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Sanvers, Danvers Sisters, & Supercorp 3x02 Fix It Fics

Maggie and Alex plan their wedding with the very excited Superfam –

The Kids Conversation™ -

Kara’s greatest fear is losing Alex –

Kara remembers being completely trapped and alone –

Psi affects Alex and makes her suffer her worst fears (ft. supportive Kara and Maggie) –

Kara apologizes to Lena (ft. The Reveal and their first kiss) –

Alex and Maggie realize what they’re actually fighting about (re: DJ vs. a band) –

Kara and Alex comfort each other through reflections about their respective panic attack histories –

Maggie comforts Kara in the bank vault –

Alex and Maggie… enjoy their mornings together –

Winn assures Kara she has nothing to be ashamed of, because he knows a bit about panic attacks himself –

Lena finds Kara in the elevator and helps her out of her panic attack –

Bonus –

Underrated 3x02 Line –

Supergirl 3x02 “Triggers” liveblog

Too much Mon-El already

OMG  sanvers making out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same Eve same

Lena doesn’t like salmon *jots that down

Where is Jess tho? Is she really running L-Corp in Lena’s absence? Is that canon now?

But I like L-Corp. Are we not gonna be there anymore? Sad

They text, James. ALL THE TIME. With heart emojis

Um Kara you can’t blow Lena off like that she’s your boss and more importantly your wife

Sanvers fighting over Winn!!!

BAND! Obviously

I’m sorry “jiggy”?

Psi is hot. Kara, also hot

Maggie is comforting Kara!!! More please

Kaa had “episodes” possibly panic attacks when she first came to earth

Ruining Mom’s first day at work? Not cool, kid. what about all that money? She’s going to work at L-Corp or Catco right?

How does Snapper feel about this change in management (angry I bet)

Oh no, Lena, James be friends not…anything else at all. I can’t tell if Lena is annoyed or impressed. Possibly both

Uh Kara watch the mustang please! It hasn’t done anything wrong (other than gas guzzling)

Someone please play with this girl. She obviously needs a friend

*Jonn’s psychic powers continue to be useless. Me: *shocked

I feel like i’m in a fucking video game

“My pod got knocked off course…” No shit

Alex is so suspicious

Why Winn and not Alex? Are you guys besties again?

Yeah! Fuck Stephanie Harrison!

“You know how many people in this world want to have superpowers?” *slowly raises my hand*

Oh no. oh no oh no oh no

“You don’t have to hide from me, Kara.”

Oh shit oh no.

*bitch mode activated*

Their first fight. I hate this. Lena is right tho, get it together, Kara.

Oh that was painful

Um Kara, your shirt, honey

Oh no a panic attack!

Holy shit, Kara really? Really? You just had to make a hole in the whole building?

Please talk to your sister, I need it

What the fuck was wrong with that elevator tho? Go mf GO!

I need Kara and Lena to talk and make up (and kiss) by the end of this episode


Alex is so sexy and cute. How?

Is Sam talking to Lena? I think, she is. Are they dating? Kara better shape up

Uuuuuh i hate kids. Stop being a brat. Your mom is gonna lose it

KRYPTONIAN MEDITATION!!!! YASSSS! #rememberkaraiskryptonian2017

Finally some sister time

“new and horrible* yep accurate

Alex to Kara: “You got me.”   me: *cries an entire river*

HUG!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSS!! *cries a whole nother river*

Okay, but why did it have to be snakes tho? Why is it always snakes?

This kid is really starting to bug me. Its like she wants her mom to go evil. Chill girl chill

Oh good a fucked up nuresery rythm


I wish, but no, Kara, he’s fine. Unfortunately

A+ to the Danvers sisters moment, F to the heavy mention of Mon-El

A headbutt, Kara? A little dramatic, but okay.

I’m sorry to say I’m underwhelmed by Psi. Thought she’d be cooler, maybe a recurring villain

“I’m Alex, your cool new stepmom.”

Oh shit sanvers not now. Not yet. I can’t take it



They hugged :)

Oh god Sam is here, I knew it! FUck!

