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“Kara putting rainbow flags everywhere in the DEO and says it’s like mistltoe, you have to kiss under if you’re queer. She got herself played when she happened to be under one with Lena.” from @mrtevloar

She doesn’t do it for herself.

She really doesn’t. 

She does it for Vasquez and she does it for Yve.

She does it for that med tech in ops and she does it for Pam from HR.

She does it, mostly, for her sister.

Not for herself.

She doesn’t conspire with Vasquez to litter the DEO with rainbow flags like Vasquez had littered it with mistletoe last winter for selfish reasons.

Really, she doesn’t. 

She splatters the halls and the labs and hell, even the command center, with rainbow flags because it’s Pride Month, and Maggie keeps going off about how corporate and geared toward rich white cis men the whole thing is, and she agrees, she does – but she also sees Maggie light up whenever she sees rainbow flags in random places this month, because god, for once it’s good to be seen. Good to be heard.

So she and Vasquez cover the place in the dead of the last night of May, Kara using her powers to fly and hang things from the higher ceilings, Vasquez using their DEO training to climb up to doorways and hallways to hang flags in the lower high spots.

Their Pridely mischief is worth J’onn’s groan and facepalm – he’s smiling, of course, under his hand – when Kara declares to everyone the next morning that “if you’re queer and comfortable and consenting, the rainbow flags will be your mistletoe this month!”, and Alex immediately drags Maggie under the nearest flag and kisses her until they’re both breathless, until the entire morning shift of agents is cheering and wolf whistling, until Maggie’s fingers tighten in Alex’s hair and J’onn has to beg them to please, please, please, finish this elsewhere.

Their Pridely mischief is worth is when Winn melts and stammers and nods his way through Superman walking under a flag with him, telling him that Lois won’t mind a small kiss if Winn consents, giving him a soft, tender, appreciative, brief kiss, making sure he doesn’t fall from weakened knees by bracing strong hands on Winn’s waist; afterwards, Winn can barely speak for days, and they’re all mildly concerned his face will stay permanently red, his gaze permanently dazed and blissful and so, so dreamy.

But one part of their Pridely mischief that Kara wasn’t prepared for?

Is Lena coming to the DEO.

Lena coming to the DEO and smiling brightly at all the flags, and asking a stammering Kara about them as they’re standing directly under one together, and Maggie jumping in and repeating Kara’s rules – “if you’re queer and comfortable and consenting, the rainbow flags are mistletoe for Pride Month! – with a shit-eating grin on her face, and Alex watching with wide eyes and a slack jaw as Lena turns to Kara, and Kara’s entire world outside of Lena melts away.

“Are you queer and comfortable and consenting, Kara? Because I’d very much like to kiss you,” she asks soft and tentative and beautiful.

Kara’s breath hitches as she licks her lips, as she takes Lena’s face into her hands and kisses her soft, kisses her slow, kisses her tender, kisses her passionate.

Lena swoons and Kara steadies her, both of their lips turning up into soft, shy smiles, and the applause that greets their ears is soft, respectful, full of knowledge of the significance of the moment, support and affirmation for the intensity of what is happening.

“You owe me that flash grenade,” Maggie mutters in her girlfriend’s ear.

Before Alex even has the chance to answer, to process, to catch up, J’onn sighs and shakes his head.

“Not a chance, Detective,” he tells her, but the smile on his face – both of his daughters, so, so, so happy – weaves a different picture.

#sanversweek day 3: “you’re drunk”

“Hey, Khara!”

Kara looks down at her phone for a second, suspicious. The phone says it’s Maggie calling, but Kara’s never heard Maggie’s voice sound like this before.


“Kkhhara! Hey! The sister of my – my Alex’s sister! The sister of my Alex!”

Kara lets out a deep breath. “Hoo boy.” Maggie’s drunk. Maggie’s shitfaced. Maggie’s shitfaced and Alex is out of town and Maggie called Kara.

And Maggie and Alex have been together for a while now, and things have been a lot better between Maggie and Kara since Alex was kidnapped, but they don’t exactly hang out without Alex. They can chill in the living room together while Alex runs around the corner to pick up dinner or whatever, but that’s pretty much it.

But Maggie’s shitfaced and Alex is out of town and out of all the people in city Maggie could have called, she called Kara.

So Kara gets Winn to track Maggie’s phone, because Maggie keeps accidentally hanging up on her out of excitement to be on the phone with “the sister of my Alex,” and so she finds herself standing outside a sports bar in a part of town she rarely goes to.

And she elbows her way inside and has to use her x-ray vision to find Maggie because she’s smashed up against the bar, surrounded by tall men yelling at TV screens.

“Kkhara!!” Maggie’s face practically splits into pieces from the force of her grin, dimples threatening to tunnel down into her gums, and Kara understands the power this woman has over her sister. That smile, honestly. “How’d you know I was here!?” Maggie is just thrilled with this turn of events, and she’s completely off her face but so happy that Kara can’t help but grin.

“I came to take you home, slugger. You’re a little drunk.” Kara reaches out a hand, but Maggie instead propels her entire body into motion, throwing an arm around Kara’s shoulders and pulling her into the bar. The force of it would have knocked most humans down, and Kara spares a moment to be grateful that her sister is so physically strong.

“No! Khhhara! You gotta stay, we gotta watch, I’m magic, I’m helping!” Maggie gestures with her other hand to the TVs which seem to be showing a hockey game.

“You’re watching the hockey game?” Kara’s confused – Maggie’s never mentioned hockey before.

“Yeah! But you gotta take a shot every time they fight, okay, super Kara?”

Kara pinches the bridge of her nose. “Hoo boy,” she says again. That’s a lot of shots.

“How about you take shots of water for the next few?” She offers.

Maggie blinks at her a few times, face serious, before she cracks another huge grin. “THE SISTER OF MY ALEX IS A BABY GENIUS,” she crows, waving her arms dramatically to make sure the whole bar knows.

She gets literally everyone in the entire bar to take a shot of water for the next fight, which Kara’s sure the bartenders are thrilled about, and she clinks with all the people around her, and makes them all cheers “to hydration.”

She’s fucking hilarious. Kara’s filled her phone with photos and videos, and she sneaks Maggie’s (inputting her sister’s birthday as Maggie’s lock code, because this woman is so fucking smitten it’s ridiculous) to take more footage.

By the end of the game, Maggie has transferred herself entirely onto Kara’s back, holding on like a koala. And she’s so happy, and she won’t stop yelling into Kara’s ear about how much she loves Alex, and how much Alex would love shots of water because Alex is a doctor and doctors love hydrating, and how much of her body is water, and how much she loves Alex, and how being smart must be genetic in the Danvers family, and how she knows they aren’t genetic-ed together because of the big ole secret she can’t say (Kara shoves another shot of water in her mouth there), and how much she loves Alex.

And Maggie makes Kara walk her all around the bar like a victory lap and she shakes hands with every single person in there, and calls them all “my dude” and she tells them all “I know you love me but I’m a lesbian for my Alex and this horse is her sister” and Kara is so glad to see that not one of them seems to even blink at that information.

Kara doesn’t get her out of the bar until about twenty minutes after the victory lap ends because Maggie remembered she had pictures of Alex on her phone and wanted to show them to everyone because “my Alex is the most beautiful doctor of aliens in the multiverse, my dudes.”

But finally they’re outside on the sidewalk, Maggie still piggybacked on Kara.

Kara considers her options, and figures it can’t hurt.

She trots to a nearby alley and transfers Maggie from her back to her front, tucking her firmly underneath one arm.

“What are you doing, my horse of Alex? Where are you – OH MY GO—WHOOOOOOAAAAAA!” They lift off, Kara going slowly at first in case Maggie is going to freak out or get squirmy.

But Maggie’s eyes just get super wide and she whoops and she is clearly so fucking delighted. Kara flies her home the long way, detouring over the ocean and doing a couple loops because she’s never seen Maggie so happy, so light, so childish, so thrilled.

When Kara touches them down inside Maggie’s living room, Maggie looks up at her, eyes glassy with happiness. “Can we do that again with my Alex?”

Maggie wakes up to one of the worst headaches she’s ever had.

She groans, and it takes her nearly ten minutes to screw up the courage to open her eyes.

She rolls over – so slowly – and grabs her phone off her nightstand. She can’t believe she remembered to plug it in. She must have been off her fucking face last night – she can barely remember a thing.

Her face screws up in confusion – she has like a million texts in the group message with Kara, Winn, James, and Alex. She scrolls through them, realizing that they’re photos and videos from Kara documenting her whole night.

This is monumentally embarrassing.

Alex clearly woke up earlier, and has already flooded Maggie with loving texts, admiring her shots technique and confirming her medical approval of “water shots.” Alex says that she loves her and that she’ll be home tonight and she’s ordered a pizza to be delivered at 12:30pm to get Maggie through her hangover.

She’s the perfect woman.

Maggie has one more text, this one from Kara.

i had the BEST time last night, my dude. can’t wait for the next hockey game. xox -the sister/horse of your alex.

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Can you do something fluffy with Maggie coming home to find Alex sick and being all protective and loving please?

Here you go. I hope you enjoy! x

It had all started with a simple headache. Wincing at almost any noise or amount of light, she had thrown herself out of bed and had padded into the kitchen. She had checked her temperature and seeing that she had no fever, she had taken some Tylenol and had gone to work. But now, as she was lying on the couch, wrapped in two blankets, freezing, coughing and sneezing, she wondered if that had been a smart choice. She heard a groan but it took her a good minute to realize if was her own.

