Alone with James Rodriguez's wife

Daniela Ospina is a lot more than the «madam» of the Real Madrid star. This volleyball player have one million followers on Intagram and open now her own deal in Spain.

The Real Madrid midfielder’s wife live among sportsmen : her brother is Arsenal’s goalkeeper and she is a professional volleyball player. Now she decided to jump into the business world.

At 22, the Colombian Daniela Ospina didn’t waste time. Married with the midfielder James Rodriguez, the Real Madrid’s star signing this season (the club paid around 80 million euros), have a 22 months’ daughter called Salomé and a big passion for sport since childhood. Her brother, David Ospina, is Arsenal’s goalkeeper, end her a volleyball champion.

To complete her schedule, now she start as a business woman. She recently co-founded a beauty center called Santum in Majahahonda (Madrid), where it’s easy to found some of her husband’s teammates and, also, their wives making manicure or coming out from the maderoterapia cabin (massage based on rollers and suction cups, in order to remove fats and liquids). With an amazing body, Daniela pose with looseness infront of our camera. What supposed a torture before for her, today seems brainer

Since July you live in Spain after passing by Portugal and Monaco. How about changing of country each given time because of your husband’s life?

The adaptation was really good. Here we talk the same language and it make the things a lot easier. Plus, we already knew Spain from previous trips.

Would you like to extend the family in Spain?

Of course, I like the life quality there is in this country.

What does it mean for you that James play in Real Madrid?

It’s a pride, but I never doubted about his capacities. It was always clear for me that he would get where he is and he even have a lot to show.

Would you like him to end his career at Real Madrid?

I can’t talk about James’ dreams. He is the one who have to answer this question, but we both love this city.

It looks like your adaptation was so simple that you even decided to invest into a beauty center with a partner.

I’m happy with this first experience as a business woman. I study business adminisrtation at Colombia’s University, and it’s my last year. The beauty world always interested me, and through a friend, I discovered Santum and decided to join the project.

You offer very Colombian treatments.

But we always personalize with each customer. Even if, yes, it’s true that almost all the products come from my country. In Colombia, we have a really direct relation with beauty since really young. Think that we, young, celebrate 15 years-old with a big party, it represents the transition from girl to woman. This day you become a princess.

And do you fit in to the «princess» prototype? I say this because you’re a profesional athlete, with all the «punishment» it implies for some body parts.

Like every woman, I love to take care of myself, even if at some moments the sport takes me away from this habit. Feeling beautiful is really important for someone. Because of sport, I have to take more care of myself, so for me the organisation is essential.

What is good about the maderoterapia you offer in your center?

Every customer are delighted because you can see the result immediately. After my pregnancy, I did some sessions and it was really good.

You know that in Spain we are more discret than in Colombia when it comes to talk about our beauty’s secrets.

It’s like that everywhere. I like to share what I do, but there is some things which are really personal.

From where does this passion from sport in your family come?

My parents inculcate it to us. For now I play in Segunda Division with Madrid’s volleyball team, but we dispute the play-off to get to Primera. I always played volleyball and just after coming here, they proposed me to join the team, which I was delighted to do.

Daniela Ospina have one million followers on Instagram, which doesn’t stop to be a pressure, specially for the criticism drained by the social network.

There is all type of opinion, but there is a lot of nice messages.

How is your day to day?

My daughter go to nursery so it give me freetime to dedicate to my studies and my business. I train the evening and try not to fail. My daughter and James stay at home without a problem, because my husband like that I keep playing volleyball and we support each other. At home, sport is part of our life.

Your business don’t stop to root in Spain. Do you realize that James can sign in another club in another country? What will you do then with your beauty center?

I talked about it with my partner and the scenario is clear for both. It doesn’t matter what happen, as Madrid is a well placed city in the world, it wouldn’t be a problem. In any case, we want to stay here many years.

What friendships do you have here?

Our relatives use to come to see us, but we know great people and we have a very desirable social circle that takes away the longing for Colombia.

How are you getting along with the others Real Madrid players’ wives?

I get along very well with all of them, but with Pepe’s wife (Ana Sofia Moreira) I’ve adapted quite more, as we carry our daughters to the same school. At the stadium, we use to meet and slowly I get to know them better.

James is a great friend of Cristiano Ronaldo. Does he come to your center?

It’s true that they are friends and of course men come to Santrum to, because they can do nails or cabin treatments like facial and body cleanings.

Are footballers coquettishs?

The actual man take care of himself quite more, without fear to lose his ego.

Do you take over James’ cares or is he fed-up?

He take care of himself a lot and ther isn’t a lot to tell him, even if I do some things.

I realize that James and you are religious a lot.

The culture in Colombia make that generally we are very religious, but James inculcate me even more the love for religion through the christian’s route. He’s really devotee and comitted. A pastor use to come to see us from Portugal, with whom we pray at home.

What does the faith give you?

We think God is above everything and nothing is possible without him. It is the strength we receive every day. Without God, nothing is possible.

Do you teach these beliefs to your daughter?

Yes, for now she do what we ask. I suppose that when she will grow up she will take her own decision in that sense.

How are you as a support of yout James Rodriguez from the stand?

I’m really passionate, because I love it. I vibrate with football. Since I’m 4 years-old, I go to the stadiums and I never lost the enthusiasm.

Do you talk about football at home too?

The truth is that James have to stop me a bit. Otherwise, I would talking about football all the time.



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