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It’s been awhile…distractions and all. I may be among the few people who honestly enjoy Sonic Boom, even with all its glitches in the Wii U version. I do however enjoy the 3DS version thoroughly and the animated series has me cracking up constantly. Anyway, the usual…Prisma markers, flair pen, Japanese brush pen.


Rioichi Cooper, Sly Cooper’s ancestor from Feudal Japan and inventor of the Ninja Spire Jump technique. Apparently in the upcoming Sly 4 game, Thieves in Time, we get to play as Rioichi. So excited.

*Edit: Obviously I meant Sly 4, why else would I say it’s called Thieves in Time.


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Professional work; Pencils of motion-comic cutscenes in “Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal” for Nintendo 3DS, developed by Sanzaru Games and published by SEGA. Spring 2014.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time- A Generation's Response
  • Let this not apply to all Sly Cooper fans; only the ones who mistakenly use terms like "nostalgia" and "childhood" as a blindfold to change.
  • Thieves in Time: (headed by Sanzaru Games)
  • Fans: Not Sucker Punch. This game is going to suck, even though Sucker Punch willingly trusted them with this game.
  • Thieves in Time: (gives Sly new look)
  • Fans: Why the fuck did they change him? He's a douchebag now. Look at him doing what he always does but being a douchebag because he has a goatee.
  • Thieves in Time: (extremely similar, if not identical, gameplay mechanics to its predecessors)
  • Fans: The time he takes to spin onto a rope is 0.4 seconds when in Sly 3, it was 0.1 second faster. What the fuck, Sanzaru? Are you even trying?
  • Thieves in Time: (gives Carmelita short skirt)
  • Fans: How sexist can you be? Because she's a girl, she needs to look sexy? Never mind that this should have little to no bearing on how good the game is, I don't need to be staring at a fox's ass when I'm playing!
  • Thieves in Time: (gives anyone a new look)
  • Fans: I hated this character to begin with, but why would they change his/her look? It's not true to the old games!
  • Thieves in Time: (being released on PS3 and PS Vita)
  • Fans: What!? But what about my PS2!? How dare Sanzaru not take the time and make a version of this for a console that's basically obsolete and barely works for me anymore! My nostalgia feels should trump marketing logic every time! (No, I'm not bitter that I can't afford a PS3 or Vita, but this is a bad game because nostalgia!)
  • Thieves in Time: Look! Sanzaru did a good job with me and I'm actually looking to be a great addition to the Sly Cooper series!
  • Fans: Yeah, but you're not EXACTLY the way I remember you from eight years ago. You're not allowed to change and you're not allowed to be new. You're supposed to be just like how you were when I was a kid so I can further blind myself with loaded words like "nostalgia", regardless of whether or not I can actually play you.
  • Thieves in Time: But haven't you been whining about wanting a new Sly game for a while now?
  • Fans: Yeah, but Sly's chin looks funny!

30 Day Video Game Challenge
Day 18 - Favourite protagonist

Sly Cooper.

Unlike Clockwerk, I’ve had enough time with Sly to know enough about him and why I like him so much. He’s cocky and confident, but never to an annoying level, he cares deeply for his team, and he has more of a motive to steal than the average thief, as he steals from those who steal wrongfully to begin with.

I also see a bit of Sly in myself, mostly in the idea that we both lead a team. Here’s hoping he grows on me even more in the future installments of the series.