Her throat ached, her chest felt heavy and like someone was stabbing it. She moaned and closed her eyes. Her head felt like it had been run through a blender.

She heard the sound of footsteps and a second later Maggie was looking at her, her eyebrows coming together. She looked worried.


“You’re home early…”, Alex said, warily. “Why?”

Maggie chuckled. “Someone may have told me that you’re sick and too stubborn to admit it.”

“I’m not sick!”, came the protest, and she bit back a sigh.

A wave of nausea passed over Alex and she breathed through her nose, closing her eyes and putting her head in her hands, trying so hard not to be sick. A look of concern showed across Maggie’s face. She hurried to the couch and sat down next to Alex, placing a cold hand on her burning forehead. Alex’s eyes opened and latched on to Maggie’s, causing her to give Alex a softly smile.  

“You’re burning up.”

Maggie brushed Alex’s hair out of her eyes and off of her sweat drenched forehead.

“What are your symptoms?”

“I’m fine. I’m not sick.” Alex ground out through her chattering teeth. Maggie raised an eyebrow at her and Alex felt defeated.  “Oh! Okay! I have this excruciating headache… And my throat and stomach hurt… And God, i have this pain in my back that is just…”

“Let me see”, Maggie said calmly and slid behind Alex on the couch.

She started massaging the back of her neck and then moved to her shoulders. Her hands were strong but tender, and Alex couldn’t help but close her eyes and moan.

“You have magic hands.”

“I’m gonna let that slip because you’re sick”, Maggie said with a chuckle. She stroke her hands down Alex’s face. “Why don’t you lie down and relax? I’ll make you some soup.”

“You don’t have to do this”, it was somewhat slurred, as though she couldn’t quite draw a full breath.

“I want to”, said Maggie simply.

Alex paused before nodding slightly. She lay down and curled into a ball again. She wrapped her arms around herself and she shut her eyes tightly. She wasn’t sure when she had fallen asleep but she was woken up later by Maggie placing butterfly kisses all over her face. She slowly opened her eyes and muttered something under her breath.

“Shhh”, Maggie whispered. “It’s okay.”

Alex stayed silent and slowly sat upright. She looked down at the food and picked up the glass of water, taking a small sip of it. Maggie was looking at her with those soft, loving eyes, and she was sure she had never felt more loved in her entire life. Neither of them said anything. Maggie took a spoonful, blew on it and held it across inches from her mouth. Alex moaned, the warmth felt good sliding down her throat.

“Delicious”, Alex managed to say and Maggie tilted her head and smiled softly.

After a few more bites, Alex wiped her mouth with a napkin and slid down a little, nestling in the pillows again. She couldn’t take another bite.

Seeing the nearly empty bowl, Maggie smiled. “Good girl”.

Alex melted under the weight of Maggie’s gaze. If she was to name the look in those beautiful, dark eyes, only love would do.

“Do you feel like a bath? Or would you rather just rest?”

Alex thought a moment. She coughed, then said: “I’m so tired.”

Maggie nodded and lay down next to her. She said nothing as she pulled the covers of both of them and wrapped Alex close. Alex hummed in her throat. It was so nice, just lying there in the arms of the person she loved.


“Yes, my love?”

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

“Always”, she answered easily and moved her thumb up and down on Alex’s arm in a soothing motion.

Alex curled and rest her head against the brunette’s chest. Maggie’s heartbeat was steady and soothing, it was going to cradle her back to sleep.

“See”, Maggie added to tease her. “Being sick isn’t that bad.”

Alex’s answer didn’t come immediately, and Maggie thought she’d already fallen back asleep. But then she heard a faint whisper coming from her girlfriend: “Mhhh… I’m not sick.”
Strength in Numbers - skiesinoureyes - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

This is the first of a series of fics about the superfriends (well, let’s be honest, mainly sanvers). It’s about Alex always being proud to show off her scars until Maggie gives her a hickey and she gets shy.

Alex Danvers had always had some form of scars or bruises, ever since she was a little kid. From minor scrapes as a child falling off of her bike to major flesh wounds from battling it out in the field against whatever new defenses Cadmus had up, Alex’s body always seemed to be an ever-changing tapestry of wounds, but she didn’t mind. She had always liked her scars. They made her feel proud, made her feel important. The way she saw it, every wound told a story, every cut, every scrape, every bruise, had a cause for being there. Every injury meant that she had done something, tried something, that was worth talking about. So, when it came to other people seeing them, she didn’t mind, and when Maggie saw the full scale of her scars and bruises that she had accumulated over the years, she didn’t bat an eyelash, because she knew how they made Alex feel accomplished. Alex had never cared about others seeing her flaws. That is, until the first time Maggie gave her a hickey. The night before, things got pretty heated up at Maggie’s place, and when Alex walked into work the next morning, she could tell something was off. J’onn was staring at her with a puzzled expression on his face.

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I know this isn't your norm but can we have some kind of SuperCorp Bridal Style something? Because you know they are obviously dating now... right?

“Oh come on, Alex, she totally knows.”

Alex pffts and looks away and looks back and looks away and looks back.


“Alex. Yes. She does.”

Alex squints and leans across the bar to get a better look at Lena, at the way she’s fawning over Kara, at the way Kara’s leaning into her, the way Kara’s arm looks like it’s just twitching to toss itself over Lena’s shoulders.

“I’m not saying she doesn’t like Kara for Kara – hell, she seems even more in love with Kara than she’s enamored with Supergirl – but I’m saying, Danvers. She’s not stupid. And we’ve already agreed that the glasses really…”

“Are ridiculous, yeah,” Alex murmurs distractedly, staring all the harder at her sister and her sister’s maybe-not-really-what-are-you-talking-about-Alex-we’re-just-friends-come-on-I-mean-sure-I-like-her-what’s-not-to-like okay-I’m-gonna-stop-you-right-there-Little-Danvers-because-what’s-not-to-like-is-literally-the-phrase-your-sister-used-about-me-right-before-she-became-my-girlfriend girlfriend.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Lena asks Kara on the other side of the bar when she catches Alex and Maggie both staring.

Kara has to try – hard – not to tell her exactly what Alex and Maggie are talking about, because in a bar this crowded, this loud, there would be no other way to explain her knowledge except superhearing. And she’s going to tell Lena – really, she is – but not yet, because she’s terrified, because Lena likes Kara for Kara, which is unbelievable and amazing but what if when she realizes that Kara is also Supergirl, she doesn’t like her for… her… anymore?

But she can’t say all that, not yet, not yet, so she splutters and she adjusts her glasses and she tries very hard not to spill her club soda all over her baby blue collared shirt that Lena had commented earlier brought out her eyes beautifully.

“Oh, um… probably… girlfriend stuff. Definitely girlfriend stuff.” She adds an authoritative nod for good measure, and Lena’s laughter sounds like faerie wings, and Kara’s heart leaps because she’s laughing, but she’s not laughing at Kara, and that… she… is perfect.

“Girlfriend stuff,” Lena deadpans, her voice rich and low and full of barely contained amusement.

Kara adjusts her glasses again. “Yeah. Like uh… what… hey, what do girlfriends talk about, anyway?”

Lena takes a long sip of her wine, and Kara tries – and fails – not to look at her lips.

“The same things we do, probably,” Lena answers after a thoughtful swallow, and Kara’s stomach flips because sometimes she thinks she knows Lena so well, but when they go anywhere near… this territory… she just can’t figure out what her feelings are… if she’s just happy to have a friend, or if these dates they’ve been going on are actually… you know…. dates.

She should ask Alex. Or Maggie. Or both. But not now. Not now, because now, Lena is draining her wine and standing up and Kara’s ex-boyfriend – not the amazing one – naturally chooses that moment to cross behind her, causing Lena to overbalance, to stumble, to start to fall.

Kara doesn’t think and she doesn’t calculate. She just sweeps one arm under Lena’s thighs and the other, strong around her back, scooping her up bridal style so she doesn’t fall, so she doesn’t roll her ankle, so she doesn’t…

But oh. Oh. Oh no.

Because now Lena’s breath is hitched and Alex and Maggie’s jaws are both on the bar and Lena’s pupils are dilating and her breath smells of wine and nothing has ever smelled so perfect and Kara can hear her heartbeat, feel it, and she hasn’t had anything but club soda but Rao does she suddenly feel drunk, and Rao is Lena’s body warm, and Lena’s arms are wrapped around her neck and Lena is speaking, softly, speaking, low, speaking, intimate.

“Well, these arms certainly do feel familiar,” Lena’s practically whispering, and it doesn’t matter that the bar is crowded, and it doesn’t matter that the bar is loud, and it doesn’t even matter that Kara has superhearing: the words penetrate her every cell with subtle, heated precision.

“I… I didn’t want you to… fall,” Kara splutters, and neither woman says anything about the fact that Kara still hasn’t put her down.

“Oh, Kara Danvers,” Lena husks softly, “I told you. You are my hero. I know you’d never let me fall” She brings her lips to Kara’s ear easily, protective of her secrets, of her safety, of her comfort and of her happiness. “Whether you’re in or out of that suit and cape.”

Heat sears throughout Kara’s entire body, and she has no words because she barely has breath, and she pulls back so she can look Lena in the eyes, and Rao she can’t help the way she glances down at her lips once, twice, three times, until Lena breathes, until Lena wets them, until Kara can’t take it anymore and closes the gap, because she can’t process anything except Lena, Lena, Lena.

