wont to do, and separated them for all eternity.To this day, the red lily is associated with loss, longing, abandonment and lost memories in hanakotoba (花言葉), the language of flowers.The flower has many other names, but many of them are no longer used.

  • some not used in Japan anymore as far as It`s known, chicken blood plant (鶏血草, keiketsusō), due to its colour.
  •  shibitobana (死人花), flower of the dead, because it blooms while you visit your ancestors’ graves.
  • yūreibana (幽霊花), because the flower looks like a ghost.

here’s your local kaminari enthusiast coming to talk about his intelligence yet again bc what he said in today’s episode caught my attention and i rly wanted to talk about it in depth.

overview of his character at first sight: a cheery flirt, lovable idiot, the soul of the party but also not the brightest bulb in class. quick to panic. kinda gullible, but with a good heart. doesn’t do well in school At All.

but there’s actually scattered hints that he is not, in fact, as dumb as he seems.

- wide vocabulary:

i think this is the very first time we hear him speak more than a couple of words in the manga, since before this he was only a commentator in the background. his first active speech is shown above, and the point i want to make speaks pretty much for itself! for someone who’s not good in school, he sure has an astounding vocabulary, and not only does he know “fancy” words, but he can utilize them in a coherent sentence correctly and easily in the spot.

- river styx (sanzu river):

the river styx is from greek mythology ( it is the river between earth and the underworld ) and the subs chose to translate his words as such, but what he actually said was sanzu river, which is from japanese buddhism. similar to river styx, tradition says the dead must cross the sanzu river. in the manga he simply says “death’s door” but the meaning remains. rivers, death’s door — that’s a rather poetic way to describe being almost killed.

- hemingway:

this one is pretty self-explanatory! he immediately associated jirou’s teasing name ( “jamming-wheey” ) with hemingway, and not only did he recognize the author, but he also referenced his novel, which i take suggests he’s familiar with literature (foreign, too), which also explains his knowledge of his previously talked about extensive vocabulary.  

- class position:

he specifically and constantly says he doesn’t study — he’s easily distracted and tbh he definitely looks the type to neglect his homework, not to mention he skips class, as todoroki nicely put it:

which does not help his grades at all. if he doesn’t study and doesn’t go to class then of course he’s going to fail. we see that, when he actually puts effort in it and gets the help needed, he’s capable of getting the passing grades he needs.

- stats:

if he’s so smart, then why is his intelligence so low?

well, he lacks:

  • critical thinking
  • situation analysis

these two are vital in battle and are the ones most associated with one’s intelligence and wits. since he tends to halt and become easily anxious under stressful circumstances, it makes complete sense that he wouldn’t be able to think up strategies by himself. he makes up for it in technique and cooperativeness; he works best in teams and under someone else’s command, and that’s where he has shown perceptiveness and adaptability without being specifically told what to do–

with momo and jirou against the villains:

with team todoroki in the cavalier battle:

- overall:

to me, it doesn’t feel like kaminari can’t understand the material, but he’s not so great in school because he doesn’t put enough effort, coupled with how easily distracted he seems to be.

academic scores =/= personal intelligence. there are many factors that determine your own intelligence, but just because you don’t do well in school doesn’t mean you’re not smart. 

So… Not sure if anyone’s done this yet…

In Gab. Vol 72 has a 50 Q&A with Nocturnal Bloodlust
My friend LuLu offered to translate for me, and so I shall share with you all! These guys make me laugh XD

1) One word to sum up your personality
Hiro: Social
Daichi: My pace (ie doing things at one’s own pace)
Cazqui: Pride (in my work)
Masa: Free
Natsu: Honorable

2) What is the greatest compliment for you?
Hiro: You’ve gotten more muscles have you!?
Daichi: (idk how to translate this in English)
Cazqui: Unique
Masa: You draw well
Natsu: You’re awesome

3) What are you into recently?
Hiro: A cellphone app called Deemo
Daichi: Pictures
Cazqui: Musicals
Masa: Decorative plants
Natsu: Watching anime made for adults

4) What is the thing you want most?
Hiro: A wallet from Hysteric Glamor
Daichi: A digital single lens reflex camera
Cazqui: My new guitar that’s currently being made and THE OMNIGOD
Masa: A tortoise
Natsu: Time

