The abandoned Sanzhi UFO resort in Taiwan, which halted construction in the early eighties due to lack of funds and apparently numerous accidents, deaths and suicides on site.
Some reports claim that the chain of misfortune was due to the resort being built upon a cemetery, others say it was a result of disturbing a sacred statue.
The UFOs were photographed by before being demolished in 2008.


Sanzhi Resort/Sanzhi UFO Houses - Sanzhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

The Sanzhi UFO Houses, also known as the Sanzhi Pod Houses or Sanzhi Pod City, were a set of several pod-shaped buildings in Taiwan. The structures resembled Futuro Houses - round, prefabricated homes with a distinctive flying saucer shape and airplane hatch entrance. Futuro Houses can be found elsewhere in Taiwan.

The buildings were constructed beginning in 1978, intended as a vacation resort in a part of the northern coast adjacent to Tamsui, and were marketed toward U.S. military officers coming from East Asian postings. However, the project was abandoned in 1980 due to investment losses and several deaths from car accidents during construction. The abandonment has come to be known informally as the “Ruins of the Future”.

Unfortunately, as of 2010, all UFO houses have been demolished despite online petitions and the site is in the process of being converted to a commercial seaside resort and water park (again).