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Oh thank you for all the sweet words! Yeah, I entertained the thought of what my Rouge would look like in Sonic Boom. It’d be cool if the design snucked in there but it’s unlikely.

I’m pretty excited to see what they have in store for her!

edit: decided to do an inverted heart on her shoes. How dare I forget that touch.

Ah, Sly Cooper, to me, you’re nowhere near as cool as Sonic, but you’re a raccoon and I thoroughly enjoy your games so you get cool points for that.

I haven’t drawn in quite a while and I’m pretty rusty. My Rocket Raccoon picture from a few days ago is proof of that. This is only the second thing I’ve drawn in months, that is, as far as something that’s not work related. Man, it feels so uneasy holding a pencil and drawing characters when you’ve been busy designing shirts and signs for clients. Oh well. This is the first time I’ve ever drawn and POSTED a picture of Sly, and will probably be the last. That background was a pain to try and mimic the look of the game (painted from a reference) but I think it turned out ok.

E3 Wishlist

-Final Fantasy VII remake trailer (featuring Tifa🙏 and Cloud in a dress y'all )
-Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer with new world announcement and maybe a release window for Q4 2018 (New Kairi and Riku outfits plz)
-Sly Cooper(not made by Sanzaru Games 😒)
-What ever tf Sucker Punch might be working on rn
-Battlefront 2 featuring Ahsoka
-Gay Mass Effect Andromeda Patch
-Dragon Age 4 minor announcement. Maybe concept art.
-New Bioware IP trailer
-Zelda BOTW DLC info
-Smash Bros 4 Nintendo Switch Port with GameCube controller adapter and all DLC included
-Tomb Raider 3?
-Dissidia Arcade PS4 announcement also featuring Tifa
-Pokémon Stars for Nintendo Switch
-(I also lowkey want KH 0.2 dlc to kinda make it a more substantial game but that’s like….wild and silly I know)
-Insomniac Spider-Man game
-Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster -Life is Strange 2 -The Last of Us part 2


(click for full view)

Professional work; Pencils of motion-comic cutscenes in “Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal” for Nintendo 3DS, developed by Sanzaru Games and published by SEGA. Spring 2014.

“After hearing about Sanzaru’s recent announcement, I have to conclude that the guys at Sanzaru are just giant jerk trolls. They completely ruined the personalities of characters, then ended the game on a huge cliffhanger, and now they say they have no plans for working on a new title. I would have preferred they not even make Sly 4 in light of this news. At least Sly 3’s ending was somewhat happy.”

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