5) What would you have been if you weren’t in a band?
Hiro: President
Daichi: Manager of a cafe
Cazqui: A beautician 
Masa: Architect
Natsu: A corpse

6) What is the thing that made you most angry recently?
Hiro: When I couldn’t personally express myself at a live
Daichi: When I forgot to save my composition data
Cazqui: When I was my guitar angry during recording (t/n: maybe, playing an angry guitar riff?)
Masa: When I fell asleep with the TV on and woke up to the loud voice of the person doing morning infomercials. 
Natsu: When Sora cancelled plans at the last minute

7) What made you laugh the most recently?
Hiro: I forgot what we were talking about but it was when we were chatting while moving* (ie traveling to their next live)
Daichi: When my dog was sleeping on the stairs
Cazqui: When we were shooting for artist photos for tokuten*
Masa: When we went out to eat 
Natsu: Volcano High (a Korean movie)
(*Tokuten are the extra things that the stores give you when you buy a CD)

8) What’s your favorite place?
Hiro: Quiet places
Daichi: Cafes and railroad crossings
Cazqui: Places where clothing stores are lined up
Masa: Home
Natsu: Enoshima

9) Where would you go if you were traveling?
Hiro: Somewhere quiet and where I can see the ocean
Daichi: Machu Pichu
Cazqui: Paris
Masa: America
Natsu: Rio de Janiero

10) What would you do if time stopped for everyone else but you for one hour?
Hiro: I’d be agitated
Daichi: I’d take a bath in a water storage tank of a [lavish] place like a mansion
Cazqui: I’d go to the instrument store (lol)
Masa: I’d go to the bank for a bit… (lol)
Natsu: Scream

11) What do you want to eat right now?
Hiro: Unagi
Daichi: Delicious pancakes
Cazqui: A large bowl of Karamiso from the Naritake in Tsudanuma (Chiba)
Masa: Sushi
Natsu: Meat

12) What made you cry recently?
Hiro: Watching a movie
Daichi: Watching a movie
Cazqui: Listening to the album recording
Masa: Sekai Maru Mie’s* reemergence on VTR
Natsu: A video of Susan Boyle
(*Sekai Maru Mie is a documentary/variety show that aired in the 90’s)

13) What would you be if you were reborn?
Hiro: God
Daichi: A dog
Cazqui: One more Cazqui (with my current ability) from age 0
Masa: A dolphin
Natsu: A dolphin

14) What is your charm point?
Hiro: Physical beauty (ie his muscles)
Diachi: Lips and eyes
Cazqui: Recently I’ve been told its the way the corners of my mouth rise (ie how he smiles)
Masa: Eyes
Natsu: Mouth

15) What do you like to listen to when you’re feeling down?
Daichi: Jazz
Cazqui: Don’t Stop Believin by Journey
Masa: Mono by Fightstar
Natsu: Wake Me Up by Dirty Loops

16) What is the first CD you bought?
Hiro: T.M.Revolution’s “HOT LIMIT”
Daichi: I don’t remember
Cazqui: Ryoko Shinohara’s “Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokorozuyosa to”
Masa: Kamen Raider Kuuga
Natsu: Porno Graffiti’s “LACK”

17) What was the first live you went to?
Hiro: Southern All Stars at Koshien
Daichi: Girugamesh
Cazqui: Eric Clapton at Saitama Super Arena
Masa: My cousin’s
Natsu: Guitar Wolf

18) What was the thing that burned the hottest this year?*
Hiro: Live
Daichi: Updating the live’s temperature (?)
Cazqui: Composing 
Masa: BLAZE oneman
Natsu: It hasn’t burned yet (ie it hasn’t happened yet)
(*is punny in Japanese and idk how to put it in English)

19) If you could wish for one thing and have it come true, what would it be?
Hiro: I want to be Superman
Daichi: I want a dokodemo door (anywhere door, kinda like a teleporter. It’s from Doraemon)
Cazqui: I want to be a Guitar Neet(o。q°o)
Masa: I would wish to continue doing music forever
Natsu: World domination

20) What did you think about before going to sleep yesterday?
Hiro: Waking up at 8 tomorrow….zzz
Daichi: I don’t sleep
Cazqui: I need to go to sleep so I’m not late to this interview
Masa: About recording phrases
Natsu: I watched an animated movie (Perfect Blue)

21) What was the first thing you thought when you woke up today?
Hiro: The world is at peace today.
Daichi: I don’t sleep….
Cazqui: It’s already this time!??
Masa: I need to go to [the interview location]
Natsu: Ah. I need to compile my schedule.