They startle apart at a loud whoop from across the bar, and Kara sets Lena down gently, carefully, though they stay entangled in each other’s arms, entangled in each other’s breath.

“Boom! You owe me that flash grenade, Danvers!” 

“I never said the glasses aren’t ridiculous!”

“Flash grenade!”

“Do we want to know why your sister’s girlfriend wants a flash grenade to begin with?” Lena grins into Kara’s ear.

“Not even a little bit,” Kara grins, and finishes what she started, and Rao, are Lena’s lips soft, and perfect, and smiling into their kiss, and Rao, Rao, Rao, she likes me for me, for me, for me.

headcannon: maggie read the first harry potter book when she was 15 cause everyone was talking about it, but she got to the end and read the part about how powerful a mother’s love is, and she just like chucked it across the room cause her mom gave her up, and then spent the next 15 years of her life ostracized from everyone cause she wouldn’t read or watch or engage at all with potter stuff.

Sappy version:
alex reads the first book out loud to their daughter miah, and maggie hates it but wants to be there for Family Time™ so she sits in sometimes. alex gets to the end and there’s that scene in the hospital wing where dumbledore explains how his mother’s love protects harry even after her death, and maggie leaves the room crying. and later she tells alex that she never understood it before – she thought that whole plot line was dumb and contrived and stupid – but she would lay down her life for miah in a second and the thought that her love could protect miah from evil is the best thing she’s ever thought of, and she cries for how much she loves her baby and for how little her own mother loved her, and alex holds her and cries with her. and when miah gets older they read her all the rest of the books and maggie takes her turn reading out loud too and becomes just the biggest potter nerd ever.

Less sappy version:
babe, i always hated harry potter because it reminded me of how my mom didn’t love me like harry’s mom did, you know, but now that we have our baby and i’m a mom, i love her so much, i’d do anything for her, so i’ve really started to get it and this reread is making me so emotional, you know?

alex: babe i’m really happy for you but gertrude is a dog and i think this might be offensive to parents of human babies

maggie: you know nothing alexandra

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okay J, now that the writers queerbaited the fuck outta us, it's time for you to work your magic and give us a longer version of the "belated valentine's day prom". PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEE

A continuation of this –

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a trauma.

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a need.

It’s a need because she was fourteen and high school was amazing because Eliza held her hand and Eliza snuck her dad’s cigarettes down from the house and they crawled into the bathroom of the basement and giggled, their lips so close – Eliza’s lips looking so soft – as they blew the smoke out of the small vent so Eliza’s parents wouldn’t catch them.

But it wasn’t the smoke that Eliza’s parents caught.

It was the card.

The card, the card, the card.

The fucking valentine’s day card.

The betrayal that ended everything.

Because her father called her downstairs with the phone still in his hand and her father smacked her across the face with the back of that hand and her father gave her ten minutes to pack her things and to get out of his house and to never come back because she is filthy and she is ungrateful and she is selfish and she is wrong, and her mother cried but her mother didn’t stop him, and her face stung and her heart stung worse and her hands trembled but her face stayed dry because she would never give anyone the satisfaction of seeing her break for being who she is.

She calls it a pet peeve. Needing to be heard.

Because Eliza didn’t hear her. Her father didn’t hear her. None of her exes had ever heard her.

She calls it a pet peeve because no one has ever loved her enough to let her call it trauma.

Until Alex Danvers, that is.

Because she leaves Alex a card: she leaves Alex a card, and Alex will not give it to her parents. She gives Alex a card, and Alex will do nothing but love her back.

Or she hopes.

She’s probably stupid for hoping. But she hopes anyway.

James and J’onn help her with the set-up, and Winn whips together the dress at the last minute before running off on his own valentine’s excursion. James kisses her cheek before he leaves, as 8 o’clock approaches, and J’onn puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Alex cares for you, Maggie. Just as you are. Let her hold you up when you need it. You deserve that. You do. I promise.”

She gulps and she nods and J’onn squeezes her shoulder.

“He’s right, Maggie,” James tells her before giving the room one last glance. “It looks beautiful. And so do you.”

Maggie grimaces a smile at them, and they understand that she’s too nervous to speak, that she’s too terrified to move. They smile at her before they leave, and she hangs onto the hope that these people, these beautiful people, will still love her after tonight.

She doesn’t know how long she waits for Alex, because she can’t think. She can’t do anything but try to swallow her panic, surrounded by red helium balloons and candlelight and all the things that reminded her of the bruise her father left on her face and the welts he left on her heart.

She can’t do anything but try to focus on Alex, Alex, Alex. On hoping that Alex will be different.

This is a relationship, Alex had insisted. And it’s that statement, Alex fighting for her, for them, that is keeping Maggie holding on.

“Wow, you’re breathtaking,” she says when Alex walks in, because god, god, god, she is.

“Maggie, what is all this?”

Alex’s voice trembles slightly as she asks, and somehow, that warms the protective steel around Maggie’s heart. She smiles slightly, her voice softer now.

“It’s your belated Valentine’s Day prom.” She reaches for the corsage and sends James a silent thank you for running to the florist and picking up exactly what Maggie had described.

“May I?” she asks, and her body tingles with relief as her fingertips touch Alex’s wrist.

Alex exhales hard, exhales shakily, and steps around Maggie, and the back of the dress – god, thank you, Winn Schott – takes Maggie’s breath away. Again.

“I’m sorry. So sorry. I was too busy nursing my own wounds, and I forgot to look at the gorgeous woman in front of me and consider her feelings. You deserved all of this, as a girl. The pomp and the fuss. And you deserve an amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you.”

She tilts her head and she stares up at Alex, because Alex is perfection, and Alex’s hands are warm in hers, and Alex makes the color red on Valentine’s Day a little less terrible, a little less traumatic.

But Alex is shaking her head and Alex is reaching her fingers up to run them through Maggie’s hair, to stroke her cheeks, to fuss with her blazer’s collar.

Maggie’s heart sinks and she starts panicking, she starts hyperventilating, but then Alex is talking, and Maggie wants to cry for an entirely different reason.

“Maggie, I… you deserve this. The pomp and the fuss. An amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you. And I’m absolutely crazy about you. And that… that means… Maggie, that means you don’t have to make it all about me, all the time. I love that you… I love that you thought about me, I love that you did all this, but Maggie, you…”

She stops and she stares down at Maggie’s wet eyes for a long moment, and there’s nothing but unguarded love in her eyes, and no one has ever existed but the two of them.

“You have nothing to apologize for. You didn’t do anything wrong. Maggie, I… I heard you. I heard everything you said. And because I heard you, I… I don’t want you to just shove all that back down to make everything about me. Again. You did it while I was coming out, and I get it, and you’re so sweet, Maggie, but I don’t… I don’t want you putting yourself second for me, not anymore. I don’t want you burying your pain, your… trauma, Maggie, you were a child, that was traumatic, I… I want you, Maggie.”

She brings her fingers to a lips and kisses them, one by one, slowly, deliberately, all while keeping her eyes locked in Maggie’s, before she continues.

“All of you. And this is beautiful, this is amazing, but Maggie, I want you to feel able to just… to vent, and to scream, and to lose your cool, to cry. With me. Because I want you, Maggie, I care about you, not… not just what you can do for me. You letting me in, you letting me care for you, letting me comfort you? That’s the greatest gift you could ever give me, Maggie. You… you letting me love you.”

Alex stumbles to a halt and Maggie’s breath hitches as they both realize what Alex said, as they both lose themselves in each other’s eyes, in each other’s hands, in each other’s hearts.

“Danvers, you – Alex, I – “

Alex shakes her head with closed eyes. “You don’t have to say anything. I just… I want you to know that you’re cared for. That you’re safe. That you’re allowed to put yourself first, that I want you to put yourself first. That you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. That you’re perfect. That I l…”

She stares down at Maggie’s wide eyes and she licks her lips and she is Alex Danvers, dammit, so she dives.

“That I love you. Maggie Sawyer. All of you. And I just want you to let me love you, let me care for you, let me be here for you. Let me love you.”

Maggie takes one breath, and then another, and then one word escapes her lips.

The only word that matters in the entire multiverse.


And her hands are on the small of Alex’s bare back and Alex’s hands are tangling in her hair, cupping her face, her thumbs swiping across her cheeks, and Alex’s lips are soft and Alex’s lips are healing and Alex’s lips are heaven, and she’s never cried while she kissed anyone, she’s never cried in front of anyone without running out the door before the first tear could fall, but she’s crying now, and Alex is catching her tears with her thumbs and kissing them away with her lips, but Maggie doesn’t want Alex’s lips on her cheeks, her eyes – she does, she does, but later, later, because there will be a later, because Alex went to the dance with her, Alex didn’t give her note to her parents, Alex came to the dance with her and Alex is kissing her and Alex is holding her and Alex, Alex, Alex  – Maggie just wants, right now, Alex’s lips on her own, and she shifts, and Alex knows, because Alex knows her, and Maggie’s lips are parting and Alex is slipping her tongue in her mouth gently, gently, lovingly, and Maggie sighs into their kiss and Alex echoes it and their breathe, their heartbeats, their bodies, are indistinguishable as their bodies sway to music and to swaying lights and to the rhythm of their perfect kiss.

“I love you back, Alex Danvers,” Maggie’s whispering into her lips, and the tears dripping salt onto her lips are suddenly not only her own, and she pulls back, because Alex Danvers crying is heartbreaking, and Alex Danvers crying is beautiful.