What? She’s what? Taking over L-Corp? NOOOO! I love Lena at L-Corp

Haha me as Sam trying to figure out if I have superpowers

No. Please no to whatever this is with Lena and James


Jonn drinking alone…FIELD TRIP TO MARS!

Morning Routines (Sanvers)

“Taking the opening scene farther then what they showed?” promt from @sanvers-endgame and “Sanvers morning time ;)“ from @hunseckerde and “I second the above + an extension of the morning domestic scene because it was SO CUTE” from @two-x-chromosomes and “That sanvers opening scene and what happened before… 🙄” from @figuringoutme4me 

The sex is anything but routine, but it is… frequent enough to be something of a habit.

Because Alex has never really thought of herself as a sexual being, but now?

Now, she curls her body back into Maggie’s, pulls Maggie’s body back into hers, preening when Maggie kisses the back of her neck, moaning softly, sleepily, at the taste of Maggie’s skin when she does the same in reverse.

Now, she whines in disappointment when Maggie has to rush into the precinct without going down on her first.

Now, she writhes groggily and she buries her hands in Maggie’s hair as Maggie’s tongue drags across her clit, slips inside her body. 

Now, she giggles as Maggie kisses her way up Alex’s half-dressed form, shirt still on from the night before, but shorts long-since abandoned. 

Now, she sighs as sunlight traipses into the room as Maggie reaches across her body to lace their fingers together, both of them stopping to admire the way their rings look next to each other.

“I’m gonna be your wife,” Alex greets, her voice full of gravel from a night of not talking, because their morning language is more body than verbal, more action than words.

“Mmmm, that you are, Danvers,” Maggie murmurs into her skin. “Would you like your future wife to lick you until you come again, then?”

Alex giggles and blushes and writhes all at the same time.

Maggie giggles and flips herself on top of Alex and they kiss, noses and chins and cheeks and foreheads and lips.

“Yes please,” Alex prays with a soft smile, and Maggie kisses her mouth longer, softer, deeper, before venturing back down her body.

“May I?” she asks when her tongue skims the hem of Alex’s shirt, and Alex moans lazily, contentedly.

“Yes please,” she repeats, arching her body up so Maggie can tug her shirt off.

“You sure you wanna marry me, Danvers? Because god, your badassness, your kindness, your genius? With this body? You could have anyone you damn well please.”

Alex lets her head drop back onto her pillow – their pillow – and runs her fingertips through Maggie’s hair, over her shoulders, holding her hands.

“Lucky for you I have the only woman I want, then,” she breathes, and Maggie’s eyes well with tears.

“You getting soft on me, Sawyer?”

Maggie grins wickedly and kisses Alex’s navel. “Shush and spread your legs for me, Danvers.”

Alex bites her lip in feigned concern. “Pretty sure if I spread my legs for you, I won’t be able to shush, Detective,” she flirts. 

Her seduction becomes a high-pitched shriek-giggle when Maggie tickles her sides, pressing kisses anywhere, everywhere.

“I love you, Maggie Sawyer,” Alex tells her when they both finally stop giggling.

She tells her again when they make each other coffee. (”Doesn’t taste as good as you do.”)

When they make each other breakfast. (”Dry double toasted. Again. Gross.”)

When they help each other find their jackets, their boots, hastily shrugged off, kicked off, the night before, in their mad rush to be in each other’s arms. (”How did they get there?”)

As they leave her apartment – their apartment – hand in hand.

“I love you too, Alex Danvers. Forever,” Maggie reminds her before she sets off for the precinct, and Alex knows that her sister is the one with the superpowers, but she swears she floats the entire way to the DEO.

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  • The Flash 4x02: both westallen and Cisco and Gypsy almost break-up
  • LoT 3x02: flashback of Amaya and Nate break up
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Sanvers 3x02 // Calzona 11x05

So, Should I be sobbing with joy (One Day at a time reference) or be pissed for Sanvers lovemaking scene?

Of course I am pissed.