22) When do you feel you are attractive?
Hiro: Always
Daichi: When I’m wearing a scarf
Cazqui: When I skillfully take out a hard boiled egg 
Masa: When I record an awesome bass line
Natsu: During photoshoots

23) What is a something you recently thought was a great thing to buy?
Hiro: A one of a kind Ferari (lie)
Daichi: I bought a nice smelling treatment
Cazqui: MAXON OD808
Masa: Bentsu? (Ideal)*
Natu: Cheap Pork ribs
(*not sure of answer)

24) Give Hiro a catch phrase!
Hiro: Oresama
Daichi: Body and norse bridge
Cazqui: Roar from hell -satanic vomit- (dokya
Masa: God of destruction banzai
Natsu: The strongest and evilist (t/n: He used word play: "saikyou to saikyou”)

25) Give Daichi a catch phrase!
Hiro: Reading boy
Daichi: Fine arts hikki (hikikomori)
Cazqui: Fascinating handsome man -beautiful fairy- (dokya
Masa: Punny cameraman
Natsu: Elegant appearace

26) Give Cazqui a catch phrase!
Hiro: Guitar Freak
Daichi: Mr. Guitar Lashes
Cazqui: The (o。q°o) person
Masa: Guitar Hero
Natsu: Bizarre

27) Give Masa a catch phrase!
Hiro: Bass principle
Daichi: Fashionable bass
Cazqui: 6-string emperor -Tofu so good~-(dokya
Masa: The Takada Junji of the future
Natsu: luxurious and gorgeous

28) Give Natsu a catch phrase!
Hiro: Idiot drummer
Daichi: Drummer chef
Cazqui: unaffected and sincere -summer tough guy- (dokya
Masa: Hot-blooded drummer
Natsu: Ii ne!

29) What is your ideal breakfast?
Hiro: Niigata rice, miso soup, highest quality A5 wagyu beef, vegetables
Daichi: Japanese food
Cazqui: Ramen (until the end)
Masa: Japanese food
Natsu: Bacon and egg sandwhich

30) What shampoo do you use?
Hiro: Takara Beltmont ESTESSIMO Head Spa series
Daichi: L'Occitane
Cazqui: One that smells like coconuts
Masa: One that smells like oranges
Natsu: Diane

31) What city would you like to live in?
Hiro: Hawaii
Daichi: Aoyama
Cazqui: Far away from misery
Masa: Milano
Natsu: Rio de Janeiro

32) What TV program did you like as a child?
Hiro: Vocabula Tengoku
Daichi: Hacchi Pocchi Station
Cazqui: Probably Gundam!!
Masa: Gakkou he ikou!
Natsu: Hitotsu Yane no Shita

33) What is your current favorite TV show?
Hiro: All of the shows that SUMMERS (さまぁ〜ず ) appears in
Daichi: The Discovery Channel
Cazqui: Mitsuaki Iwago no sekai neko aruki
Masa: Shabekuri 007
Natsu: Getsuyou kara yofukashi

34) What is your favorite drink?
Hiro: Dry ginger ale
Daichi: Tea
Cazqui: Soy protein x milk = so goooddd
Masa: Red Bull
Natsu: Green tea

35) One word now that you finished 34 questions!
Hiro: Already? Let’s keep going!
Daichi: I want to drink
Cazqui: Ungyaraba! (idk what this means)
Masa: So long.
Natsu: Ha!?