Their chests are both heaving slightly and their lips are swollen and their bodies are flush against each other and their bodies are intertwined and their eyes refuse to leave each others.

“May I have this dance?” Alex asks her breathlessly, and Maggie smiles helplessly, because she knows her life will never be the same.

Because she knows that Alex means it when she says she loves her, and god, god, god does it feel good to be loved – and to love – like this.

The way you said ‘I love you’ - On a post-it note

The second time Maggie spends the night Alex wakes up disorientated and cold. Turning on her side Alex reaches out, for Maggie’s warmth, for Maggie’s body, for Maggie’s soft touch but instead she’s greeted by an empty space and cold sheets.

And Alex panics because she should have known. She should have known that eventually Maggie would realise that she deserves better, deserves more, deserves someone other than her.

Stumbling out of bed Alex frantically searches for her phone, needing to call Maggie, needing to hear her voice, needing to know that she hadn’t fucked up the first real relationship she had ever been in.

Tripping over the shirt Maggie had slowly, so slowly, peeled off of her mere hours ago while memorising every inch of skin revealed, with her eyes, her hands, her mouth, Alex’s entire body slumps as she figures that maybe last night had meant so much more to her than it had done to Maggie.

Frantically glancing around her living room Alex almost misses the mug resting on her kitchen island, almost misses the bright pink post-it note peeking out from under the mug.

Morning beautiful - 
Sorry I had to run, work called! 
Believe me when I say this - I’d have given anything to stay wrapped up in you. 
Have a good day! Call me when you wake up! 
- Mags

And Alex’s entire body sighs in relief, sighs in sheer happiness, because Maggie wanted to stay, because Maggie wanted to wake up next to her.

Because she hadn’t messed this up.


Months pass and the collection of pink, blue and green post-it notes Alex keeps in her bed side drawer grows each day.

Grows with each good morning beautiful, with each I’ll miss you, with each I swear to God you were trying to kill me last night wearing that dress.

And Alex treasures each and every one, treasures the secret romantic that is her girlfriend, treasures the welcoming feeling of home whenever she reads them.

But the one she treasures the most? The one that sets her heart racing, the one that steals the breath from her lungs, the one that she found stuck to her favourite mug that morning simply reads -

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Sanvers 4th of July

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This was supposed to be short and funny. It turned out to be long and full of feelings. Aka, I’m the most predictable. Whatever - enjoy!


“So, Danvers. What are the big 4th of July plans?”

Alex looks over at her, startled. It’s June 30th, and Maggie’s making breakfast while Alex washes the dishes from last night’s dinner.

“Uh,” Alex knits her eyebrows, running her mind as quickly as possible over the last couple of weeks, trying to remember if they’d talked about making plans. She comes up blank, so she tries to stall for time. “Don’t you have to work?”

“Nope,” Maggie says, and her voice is casual but there’s something behind it. “Took some wrangling, but I managed to get it off.”

Oh, okay. Okay, shit.

Alex can’t figure out if they’d talked about it and she completely forgot, or if this some new curveball.

But Maggie’s number one pet peeve is not being heard, and most cops have to work on the 4th because the holiday turns everyone in the US into delinquent assholes, so if she managed to get the day off she must have some serious expectations for something.

Okay, shit.

If Alex were Kara, she thinks, she’d make up some elaborate story, some oh yes we’re going to ride a ferris wheel and also be in Paris—oh, but like the Paris in Las Vegas because of America, haha, totally, definitely, I for sure already bought the tickets, surprise!

But Alex is Alex, so instead of hijinks she goes for insecure honesty. “Uh, I, uh haven’t made any plans? Yet? But I’d be happy to make some? With you?” Her hands stutter on the dishes, making jerkily little circles on the same plate she’s been washing since Maggie first opened her mouth.

Maggie doesn’t look over from where she’s expertly flipping an omelet. “Oh,” is all she says.

Okay, fuck.

“Mags?” Maggie looks over, probably at the sheer panic in Alex’s voice. “Babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t—I didn’t know you wanted to do anything! But really, I—I can get the day off, I can—we can, um, I mean, I can plan something, or you can plan something, or we can go somewhere—”


But Alex doesn’t hear her, continuing to babble at high speed. “I can—there must be a hotel that still has space, or a beach? Or, um, I don’t—I’m sorry, I don’t know, but I can—we can do anything, I didn’t mean to forget—“


Alex hears her, finally, and quiets herself. She looks over at Maggie with eyes that are big and round and scared and a little wet.

“Babe, it’s fine. Relax.”

Alex blinks at her. This is clearly not fine. This is the opposite of fine. Alex is the worst girlfriend ever. This obviously matters to Maggie and she must have mentioned it, and Alex must have forgotten, and she’s trying to hard to be a good girlfriend, to be good at being in a relationship, but she fucked it up again, and it’s not fine.

“It’s not a big deal, Al. I just assumed that you all did something for it.”

Alex narrows her eyes, confused. “You all?”

“You know,” Maggie says with a little shrug as she slips the omelet out of the pan and onto the waiting plate. “You and Kara and your mom and Kara’s boy band of admirers.” Maggie starts making the second omelet, tossing the pre-cut vegetables into the pan. “I had just assumed – it was stupid, I guess – but you guys seem like an all-American family, I just thought you would have some barbeque traditions or something.”

Alex nods. That makes sense. It does – but it doesn’t totally account for the heaviness in Maggie’s voice, or the way she hasn’t made eye contact, or the way she’s hitting the eggs against the pan a little harder than she needs to.

“My parents were never really that into it,” Alex says softly, turning back to the dishes, pretending to be as casual as Maggie is. “They were a little far to the left for that kind of patriotism, I think. When I was little we used to go sit out on the beach and watch the fireworks, but we never did anything special.” Alex puts the now very clean plate in the drying rack and reaches for a mug. “But then when Kara came, the fireworks scared her – they were so loud and bright and really overwhelming for her. So she and I usually just marathoned movies and I always tried to get her into a sugar coma as early in the night as possible so she’d miss most of it.”

Alex sees Maggie nod out of the corner of her eye.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” she says, clearly still upset but clearly trying to hide it. “Poor little Kara.”

But Alex is in charge of this interrogation.

“Did you do something special when you were little?” She asks carefully. Asking about Maggie’s childhood is always delicate – Alex has learned to phrase it as when you were little rather than did your family or did your parents, but it’s still always delicate. She’s always careful.

She never wants to make Maggie remember her awful teenage years, and she hates the Sawyers even more for making it hard for her to get to know little kid Maggie.

Maggie doesn’t like to talk about herself, and Alex hates it because she wants to know every moment of Maggie’s life.

Maggie flips this omelet – perfectly, as always. “Yeah, it was a pretty big deal in Blue Springs. Not a lot else going on,” she adds wryly. “There was a parade with these ridiculously cheesy floats, and people would spend, like, months making them, it was ridiculous.” But her voice is fond. Alex never hears her talk like this, warmly and tenderly about Blue Springs and about her childhood. She almost holds her breath, still washing the same mug, afraid to make a sound. “We’d go stake out spots on the parade route like hours early, with coolers and chairs and shit, it was a whole thing. And then after the parade we always hosted this big barbeque in our front yard, and everyone came, basically every Mexican in Nebraska, I think. All the cousins and everyone, it was a total zoo. And then we’d all drive out to the prairie, which is like 10 minutes away, of course, because Blue Springs is nothing, and we’d lie in the beds of the pickups in just like, piles of cousins, and watch the big county fireworks.” Maggie’s smiling at the memory, still looking down at the omelet, and Alex wants to cry. “I drank my first beer in one of those pickups with my cousins, smoked my first joint. We’d set off fireworks, and the kids would have sparklers, and shit.”

She slips the omelet out of the pan and onto the plate. She turns off the stove, takes the first plate, and sticks it in the microwave, closing the door without starting it.

“I’m gonna take a shower before I eat,” she says casually. “Will you be gone when I get out?”

Alex knows that’s code. Maggie doesn’t shower as quickly as she does, but that’s clearly code for I’m going to take a long shower, please don’t be here when I’m done. Alex wonders if she’s going to cry in there.

Alex nods her head a little, hands still soapy. She wants to reach out, to hold Maggie, to tell her that she loves her, that she’s here now, that she’s here to help Maggie heal.

But Maggie’s already walking away, closing the door of the bathroom firmly behind her.

Alex leaves the rest of the dishes. She puts her omelet in a Tupperware and gets dressed as quickly as she can. She’ll brush her teeth at work.

She has some work to do.

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A Kryptonian and an Amazonian: Kara and Diana (and the wonders of ice cream)

based on this post from @dealanexmachina and @randomthingsthatilike123 –

Alex grins over from across the diner at her little sister and her new friend, leaning conspiratorially into each other in a booth at Noonan’s. 

Both in glasses – one to conceal her identity, one because why the hell not? – both moaning as they dig into the massive ice cream sundae on the table between them.

“I only had to cross an ocean to encounter this delicious cream,” Diana is telling her. “You had to cross – what did you call it?”

“The Phantom Zone,” Kara nods, closing her eyes as she leaves the spoon upside down in her mouth a little longer than necessary, oblivious to the way Diana stops eating to stare wide-eyed at Kara’s lips.

“Was it lonely? That Phantom Zone?”

Kara shrugs as she opens her eyes, and Diana wonders at the kind of blue.

“I don’t remember it. Being stuck there. Except sometimes in dreams. Alex would wake me up screaming when we were kids. My planet would be burning and I’d be stuck in what felt like an abyss, in my pod, and I couldn’t…”

Diana reaches a hand out for Kara’s, and their eyes lock hard.