Because the last time there was a scene like that in a tv show, my OTP broke up. And yes, I’m talking about Calzona in 11x05. Yes, Sanvers didn’t broke up . But it’s a matter of episodes


Sanvers - We Can’t Be Together (+3x05)


I don’t know what to say…

This couple means so much to me.

For the first time in my whole life, I was really feeling represented and I was really finding an amazing example of a healthy lesbian relationship.

Sanvers changed me and will always mean the world to me.

I’ll be forever grateful to Floriana and Chyler for bringing Sanvers to life.

P.S. Sanvers fans, if you need any kind of help, if you need to talk or anything…just, reach out. There are so many of us, there’s no need to be (or feel) alone ❤ I’m here, as many anothers. Feel free to write me whenever you want/need.

Subscribe, like,comment…do whatever you want, just, please, do not repost as yours, thank you

The Kids Conversation™

“An actually reasonable and in character conversation about kids that doesn’t end in a breakup, maybe?” prompt from @skygriffins and basically the entire rest of the fandom.

She’s seen the photos from when they were teenagers: Alex and Kara.

And – smiling or unrelentingly serious – Alex always looks ready.

Ready to protect Kara. 

Ready to make her laugh.

Ready to make her feel good, to make her feel special.

And she’s wonderful with Adrian. 

And she’s seen her here and there with kids coming in and out of the precinct.

She always lowers her body to be on their eye level, but somehow never manages to be condescending about it.

Her voice changes when she talks to them, but just a little. 

A little more sunshine and a lot less hurricane.

Still Alex.

Still beautiful. 

Still… perfect.

But Maggie’s never brought it up, never imagined Alex would want kids of her own.

She basically raised Kara.

Maggie can’t imagine Alex wanting to put her life on hold to raise another kid.

So she assumes.

She assumes, and she probably shouldn’t have.

Because when she sees Alex with Ruby, it warms her heart.

Because she loves discovering all of her fiancee’s secret talents. 

She loves learning every little thing there is to learn about Alex Danvers.

But then Alex makes the comment. 

About when they have kids one day.

When, not if.

And Maggie seizes up.

She doesn’t want to.

But she can’t help it.

She seizes up and she wants to surrender then and there.

Because of course this is too good to be true.

Of course Alex was always going to leave eventually.

Or, more precisely, Maggie was always going to destroy them eventually.

Alex says they should discuss it, and they need to. They do.

But Maggie shrugs it off, because their lifetime of firsts – and whether or not that includes children – is important.

But more important, right now, is the child, now woman, that Alex has already raised.

“Go be with Kara,” she tells her. “I’ll see you when you get home.”

And Alex kisses her, and she smiles, but both the kiss and the smile are close-lipped.

Alex heads home to Kara.

Maggie heads home to her heavy bag.

She lays into it hard and long and painful, and she barely has the energy to take a shower.

She doesn’t bother putting on anything but boxers and a tank top.

Alex’s tank top.

Might as well wear her fiancee’s clothes while she still can.

While Alex is still her fiancee.

She passes out on the couch, face down, stomach down, before she realizes she’s falling asleep.

It’s sunrise by the time the door cracks open.

Sunrise by the time Alex kneels beside the couch, sweeps Maggie’s hair away from the nape of her neck, and kisses her newly-exposed skin.

“Couldn’t make it all the way to the bed, beautiful?”

The affection in Alex’s voice makes Maggie want to run.

It’ll end sooner or later anyway. 

“We need to talk,” she sits up, pushing up on her hands, her voice both groggy and sharp. “But how’s Kara?”

“Sleeping. She took the morning off to rest, she… you’re right. We need to talk.”

Maggie rubs sleep from her eyes.

“Tea and agave,” Alex asks, but it’s more of a statement.

“I love you,” Maggie responds gratefully, before realizing that love might not be enough. Before realizing that her world might be about to crumble apart.


They don’t speak as Alex puts the kettle on, making a coffee for herself and a tea for Maggie.

They don’t speak until Alex sits back down on the couch, shifted toward Maggie so their knees are touching.