36) What is your favorite CD recently?
Cazqui: THE OMNIGOD master CD
Natsu: OMEGA

37) What is a book, manga, or movie that you have been moved by recently?
Hiro: Frozen
Daichi: Kentaro Kobayashi’s works
Cazqui: V For Vendetta
Masa: Metallica’s “Through The Never”
Natsu: Kokuhaku

38) If you can timeslip (go back in time), which era would you go to and what would you do?
Hiro: Now is best.
Daichi: I would fight dinosaurs
Cazqui: I want to tell the Cazqui from 5 years ago the best way to move forward
Masa: I want to wage war in the Sengoku Era
Natsu: I want to go to the distant future and see if UFO’s are time machines

39) If you had a month off, what would you do?
Hiro: Snowboard
Daichi: Go on a journey on bicycle
Cazqui: Guitar neet
Masa: Visit a friend in Miami
Natsu: Practice [drums]

40) Please go into someone’s head. Who is it?
Hiro: Meowth and Nyappi
Daichi: My dog
Cazqui: Kazumasa Oda
Masa: Cazqui
Natsu: A baby

41) What was your childhood dream?
Hiro: singer
Daichi: Pirate
Cazqui: What was it?
Masa: Carpenter
Natsu: Snake

42) Who is someone that has attracted your attention recently?
Hiro: Funassyi (t/n: the mascot character of Chiba). He can definitely sell!
Daichi:Ueda Marie (t/n: singer-songwriter)
Cazqui: (o。q°o)9m
Masa: Ariyoshi the actor
Natsu: Seven Antonopoulos

43) What is your treasure?
Hiro: People’s smiles
Daichi: The bookcase in my room
Cazqui: Everything I have now
Masa: Letters from fans that I get at onemans
Natsu: I can’t say

44) What’s your favorite phrase?
Hiro: I’m hungry
Daichi: I don’t have one
Cazqui: I want to be a guitar neet
Masa: My neck hurts
Natsu: Don!

45) Where was your first date?
Hiro: At a park
Daichi: Saitama shintoshin
Cazqui? Neet? I’m not a neet!
Masa: In elementary school, at the nearby cultural center
Natsu: The Sanzu River (t/n: the Japanese equivalent of the River Styx…)

46) Which female actress or talent would you like to appear alongside with?
Hiro: Akemi Darenogare
Daichi: Yuriko Yoshitaka
Cazqui: Miyuki Torii
Masa: Kyoko Fukuda
Natsu: A lady who can inflate herself like a puffer fish

47) The girl you like is right in front of you but you can never see her again. What do you do?
Hiro: Despair, and despair again
Daichi: Play shiritori
Cazqui: Two-shot cheki
Masa: Quit
Natsu: Nothing

48) Please say your best pickup lines
Hiro: “Wanna go out with me?”
Daichi: “I have popcorn at my house. Wanna come and have some?”
Cazqui: “Punch me if you can!”
Masa: “Have some candy”
Natsu: “You have beautiful heels”

49)What do you want to do before the year ends? 
Hiro: World Domination
Daichi: I want to remodel 3 more times
Cazqui: I want to go to Naritake
Masa: Save money
Natsu: I want to see Burn
(t/n: Not quite sure what Natsu and Daichi are talking about)

50) Yourself in 10 years?
Hiro: And Hiro became a legend…fin
Daichi: Not-existent
Cazqui: (o。q°o)←This will become intense
Masa: Still doing Nokubura
Natsu: I’ll be in my 30’s, won’t I~

Observation about the new angels (and whatever the fuck Higan is):

They’re all named after flowers, despite being from the Pitch Black world.

Cosmea is named after the Cosmos Bipinnatus, which is notably a WEED in Asia and indicates she might be a mole of some sort in the Pitch Black Heaven.

Aconita is named after the Aconite Monkshood, which is notably poisonous. This presumably explains her knife and seemingly violent outlook. 

And, for the most important…

Higan is named after the Higanbana, better known as the red spider lily. This is why her eyes are yellow instead of the more traditional pale white of the crimson eyes. I had already assumed that due to her name being Higan, but I had thought it was because she was connected to the Japanese afterlife and how red spider lilies line the river leading to the seat of judgement. Now it become ssomewhat clearer, while the River Sanzu might still play a part, the reason this was chosen is to show how she is the red. The most culturally significant red flower other than the rose, and we already know who that was used for.

