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It’s been awhile…distractions and all. I may be among the few people who honestly enjoy Sonic Boom, even with all its glitches in the Wii U version. I do however enjoy the 3DS version thoroughly and the animated series has me cracking up constantly. Anyway, the usual…Prisma markers, flair pen, Japanese brush pen.


Oh thank you for all the sweet words! Yeah, I entertained the thought of what my Rouge would look like in Sonic Boom. It’d be cool if the design snucked in there but it’s unlikely.

I’m pretty excited to see what they have in store for her!

edit: decided to do an inverted heart on her shoes. How dare I forget that touch.


Sucker Punch & Sanzaru Games: The Sly Cooper Series HD Collection and Sly 4: Thieves of Time - Start Menus


And a paralyzing punch it packs indeed!
After an entire summer (on and off ofcourse), this beauty was complete back in 2013! It’s my pride and joy for it was the first major prop I made entirely on my own, and am sooo proud of how clean it came out! The entire gun was made out of three layers of materials. It was first shaped out with a cardboard build of the entire structure, then paper mached, then plastered and finally sanded many times. The stars and stripes are craft foam, and the antenna on the end is a chess piece (the bishop I think). Hahaha. I’m proud of the antenna xD It’s my creative and random mind being able to see things as they aren’t that makes me happy to be a cosplayer/prop-maker.

Ever since I first played the Sly Cooper games, Carmelita was always one of my favorite characters, and I always wanted to play as her or play her levels because the whole chase scenes, the cops and robbers style levels (which where my favorite, especially in the first game), and of course getting to use her shock pistol (later in the series) to blast any and everything in my way. xD

Anyway, I decided to make her shock pistol when Thievies in Time (the fourth installment in the series) came out, and I’m so proud of this piece of work I did! It’s one of my favorite props ever and it’s shame that I don’t have a costume for it. Glad I have the photo of me shooting it though.. haha That was fun to edit! ^-^

Prop: Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox’s Shock Pistol
Series: Sly Cooper Series
Made by:  Bradley Pujala - Build-it Bradley (Me)
Materials Used: foam (interior), cardboard, tape, plastic wrap, paper mache, plaster, craft foam, chess piece (bishop), spray paint.


Rioichi Cooper, Sly Cooper’s ancestor from Feudal Japan and inventor of the Ninja Spire Jump technique. Apparently in the upcoming Sly 4 game, Thieves in Time, we get to play as Rioichi. So excited.

*Edit: Obviously I meant Sly 4, why else would I say it’s called Thieves in Time.