“It must have been beautiful. Krypton.”

Kara’s smile returns even as tears prick her eyes. “My father used to take me to the edges of Argo City to watch our sun rise – it was red, not yellow like this one – and so much of our cities were just… awash in silver, in our technology, and it could have been sterile, I guess.”

She adjusts her glasses and swipes her spoon through a river of chocolate fudge and licks it off slow, thoughtful. Accidentally seductive, even as Diana’s heart bleeds along with her words.

“But it wasn’t. The way the rising sun would reflect off of all that metal… it was anything but cold. It was… Anyway. It’s gone, now.”

Diana shakes her head slowly. “Not in your heart, Kara Zor-el. Nothing can ever truly be gone. Not if you keep it alive inside you.”

Kara sighs and creates the ultimate sundae spoonful: wet walnuts, fudge,ice cream, a piece of banana, sprinkles, whipped cream. She offers it out to Diana, who accepts, and her eyes fly wide as she moans so loudly, so joyously, that Alex – now joined by her girlfriend – isn’t the only one in Noonan’s turning to stare. Kara giggles.

“The first time I tried it, I got so excited I started flying without even trying to. Alex tried to hold me down but wound up just coming along for the ride.”

Diana laughs, and it’s light and it’s happy and it’s so damn full. 

“Your sister’s a brave warrior, it seems. Angry. Frightening, perhaps. But loyal. And that police woman seems to make her smile more easily.”

Kara nods and they both glance over at Alex and Maggie, who catch their eyes and wave. 

“She’s the only reason I ever felt at home on this planet. Alex. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

Diana thinks of Steve, of gas and of planes. She thinks of her aunt, of generals and of last breaths.

Kara doesn’t have J’onn’s telepathy, but she knows anyway. She knows that look.

She sees it in the mirror far too often.

Nearly every time she looks.

“My aunt died, too. Was killed. She survived – she survived, I got her back, a piece of my home, and then she – “ Kara shudders, and tries not to think of Alex. 

Alex, protecting her space father.

Alex, loyal to a fault.

Alex, her sister, her world, who somehow became a hardened soldier without her noticing.

“She died. In battle. A renowned General.” Kara smiles softly, and it’s Diana, this time, who tries her hand at creating the perfect spoonful of sundae and offers it to Kara.

“I thought the world would never be able to go on when I lost my general. My mother’s sister. It felt like… you know what it felt like, Kara Zor-el.”

Kara nods, and remembers holding Astra, dying. Remembers holding Alex, weeping. Remembers holding her hand out for J’onn, breathing, breathing. Breathing.

“I have a projection of my mother. Maybe we could try to make one of your aunt. At the DEO. It… it’s not the same, and sometimes… sometimes I don’t know if she left me with the burden of caring for Earth or the burden of righting the wrongs I didn’t even know she’d done, but it… it’s comforting, anyway. Being able to see her. Talk to her. Even if it’s not really her.”

Diana’s eyes sparkle at this girl’s generosity. The way this woman bears the weight of multiple planets on shoulders that somehow still manage to look carefree. 

This warrior who doesn’t at all think herself a warrior.

But perhaps that’s what makes her such a powerful one.

“How have you done it, Kara? Seen all you’ve seen, and still… Ares told me that this world doesn’t deserve me, that I should rule it, enslave it, rather than… they kill and they torture and they… how have you done it?”

Kara pokes at their slowly disappearing, slowly melting sundae with her spoon.

“Ice cream helps,” she smiles softly, and Diana looks at her like she’s the sun. Because maybe she is.

“Love,” she amends more seriously. “If I let go of it, I… Alex does terrible things. The person I love most in the world. She hurts people, and she thinks… she thinks it’s alright, because it’s always in defense of someone she loves. She doesn’t think about the people who love the person she’s beating. Or, she does, but… after. Maggie’s helping her with it. J’onn too. And I’m trying. Sometimes I feel like it’s my fault, like I turned her into someone this ruthless, but I… I guess what I’m saying is… I love her. I love her more than my own life. All of her. And she helps me understand. Humans. This planet. The things people do out of fear. Out of love. Out of terror of losing love. The people you’ve found, Diana. They have to be your anchor. Otherwise it… otherwise it consumes you. The things Ares said to you. And you can’t let it. You’re too good.”

“As are you, Kara. As are you.”

Kara licks her lips and lets her eyes lock hard into Diana’s. 

“You know what also helps?”

Diana shakes her head, her eyes starting to sparkle, her lips starting to quirk up into an excited smile.

“Pool,” Kara grins.

“We have pools on Themyscira! Mystical pools, with water that – what?” she trails off, smiling in slight confusion, because Kara is laughing and touching her hand and god, she can feel the undercurrent of Kara’s power even in her gentle, affectionate gesture, and it makes her gulp.

“No, I mean a game. Come on. Alex and Maggie will show you.”

Kara is up and offering her hand, and Diana is taking it but her eyes are wide and her lips are playful.

“Can we get more ice cream there?” she asks, and Kara beams.

“Great thing about this city? We can get ice cream almost anywhere.”

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On Maggie Sawyer and snapbacks

It always struck me how Maggie says she lived with “an aunt” for three years rather than “my aunt”. Maggie’s aunt took her in because yes, kicking her out was a harsh move on her parents’ part, and yes, no child should have to live on the street, and Maggie’s always been a good girl even if she is…that way. But will she put up with that nonsense in her house? Hell no.

So their relationship is very conditional. Her aunt takes care of her, cooks her favourite meals when she misses home, tends to her grazes when she gets beat up at school. She loves her. But she doesn’t accept her. Every night she prays for her, every other week she asks if Maggie’s met any nice boys at soccer, and when Maggie wears baseball caps at the table, she tugs them off her head and groans, “Ay, mija, te ves como un chico”.

But Maggie’s desperate, and she’s grateful, so she toes the line, studying every night until she falls asleep at the kitchen table. She gets a partial scholarship to college, gets in early at 17, and it’s there that she meets the first openly queer people she’s ever seen in her life. The first time a girl kisses her, in the dark at a movie, she cries because this is wrong, I’m wrong, yet she’s never felt anything come so naturally to her, and her heart flutters without permission, and when Holly’s thumb grazes her cheek, something inside her finally unclenches its fists.

She starts sleeping over in Holly’s dorm and, naturally, starts borrowing her clothes. She’s never had the freedom to experiment with her style, living on cousins’ hand me downs and already walking Blue Springs with a target on her back. At first she only wears Holly’s red flannel to bed - never out - because what if somebody hurts her again, what if this time she doesn’t make it out alive. And while Maggie thinks Holly looks cute as hell with that shirt tied around her waist, a lifetime of racism tells her only pretty blonde white girls can pull off that look anyway, that she could never rock it even if she tried.

But eventually, Maggie gets the courage to wear it to thanksgiving dinner at the campus LGBT centre, clenching Holly’s hand the whole way there. Soon after, Holly catches her toying with an old hat in her room and buys Maggie her first snapback for Christmas, complete with a National City Giants logo in honour of the city she wants to work in someday. It takes a while for Maggie to get used to wearing it, but once she does, slipping it over her head feels as warm and empowering and terrifying as Holly holding her hand.

Years later, Alex comes across an old hiking photo of Maggie and another friend, and laughs “Oh my God.”

Maggie groans, blushes. “Give me a break, it was college.”

“No, it’s adorable. You were such a cute baby gay.”

And Maggie can’t help but smile a little. Because yeah, she’s outgrown the snapbacks and found better fitting flannels, but she’ll never forget those years experimenting with how she presented herself, figuring out who she was. How throwing on a snapback made her feel brave on days she felt she didn’t have the strength to be brave. How she’d notice a girl in similar clothes on campus and give her a knowing smile that said ‘I see you’.

“Yeah,” she chuckles, smiling down on the photo in Alex’s hands, feeling a swell of pride for her younger self as intense as pain. “Yeah, I guess I was.”

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#sanversweek day 2: nerd girlfriends

Maggie wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Sure, she’s been to classes before, obviously. She went to college, she did well in college. She wasn’t one of those kids who barely made it to lecture and scraped through the finals to celebrate a 1.9 GPA with a night of alcohol poisoning. She’d been diligent – she’d had to be diligent, to keep her scholarship. Without her scholarship there was no college at all, and Maggie desperately wanted that B.A. So she’d majored in criminal justice and double minored in psychology and biology - psych because it would be good for her future career and bio because it was cool – and while she hadn’t made it to every class, she’d made it to most.

The police academy had been more classes, and she’d sure as hell gone to each and every one of those, and had shone academically. It hadn’t made her any friends, but she’d earned her uniform, and, more recently, had earned her badge.

But now she wants to get promoted into the science division, and her minor in biology is honestly more than some other people already in the division have, but those guys are men and white and straight and baby boomers and buddies with the commissioner, so they didn’t have to earn it. She has to earn it.

So she’s here. Walking into an exo-biology course at National City University. It’s not an extension course or a community college course, but she went on a couple dates with the dean a few years ago, back before the dean got back together with her now-husband, so Maggie was able to get the strings pulled to enroll. And it’s been a hot minute since she’s been in class, and since she’s had homework, but she’s excited. She honestly doesn’t know much about exo-biology, other than what she’s gathered anecdotally from friends and ex-girlfriends, and it seems like the kind of thing a science division detective should be up to date on.

So she’s here.