This makes me absolutely adamant in my belief that she is the source of of the “red” that permeates the Mogeko universe, especially since she is shown prominently winking, with her left eye open. This combined with her extremely similar looks to Crow and Sagan, and how she is seemingly the hybrid of a demon and an angel, or possibly even a devil and a god, makes me think she is an especially huge villain, if not the HUGEST villain, via her almost undoubtable ties to the Silhouette mystery. I believe that Oubliette and “Ryu”, the demon with Gyakuten-esque horns, are her attendants, at the Sanzu River, and possibly the red sea was created by “spreading” the river’s effects.

Hail Higan.

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Lautrec dies and ends up in the afterlife -- Sanzu River specifically, where the boundary with the yokai realm is weak. It's up to William and a host of deceased warriors to get him back!

Oh my god, I’m just laughing cause, all I can imagine is a William trying to figure out how to get to him, but then everyone else is like…. “Do you REALLY want him back?” And they all look really skeptical and concerned about what William is trying to do 

Though, if anything, they’d probably help him if it means getting Lautrec out of their realm ahaha  

The Far Side of the Sanzu River: Higanbana and Homura

Lycoris radiata var. radiata

So, as we’ve sort of seen, there are a good number of references and symbols associated with Homu-lilly and Homura’s negative traits. This analysis contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen The Rebellion Story yet, get out.

Keep reading

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Ch. 75 Raw Text Spoilers

Title: K’s Egg (Kaneki’s Egg?)

-In the Press Room-

Narration: All of a sudden, the press roars to life!

Ghouls are crushed in the machine, and blood splatters everywhere.

Furuta: *makes vomiting sounds*

V Member: Nimura?

Furuta: I just vomited spectacularly. They didn’t have a chance to consider escaping from the press. I feel like I’ve been laughing a whole lot today, well now…

In that moment, the One-Eyed Owl (Eto) appears and smashes the press. In the next instant, she scatters the men around Furuta with an attack.

Furuta: Hyaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Eto: Did you have the chance to consider this? You dirty fucking bastard! The pate (Shiono) you gave me was so delicious, I want more <3 (The next one will be made of you).

Eto: (I won’t let you go to waste, Shiono).

Her kagune wraps around the press machine, and the ghouls below it look up.

Random ghoul: Wo- wow! The press is!! 

Banjou: Why is that Eto bastard…?

Ayato: I dunno, but let’s get the hell out of here now.

-Arima vs Kaneki-

They fight at break-neck speeds. Eventually Arima starts attacking Kaneki with the Fukuro quinque through a remote on-and-off system. This slices though Kaneki over and over.

Kaneki: (My flesh and blood… it’s running out…. regeneration… no, even guarding is… impossible. Think of… a way to… avoid it…)

However, he continues to be sliced into pieces by Arima.

Kaneki: (From now on, this battle can only progress in one direction. I’m just sliced and torn, and even what regenerates is cut through. I can’t really feel it…  rather I feel like a potato being boiled in a curry pot. Feelings of calm well up inside of me. I guess I just didn’t try that hard.)

Arima’s attack leaves Kaneki’s kagune in shreds, and he coughs up blood and appears to lose consciousness.

-Inside Kaneki’s mind-

In pitch black darkness, Kaneki thinks about Touka and the others.

Kaneki: (Touka and the others… were they able to escape? I’m sure they’ll be okay. That’s enough for me now.)

In the pitch black darkness, the sounds of the press ring out. Kaneki is naked, and walks into the Sanzu River (Buddhist equivalent of the River Styx).

Someone: … No, oi you!

Kaneki: !?

Someone grabs Kaneki’s arm to stop him from walking into the river. That person is Hide.

Hide: That’s not nearly enough for you! Are you trying to kill yourself by drowning like that dude… that… famous dude!

Kaneki’s eyes open wide.

Kaneki: Hi…

Hide: Come on already, go back up there one more time.

Kaneki: Huh?

Hide: And wear some clothes! There’s nothing good about seeing you naked!

Kaneki: Ah, I’m sorry…

-Kaneki is now clothed and sits in front of Hide-

Hide: And so, you think you bought them enough some… but that Glasses Man is really doing his job, as usual, don’cha think?