“So,” Alex starts, sipping and flinching because it’s too hot, too much, too fast. She tries not to think of it as a metaphor. “You don’t see yourself as a mom.”

Maggie shakes her head. “It’s just never been something I wanted. And it’s not… it’s not because of my parents, it’s not because of some trauma or… I’m not broken or anything, I – “

“I didn’t say you were, Maggie,” Alex interrupts softly, and Maggie tries to take a deep breath. 

“But you do. Want kids.”

Alex sits back and sighs and blows on her coffee, staring over the rim of her mug at her fiancee.

“I mean… not now. Eventually, I always figured. I mean… back before I came out, before I realized I’m a lesbian, I… I guess I just figured I’d raise a child myself. With Kara, you know? The whole ‘it takes a village’ thing. Except then, the village was just me and Kara. Now, I guess I assumed it would be you and me. And… and our chosen family.”

Maggie nods and tries to swallow enough tea to burn away the tension in her throat.

It doesn’t work.

“I don’t want to be in the way of something you want, Alex. The kind of family you want. So if you – “

“No. No, Maggie, you don’t get to do that. This is a relationship, it’s not… you don’t get to decide for me that because I want something you don’t, you need to leave me for my own good. Unless you want to leave.”

Her hands shake nearly enough to spill her coffee.

Maggie puts her tea on the coffee table and puts her hand on Alex’s thigh.

“Of course I don’t want to leave, Danvers. I just don’t want to – “

“Be in the way of something I want, you said.”

A silence.

It grows longer and their eyes remain locked.

They sigh, suddenly and in unison.

They laugh despite themselves.

“Alex, I’m just worried that… is this something we can… compromise on? I mean, it’s like sex, isn’t it?”

Alex furrows her brow and tilts her head.

Maggie smiles sadly. “You get that from me,” she pokes the space between Alex’s eyes gently, and Alex bites her lip to keep herself from crying.

“It’s like sex in the sense that, if one person doesn’t want to have sex, and the other person does, it doesn’t matter. You just don’t have sex. And with this… I don’t want kids, Danvers, but if you do, then… I don’t…”

“This is my fault,” Alex puts her mug down and buries her face in her hands. 

“Babe, no, hey. There’s nothing wrong with you wanting kids, Alex, it’s not – “

“No,” Alex moans from behind her fingers. “I was impulsive, I was stupid… we’d just survived a war, a literal alien invasion, and I…”

“Do you not want to marry me?” Maggie finds herself asking for the second time that week, and it breaks both of their hearts.

“I do, Maggie. I do. Just… there’s so much we haven’t talked about. And I’ve wanted to. I’ve thought about it. Having kids. With you. All of it. I just… I guess I was scared to say certain things… I didn’t want to…”

“Scare me off?” Maggie asks, and Alex finally lifts her head out of her hands with a nod.

“Alex, listen to me. If you don’t want me to leave, I’m not leaving. Just because we don’t know what the compromise is right now – or if there’s a compromise – doesn’t mean we won’t find one. You’re the smartest, kindest, bravest woman I’ve ever met; and I’m not that terrible in my better moments.”


“What I mean is, we make a pretty good team.”

They both pause and smile at their beginnings, and they lace their fingers together.

Maggie kisses Alex’s knuckles while Alex kisses Maggie’s, their eyes locked together.

“If anyone can figure this out, it’s you and me. We just need to communicate and be open. The whole way through. No assuming what the other wants or what the other needs, okay? I need to hear you and you need to hear me, and to do that, we need to talk. About everything. Okay?”

Alex nods with brimming tears.

“I want to marry you,” she whispers, and Maggie kisses her eyes.

“And I want to marry you,” Maggie smiles. “Forever.” 

She rubs their noses together, and Alex giggles and returns the gesture.

“We’ll figure this out?” Alex needs to hear it again.

“We’ll figure this out,” Maggie assures.

They seal it with a kiss that contains their entire past and the multitude of their future. Together.



Lena continues to be my favourite character. SANVERS MENTIONED KIDS IT’S HAPPENING… WE’VE HIT THE ICEBERG