She walks into the classroom and immediately thinks she’s in the wrong room. It’s small, just a 30-person room, not a big lecture hall. She’s early, but there’s one girl already here, and she confirms that she’s there for Bio 367 too, so Maggie shrugs and takes a seat in the back. She’s not really a college student, and she hates the feeling of people’s eyes on her when she can’t turn around and stare right back, so she’s glad to have her choice of seat.

The room slowly fills in, mostly with dudes, a couple other girls, all so painfully young. And that makes sense, this is an undergrad class, but Maggie’s 26 years feel ancient surrounded by these all bros. They all seem to be a type: the kind of bro who wears sweatpants and sports sandals and eats dry cereal from to-go coffee cups while bragging about parties and girls and fake IDs.

Maggie wonders if this was a mistake.

But then the instructor walks in.

And, oh, she’s gorgeous.

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Happy Dancing

It was sad yet beautiful.

Maggie was drinking from the bottle, it was scotch.

She looked over at Alex and smiled passing her the bottle.

Maggie then switched the depressing music to some good old dance music.

The music they always danced to when either of them needed cheering up.

Maggie started to dance round the middle of the room before offering out her hand for Alex to take.

Neither of them needed to say anything, Alex smiles and happily grabbed Maggie’s hand.

Maggie pulled her girlfriend into the middle of the room, they both twirled each other round, and they both laugh into each other’s arms.

Maggie is always the happiest when she’s with Alex.

They continue to laugh and dance, until the stop dancing.

Maggie pulls Alex in close, holding her in her arms and kissing her softly.

Alex tucks Maggie’s fallen hair behind her ear.

“I love you.”

“You too, forever.” Alex grins

Maggie slowly starts to remove her girlfriends top, pulling her to the bed. Their bed. By the time the both arrived at their bed they both had the tops and bra’s off.

Before they both even attempted to get on the bed the both dropped their pants to the floor.

“We don’t have to do anything.” Maggie smiled holding Alex close to her.

She knew sometimes Alex just needed and wanted to feel the closeness of their body’s against each other.

“But don’t you want to have sex?”

“Oh Alex, my Alex.” Maggie smiled stroking the side of Alex’s face.  "You are truly the love of my life, all I care about is being with you, wether that’s having sex or just laying with each other or even dancing around the living room in our pyjamas. I just want to be with you.“  

Alex smiled with some releif.

“Babe, It’s okay I promise.” Maggie smiled with her eyes

“I think I’m just too anxious to do anything, I just want to lay with you.”

“Come on.”

Maggie lay down on the bed and waited for Alex to lay down in front of her which she did immediately.

Maggie tangled her legs round Alex and wrapped her arms round her too.

The warmth of Maggie’s body up against her own just made her feel at home, she wished they could stay like this forever.

Maggie suddenly asks with hesitation in her voice

“You do still want to marry me, right?”

“Of course I do! Why would you think otherwise?”

“You said you were anxious and I thought you meant about me.”

“Oh my beautiful Maggie. No. Not you, not you in the slightest, I love you and Can’t wait until you become my wife.”

“Then why are you anxious Al? Come on what did we say about keeping our feelings down? It’s no longer an option for either of us and you know it.”

“I know, it’s me, I’m scared.”

“Off what?”

“Getting it wrong, saying my vows wrong, getting tongue tied. It’s silly I know, I just…I want our wedding to be-”

“-perfect. I know, me too. But Alex I promise you it’s okay to my anxious or even nervous and if any one of us are going to get tongue tied. It will defiantly be me.” Maggie smiled as she held Alex closer

“Why are you so amazing?”

“It’s a valuable skill I have.” Maggie replied making Alex giggle

“It certainly is.” Alex turned over looking at Maggie in her eyes

There was a silence for not more than a minute before Maggie kissed Alex, it was long and soft and made Alex feel warm inside as it always did when they kissed.

Alex Kissed Maggie on her nose, making her giggle, and that laugh, that cute, adorable laugh always made Alex smile. It was something about Maggie’s laugh that always made Alex smile.

“I love you Maggie Sawyer”

“And I love you Alex Danvers.”

Basketball is the one the Touchdowns, Right?

Well my basketball team lost miserably tonight so I thought something good should come out of it. 

Show: Supergirl

Couple: Sanvers, of course!

Alex doesn’t know anything about sports.

She had always been more interested in books and science. And Kara wasn’t allowed to play because Eliza was scared Kara would accidentally hulk out on the other kids.

But Alex loved Maggie and Maggie loved basketball.

So when their two month anniversary came around, Alex decided to get Maggie tickets for the National City Lions game. Well, actually Winn got them for her because Alex didn’t even know what a good seat would be.

“I was able to get two rows back from the sideline,” Winn said as he handed them to Alex at work one day. He had a huge, accomplished smile on his face so Alex guessed that was good.

That night, Alex let herself into Maggie’s apartment and began cooking dinner before Maggie got home from work. She was making steak and potatoes, Maggie’s favorite.

When Maggie walked in, the first thing she noticed was her sexy girlfriend (of course), turned around at the stove, a giant, goofy smile on her face. Then she noticed the giant bouquet of flowers placed neatly into a glass vase in the middle of her island counter.

“What’s this?” Maggie asked, filled with so much happiness, she thought her heart might explode. She could get used to walking in on this.

Maggie walked over to Alex and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend’s neck, a wide, dimpled smile on her face.

Alex loved the way that Maggie showed all her emotion through her eyes. They were like reading deep into Maggie’s soul and Alex could get lost in the pages forever.

“Happy two month anniversary!” Alex said, waving her arms up in the air in excitement.

“Oh, Danvers, you never cease to amaze me,” Maggie said, giving her girlfriend a gentle kiss.

“You should read the card on the flowers,” Alex hinted.

One eyebrow raised in curiosity, Maggie walked over to the flowers and plucked the little envelope off the stand in the middle of the bouquet. She opened the envelope, but instead of a card, two folded pieces of paper came out and landed on the table. Maggie picked them up and opened them and when she saw what they said, her eyes opened wide in excitement.

“Are you serious?!” Maggie was elated. She had never gotten such a thoughtful and incredible present. “Do you know how good these seats are? Alex, please tell me you didn’t spend a fortune on these!”

It filled Alex to know she could make Maggie that happy. She would pay anything to see her girlfriend this excited. “Winn knows computer things and got them discounted. I don’t really know how,” she chuckled.

Maggie ran to her girlfriend and jumped into her arms, wrapping her legs around Alex. Alex caught her girlfriend and they immediately connected lips, tongues dueling in a fervent battle as Alex stumbled backward until she was against the kitchen table. She reached backward and knocked off the table places she had set. She let Maggie fall down against her until they were both lying on the table. And needless to say, the steak was very well done that night.

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Lena’s First Game Night

Lena Luthor does not shy away from challenges.

She’s tackled hostile business men – perhaps not literally (that’s her new girlfriend’s job), but effectively – and she’s survived her mother (enough said).

But this? This overly-casual invite from Kara?

“You don’t have to, you know, I know how busy you are, but if you wanted to, I’d love you to get to know everyone, but you know, you don’t have to – “

“Don’t be ridiculous, Kara, of course I’d love to spend more time with your friends.”

This sends her into a spiral that has her digging into her purse for her anti-anxiety medication, because she wasn’t lying when she told Kara that she was her only friend in National City.

But she was exaggerating slightly; because Kara was her only friend… anywhere.

So this idea? This idea of taking off her CEO blazer and fuck-me pumps to sit on a throw blanket with Kara and her sister and her sister’s girlfriend and their best friends – their family – and play board games and Mario Kart like she’s not horrific? Like she’s not vile?

Like she’s not a Luthor?

This idea is at once the nicest, kindest, sweetest thing anyone has ever proposed to her; and also the most terrifying.

Maggie knows, and Maggie talks her way past Jess: it’s not that hard, she just mentions Pam from HR and their outing the other night when Jess had that late meeting, and when it becomes clear that Maggie had no love for arresting Lena earlier; when it becomes clear that she’s concerned about her girlfriend’s kid sister’s girlfriend (”queer girl geography, right?” she jokes), Jess lets her through.

“Here to escort me out of my own building in handcuffs again, Detective Sawyer?” Lena glances up, holding in the amount hostility she’d normally show for Kara’s sake.

“Here to escort you to your girlfriend’s place for game night, actually.” Lena looks up from her paperwork with a slightly furrowed brow, and Maggie puts left hand under her lip briefly.

“Look, I… I didn’t have much by way of family. Before National City. Before Alex. And now… it’s scary. It’s scary, having people who just… accept you without an agenda, and want you to come eat potstickers and play crappy 90s board games in your socks on their living room floor, especially when they’re all already…”

“Family,” Lena supplies, skepticism still in her voice but shocked warmth growing in her eyes.

“Yeah. But Kara… Kara’s wild about you, Lena, and I… Here’s the thing. I understand what it’s like to feel like you don’t deserve a Danvers girl. But instead of beating myself up about it, I just try to earn it – earn her, earn Alex – every day. And I know you do the same for Kara. And she wants you there tonight, Lena. No one’s going to test you, no one’s going to ask you to prove yourself.”

Lena tries to swallow the tears stinging her eyes – she’s deeply unfamiliar with this feeling – and she bites her bottom lip slightly, at a loss for words.

“Unless you try to verse Winn in Mario Kart. He will try to crush you.”

Lena laughs, softly but irrepressibly, and Maggie grins. “Yes, he would be competitive about that sort of thing, wouldn’t he?”