Kaneki: E… everyone is working together…Surely by now they have reached the disposal room…

Hide: Don’t liiiiie, you were worried about that noise you heard just now!

Kaneki: …

Hide: You get it right? Up there, “something” has gone wrong, right?

Kaneki: …

Hide: Even though you get it… you’re okay with just letting yourself be killed here?

Kaneki: But… I can’t…

Hide: You can’t win?

Kaneki: Yeah.

Kaneki silently hangs his head, but then a smile begins to appear on his face. He looks up and starts speaking while crying.

Kaneki: Hide…

Hide: Mmm?

Kaneki: I… I… was really lonely without you…

Hide: What are you, a rabbit?

Hide: You keep saying these things over and over: “I want to die” and “I want to disappear” and stuff. What you really mean to say is that you can’t find a reason to live, right? But I’ll give you one right here- don’t you dare waste the life that I gave up for you.

Hide stands up.

Hide: Hey, you can walk now right? Hurry up and go.

Kaneki still sits, but Hide turns his back on him.

Hide: Kaneki…. “I want to die in a cool way saving someone else’s life” wasn’t it? Iiiidiot, at that time I was thinking “I want to live with you”. I’ll say it again until you hear it- Even if it’s in an un-cool way, I want you to live.

-Kaneki’s inner mind scene ends-

Crying, Kaneki becomes Shironeki again.

Narration: One world has been destroyed!

TG Re: Ch. 75 - Kaneki and Hide’s Conversation in Kaneki’s Mind

Because I and a lot of you are HideKane shippers, I thought I would re-translate the conversation they had now that the full scans give me some more context.

-Kaneki starts walking into the Sanzu River (River Styx) as he hears the compactor press echoing in the distance.-

Hide: … no, hey stop!!

Kaneki: ?!

Hide: … you can’t be giving up now! Trying to drown yourself? What are you, trying to be like… like that famous guy??

Kaneki: Hi… (*1)

Hide: Come on, go back up there once more.

Kaneki: Huh?

Hide: And put some damn clothes on, there’s nothing good about seeing you buck naked!

Kaneki: Oh, I’m sorry…

-They are now sitting down, facing each other. Kaneki is clothed-

Hide: You’re thinking “I bought them enough time”, “I’m up against Mr. Glasses”, “My duty is over”. You haven’t changed a bit, huh?

Kaneki: E- everyone is co-operating… they should have reached the disposal room by now…

Hide: Liar! Even though that noise you just heard is worrying you.

Kaneki: …

Hide: You know, don’t you? That something has gone wrong up there?

Kaneki: …

Hide: Even though you know that, you’re fine with being killed right here right now?

Kaneki: … but… but I can’t…

Hide: Can’t win?

Kaneki: Yeah…

Hide: I’m telling you, you can! Because you’re so ripped now! What the heck dude, how did you even get so swole?

Kaneki: … I guess so…

Hide: It’s definitely true!

-pause as Kaneki looks down-

Kaneki:  Hide…

Hide: Hmm?

Kaneki: I… I… I was really lonely without you… (*2)

-Kaneki bursts into tears-

Hide: What are you, a rabbit??

Hide: You keep saying these pretentious things “I want to die” or “I want to disappear”. But you only say that because you can’t find a reason to live.

Hide: I’m telling you that reason is right here!

Hide: Don’t you dare waste this life that you picked up! (*3)

-Hide stands up-

Hide: Say now, you can stand up right? It’s time to go.

Hide: Kaneki… did you think I said “I want to die in a cool way by saving someone’s life”? Iiiiiidiot! Back then I was thinking “I want to live with you”. I will keep saying this until you hear it- Even if it’s not in a cool way, I want you to live!


Translator’s Notes:

1. This is the first syllable of Hide’s name- he’s not saying hello.

2.  Technically it means “I missed you” but we need to use “lonely” here for the next line about rabbits to make sense

3. I originally translated this as “life I threw away”, but either the raw text changed or I read the kanji wrong. However, the word “hirotta” means “to find, to pick up, to gather” so it could be referring to picking up something that was thrown away i.e. Hide’s life. It is left ambiguous about who’s life he is actually referring to.