Maggie nods and shoves her hands deep in her pockets. “I know Kara was gonna pick you up to take you over to her place, but I just… I don’t know. I could have used a pep talk from someone that wasn’t my girlfriend before my first game night with the squad, so… consider yourself pep talked.”

If Lena is expecting Maggie to ask anything in return – to hold anything over her for her kindness – she’s mistaken, because by the time she and Kara slip into an already full apartment about an hour later, Maggie greets her warmly from the floor, from Alex’s arms, but doesn’t give any indication that they’d just talked. Doesn’t give any indication that she’d just reached out to try to be Lena’s… friend.

“James Olsen,” James shakes her hand near the door with a small smile, and Lena gulps almost imperceptibly.

“A Pulitzer Prize winner, I daresay I know who you are, Mr. Olsen.” Also Kara’s ex. The pit in her stomach grows wider, but James smiles broadly.

“It’s just James,” he assures her, and pulls Kara into a hug.

“I’m happy for you,” he whispers, and she kisses his cheek while still holding Lena’s hand. Or, more accurately, while Lena keeps her hand in a vice-like grip.

She’s already met Alex, Winn, and Maggie, so none of them bother getting up, all engrossed in some sort of card game that has Winn screaming something about cheating and index fingers and unfairness in between waving enthusiastically at Lena.

She perches on the couch in front of them all as Kara sinks back in the pillows.

“It’s okay, Lena, you can relax. I promise,” she whispers, and Lena melts and leans back into her.

Alex glances up and grins.

“I hope your thumbs are ready for war,” she says, and Lena blanches slightly. Maggie leans her head back into Alex’s shoulder so she can meet Lena’s eyes.

“She means Mario Kart.”

“Winn takes it very seriously.”

“Hey, so does Kara, it’s not just me!”

“Oh please, Schott, you almost gave Maggie a bloody nose with your flailing last week!”

“The key word is almost, Danvers!”

“Yeah Alex, no need to take out my tech man with some index finger trick just because your girl’s face got in the way of his maneuvering – sorry Maggie – “

“Not at all, Olsen, I’ll just make sure to toss some turtle shells at you – “

“You wouldn’t – “

“Try me!”

Kara laughs along with the banter, and Lena just tries to follow it all. Kara watches her carefully, a soft smile on her face. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she kisses her cheek, and James smiles affectionately and nudges Winn.

“We’re outnumbered, man.”

Winn laughs happily and tosses aside his cards – he would never admit it to Alex, but he was losing anyway – to set up Mario Kart as Alex takes the opportunity of Kara’ diverted attention to kiss Maggie senseless.

Between Winn’s excited yelling and wild gesturing, James’s cheering a squinting, focused Kara on, and Maggie’s cheering a pursed-lips, focused Alex on, none of them notice immediately.

None of them notice immediately that Lena is silent but Lena is determined. That Lena’s expression is set, is fire, is blazing with the shock of being surrounded by people who love having her there, who toss their arms around her to grab more popcorn easily, who make sure she’s getting enough to eat, to drink.

Who only ignore her when they’re focusing on driving their Mario Kart characters forward.

Who notice her – who care – at every moment except exactly when she wants to be stealthy. When she wants to sneak up behind all of them, perfectly calculated to pull ahead with a burst of speed just on the last lap, with a brilliantly timed maneuver that puts her strategically-chosen Toad kart ahead of everyone else’s for a first-place win.

Kara beams and bounces on her seat and squeals because if she can’t win, then her girlfriend definitely should; Alex tosses down her controller and exchanges a slack-jawed expression of begrudging admiration with Winn; and James and Maggie try their very hardest not to giggle, not to tease Kara, Alex, and Winn over the ultimate Mario Kart upset.

Lena smiles nervously into the silence and shrugs. “It’s all about strategy, isn’t it?”

She gulps and she fights down panic and she fights down agony because maybe she shouldn’t have won. Maybe they accepted her only before she stole their spotlight, their rush.

But then Alex is leaning in and Alex is grinning and Alex is more than the hardcore, take-no-prisoners agent that unflinchingly and single-handedly blew up Lena’s mother’s most updated facility, because Alex is congratulating her and Alex is, “Okay, you’re definitely coming to this every week. Anyone who can make Winn lose like that? Definitely a keeper.”

She squeezes her sister’s knee and Kara beams and practically tackles Alex with a hug and Maggie nudges Lena softly while James and Winn egg on the tickle fight that ensues.

“Our Danvers girls, huh?”

Lena fights down tears again, worn out Play Station controller still in her hands. But this time, the tears aren’t anxiety or disbelief or distrust.

This time, the tears are just happy.

“Our Danvers girls, indeed.”

Who gets the gun?

Alex: No

Maggie: ok, but what if you live to be like 120 and then you pass away peacefully in your sleep, then can I have it?

Alex: The answer is still no.

Maggie: Oh, come on. Do you plan on being buried with it?

Alex: I might if you don’t stop coming up with scenarios where I die just so you can be bequeathed my gun.

Maggie: that’s not fair, you didn’t die in atleast two of them.

Alex: Yes but in both of those I either lost an arm or a hand so I couldn’t use it. So you know what I’m not going to be buried with it, I will just have Kara put it up on high shelf where you can’t reach it.

Maggie: That was uncalled for.

Alex packs her suitcase five days before their vacation. Maggie thinks it’s adorable, how Alex makes a checklist of items she needs to pack, how she checkmarks them off one by one as she sets them next to her suitcase. And then Alex sits on their bed, folding each article of clothing with extreme care (she even refolds a few shirts because she hadn’t gotten them just right). When she finally looks up and asks Maggie if she needs help packing hers, Maggie just grins and shakes her head.

Alex quickly finds out that Maggie has an entirely different method - or rather, definition - of packing. Alex uses the word ‘packing’ loosely, though, staring at the frenzied movements Maggie is making to and from her closet every few minutes. It’s the night before their trip; over the last few days, Alex has concernedly reminded Maggie she hasn’t packed yet, and she’s just now decided to get around to doing it.

Maggie is taking random shirts off of hangers and throwing them towards her suitcase, followed by underwear and a few pairs of jeans, and then tosses a pair of shoes over as an afterthought. She tries to stuff them all into the suitcase, unfolded, and Alex just watches her wide-eyed. Maggie tries to zip the suitcase but the zipper won’t budge, and suddenly Alex is watching her huff and sit on her suitcase to get it to shut. She looks up and meets Alex’s eyes with a triumphant grin.

When Maggie wakes up in the morning, she slowly squints her eyes open to see that the other side of the bed is empty. She glances around their bedroom, and her eyes fall on Alex, who is currently sitting on the floor with Maggie’s suitcase open. She scrunches her forehead, wonders what in the world Alex is doing with her suitcase, and then she notices: Alex lifts one of the shirts Maggie had haphazardly thrown into the suitcase to her nose, inhales the scent of Maggie’s perfume still clinging to it. And then Alex’s lips twitch into a smile and she folds the shirt, sets it down in a pile of other folded clothes.

She doesn’t stir, not wanting Alex to know just yet that she’s woken up. Alex is staring into her suitcase with the utmost concentration, then gets up off the floor and heads into the bathroom. A minute later, she’s walking back towards the suitcase with Maggie’s hairbrush, shampoo, and razor in her arms. She’s careful when she places the items in Maggie’s suitcase, tries to be as quiet as she can so she doesn’t wake her up.

Maggie beams, and she can’t help it; she’s not used to being with someone who cares about her this much, someone who puts thought into their relationship, someone who actually pays great attention and detail to her. She’s not used to being with someone this perfect. She’s not used to feeling this loved.

Missing Phone and Home

“Come on, Maggie! Kara and James are already waiting for us!”

Maggie groans from her bedroom and Winn exchanges an arched eyebrow with Alex.

“You alright in there, babe?” Alex calls.

“I can’t find my phone!”

Maggie’s voice is muffled, and Winn leans into Alex.

“She sounds like she’s… is she checking under her bed?”

Alex snorts. “Pfft, no, why would her phone be there?”

“Babe, do you remember if I took it out of my pocket last night before we – “

“I’m calling you right now, hold on!” Alex cuts her off, a blush rising in her face as Winn’s smirk grows.

“Nice work, Danvers,” he mutters, and Alex smacks him lightly, gently, affectionately, on the back of the head, but her own pleased grin gives her away.

She dials Maggie’s number and Maggie appears in her bedroom doorway, head cocked to the side, waiting for the call to go through.

John Legend’s Save Room starts blasting through the apartment from somewhere near the couch, and Maggie bites her lip with wide eyes as Winn awes and Alex blushes and bends to scoop the phone out from between the cushions.

“Babe – “ She says when she glances at it, and Maggie closes her eyes like she’s waiting to be hit, like she’s thinking she’s done something so stupid; like she’s thinking she forgot something, and that something might destroy everything.

Alex stares down at the caller ID picture of herself on Maggie’s phone – a beautiful shot, one that James took at game night a few weeks ago, Alex with her face frozen in laughter, holding Maggie’s hand and leaning into Kara’s shoulder – but that’s not what has her attention, what’s made the blood rush from her face.

The picture isn’t what’s tearing Maggie’s stomach into knots and making Winn stare between them, completely unaware of what’s happening, wondering if he’s going to need to call Supergirl and Guardian.

“I’m sorry, Danvers, I’ll change it, I know it’s probably uncomfortable, I – “

Winn leans over Alex’s shoulder just before her call goes to voicemail. “Maggie, no, that picture’s beautiful, why – oh. Oh.” He stares between them now, and he knows what Maggie’s afraid of. But he also knows Alex, and he knows Maggie has no reason to be apologizing, no reason to be scared.

“No, Maggie, I…” Alex holds up Maggie’s phone numbly, even though the screen’s faded to black by now. “You have my cell number listed as Home.”

Maggie lowers her gaze and licks her lips. “Like I said, Danvers, I’ll change it, I’m sorry, I – “

Alex is across the room before Maggie can say anything else, and she’s lifting her chin up with gentle, gentle fingers. “No. No, no. You’re not reading me right, I… I’m not angry, I’m… I love it, Maggie. That I’m…”

“My home,” Maggie supplies in a soft, tentative, terrified voice, and Alex’s smile has never been more tender.

“Why… why would I be upset about something so… beautiful?”

Maggie shrugs and tries to look away again. “It’s clingy, it’s – “

“No,” Alex corrects gently. “No, it’s not. It’s amazing. You’re amazing. I… I want to be your home, Maggie, I want to give you that. I want to give you everything, because you… you deserve everything. And I… I want to build mine with you. My home. If you want.”

Maggie is silent for the longest of moments, trying desperately not to cry, trying desperately not to weep.

“You getting soft on me, Danvers?”

Alex laughs and it’s the best sound Maggie’s ever heard.

“When you’re done proposing to each other, any chance we can go meet Kara and James at the brunch place? Kara’s blowing up my phone with texts, and I’m pretty sure if we don’t get there soon, she’ll fly in here and forcibly carry us or something. You know how she gets when she’s hungry.”

Alex laughs again but doesn’t turn around, her eyes still locked in Maggie’s. She kisses her knuckles before turning and tossing one arm around Winn’s shoulder and the other around Maggie’s.

“Tell Kara we’ll be there in ten.”

“And to get extra nachos when she inevitably orders the entire left side of the menu.”

“Mmm, I love how well you know my sister.”

“Do you two just… wanna text her yourselves? Or keep… making out… right next to… me… How can you walk while you’re doing that? Is it some kind of special lesbian superpower? Okay you know what, I’ll just be over here.”

Alex tousles Winn’s hair without looking at him as she and Maggie come up for air and press their foreheads together softly.

Being such an obvious third wheel has never left Winn feeling so happy, so peaceful.

Because their joy is infectious.

Because he’s not really a third wheel, because they are his family.

Because really, they’re his home, too.

Sanvers Week Day 1 - Intimacy.

Alex Danvers said she never liked being intimate with other people. People other than Kara. But since Maggie Sawyer came into her life, and since Maggie Sawyer became her girlfriend? Alex Danvers would die without the intimacy between her and her girlfriend.

Maggie had asked her about it, if she’s okay with holding hands, or hugging, or kissing, and some other stuff… She was hesitant at first, she didn’t know, if it was really her thing. But Maggie said it was okay. And they went slow. God did they went slow.

And now?

Now, they’re all in each other’s spaces every game night. They’re all over each other whenever they go out for dinner with the family.

But their favorite thing about intimacy between them?

It’s the little things.

Maggie does all these little things when Alex is asleep.

Yes, they’re sleeping next to each other, so obviously it’s intimate.

But it’s more than that.

It’s how Maggie traces Alex’s back before they sleep.

It’s how Maggie wrote ‘I love you’ on Alex’s forearm, before she was brave enough to say it out loud.

It’s how Maggie sooths her hand in Alex’s hair after Alex is asleep.

It’s how Maggie looks at her girlfriend when she herself can’t sleep.

It’s how Maggie make sure to cover up her girlfriend cause Alex has a habit of kicking the sheets off in the middle of the night.

It’s how Maggie draws random things on Alex’s hand when she’s thinking.

It’s all these random tiny little signs of intimacy that Alex love.

Alex, on the other hand, does these little things as well, but in public.

It’s how Alex put her hand at the small of Maggie’s back when they’re out.

It’s how Alex slings her arm around Maggie’s shoulder every time there’s a girl approaching either one of them.

It’s how Alex pulls back Maggie for one last kiss every time before they go apart for work.

It’s how Alex rests her hand on Maggie’s thigh when they’re at the bar talking with their friends.

It’s how Alex swipes her thumb up and down Maggie’s whenever they’re holding hands.

It’s how Alex likes to touch Maggie’s elbow every time they kiss.

It’s how Alex plays with Maggie’s hair whenever she’s reading with her glasses on.

It’s all of these things. These little things. And also some big things.

Like their “I love you” and their random “I miss you” texts every day.

Like their kiss whenever they haven’t seen each other for more than half a day.

Like their lunch dates and movie nights.

Like their hugs and cuddles and kisses and love.

All of these things that they made a habit off, is absolutely everything that Alex could ever wish for in a relationship.

Intimacy that even she couldn’t resist.

(First attempt on a sanvers minific cause i’m such a trash for these two <3 Be nice and hopefully our ship captain @queercapwriting approves XD) 

stock photo surprise

“Hey babe?” Maggie walks, head tilted in confusion, into the bathroom where Alex is brushing her teeth. Maggie’s holding Alex’s wallet in her right hand, her eyebrows drawn together. “Why do you have all these stock photos in your wallet?”

Alex looks over, her mouth full of toothpaste. Just a moment before she’d called through the door for Maggie to please do her a favor and make sure the Costco card was in her wallet. Kara has a card too but she always forgets to bring hers, so Maggie knows that Alex always double checks before their big shopping trips.

Alex makes a questioning noise around her toothbrush.

Maggie opens up the wallet – not the small one that Alex uses every day, not the small black (totally gay) billfold. This is her real, larger wallet, with her frozen yogurt rewards cards and FBI business cards and a bunch of other crap.

In the middle, in those cheesy plastic sheets, are a series of photos. Most people have pictures of their kids or their spouses, maybe a dog. But Alex has just a series of stock photos, each encased in a little plastic sleeve to keep it safe.

“You’ve got a picture of a dog wearing glasses, then one of test tubes, then a telescope, and then we’ve got what looks like…the solar system? And this last one is a leather jacket. Like, I know you like dogs and science and space and leather, but, this is a little extreme, isn’t it, Danvers?”

Alex grins at her, and a little bit of toothpaste threatens to dribble past her lips. She holds up a finger, and Maggie waits patiently for her to spit and rinse.

She dries her face with a towel and turns to Maggie, resting her hip against the countertop. “It’s uh, not exactly just cause I like space,” she says, toying with her shirt a little bit.

Maggie tilts her head again, wondering why Alex looks so nervous all the sudden.

“It’s just…I can’t have pictures of my family like everyone else does, in case I get captured. I can’t have anything that will put my family in danger of being targeted, and especially not anything that would lead back to Kara.”

Maggie’s heart both swells and shrinks. Of course, of course if Alex were captured she’d be most concerned about everyone else. That’s so completely insane and so completely Alex, and Maggie just loves her.

Alex keeps going, like she hasn’t just said something so heart wrenching.

“But I like the idea of having pictures of my family, so…”

And Maggie gets it, then. “So these pictures represent them.” Her voice is soft and reverent. She flicks back to the first one, and looks at them all again with new eyes. “The golden retriever puppy with the glasses, that’s obviously Kara. And the test tubes, that’s gotta be your mom, right?”

Alex nods.

“The telescope, is that your dad?”

Alex nods again, her eyes softer. “He’d pull this huge one out on the porch sometimes when I was young, and we’d spend hours just looking at the stars.”

Maggie can’t even handle how that makes her feel, because Jeremiah is still being held by Cadmus and Alex still misses him so much and they still don’t have confirmation that he survived after Alex blew up that building before nearly being shot across the galaxy.

“And the solar system?”

Alex smiles, the trace of grief lifting from her face. “J’onn,” she says simply, and Maggie grins at her.


Maggie flips to the last picture. “And the leather jacket’s gotta be you. You know, I didn’t really take you for the wallet selfie type, Danvers,” she deadpans.

But Alex turns redder and fidgets more and gets more nervous and doesn’t quite meet Maggie’s eye.

“Um, no, it’s not…me.” Her voice is hesitant, and Maggie wonders what she’s so scared of.

“It’s, um…” she takes a breath, then settles, looking up into Maggie’s eyes with a spark of firmness. “It’s you.”

And Maggie is flooded with…something. Something warm, something fierce, something possessive. She hasn’t felt like this in years; maybe not since Emily, maybe not since she was fourteen.

Someone loves her. Someone loves her enough to want a picture of her in their wallet. Someone loves her enough to want to carry a picture of her around with them to Costco and to the movies and to work and to the bar.

Alex wants to carry a piece of Maggie around with her, to keep her as close as she keeps Kara and her parents and her space dad.

Alex only has pictures of her family in that wallet.

Maggie is Alex’s family.

Maggie presses the wallet closed, and she presses her body into Alex’s, and she presses their lips together, and she feels wanted and she feels seen in ways she can’t even believe.

A couple months later, when Alex is having some serious cramps and Maggie is trying to find her frozen yogurt punch card, she sees that Alex has added one more picture.

A pool table, with all the stripes still out on the table, but all the solids in the pockets.

“Al,” Maggie calls into the bedroom, “babe, I know you’re hurting, and I love you more than anything, but this pool table picture in your wallet is grounds for a very messy breakup.”

And Alex, her family, from under the covers, just cackles.

[also in “Mean Peach Mojito” AO3 with all my other sanvers minifics]