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Georgina posted this beautiful pic and Pilar (James’ mother) left this beautiful comment: “The baby’s look says it all… beautiful picture… and for those who criticise a mother or a father is not who gives birth but who raises, teaches, supports and gives love… is not blood is the heart… I don’t usually comment pics but this one filled me with love and softness, don’t let anyone take your smile away from you, blessings 🙌🏼🌺” Beautiful 💗

Cristiano officially confirmed the pregnancy of Georgina!

,,How do you feel atfter the arrival of your new babies?” - Journalist

,,I’m very happy. They’re beautiful, I’m just delighted” - Cristiano

,,How do you deal with the change of the diapers?” - Journalist

,,I’m not very good at it, but I try.” - Cristiano

,,And are you also happy with the one baby that is on the way?” - Journalist

,,Yes, very”- Cristiano

Masterlist (J-M).

Jack Wilshere

James Rodriguez

Jasper Cillessen

Javi Martínez

Jesús Navas

Jonathan dos Santos

Jordan Henderson

Jordi Alba

Julian Draxler

Karim Benzema

Kevin Trapp

Kieran Gibbs

Lars Bender

Leon Goretkza

Lionel Messi

Loris Karius

Lucas Piazón

Lucas Silva

Lukas Podolski

Łukasz Piszczek

Manuel Neuer

Marc-André ter Stegen

Marc Bartra


Marco Reus

Marco Verratti

Mario Götze

Mathieu Debuchy

Mats Hummels

Matteo Darmian

Matthias Ginter

Max Meyer

Memphis Depay

Mesut Özil

Masterlist (A-I)

Masterlist (N-Z)


At last, the video I promised you is ready!! I wanted to apologize for taking so long to upload it but my experience with editing video is next to none and, after I finished editing it all together, it took ages to save it and then find a place I could upload it to. 

Nevertheless, here it is!!! 

38 minutes and 27 seconds of Cristiano watching the Primeira Liga Sporting vs. Tondela match at Estádio José de Alvalade on the 16th of September 2017 with Georgina, Miguel Paixão, José Semedo, Fernando Santos and more:

Some interesting moments in the video:

02:50: Reaction to Jeremy Mathieu’s goal
15:40: Reaction to Sporting’s missed chances
21:00: Cristiano and Fernando Santos 
30:40: Reaction to stadium speaker announcing his presence there + Sporting’s fans singing his name
37:30: Reaction to the play prior to and to Bruno Fernandes’ goal

The rest of the video is Cristiano just watching the match, talking to his friends, and being cute with Georgina! Hope you like it!

You can use it, share it, edit it or gif it if you want, all I ask is that you please credit me ( whether you post it here on tumblr, instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. This video took up a LOT of my time and patience so I won’t hesitate taking it down if I see someone else taking up credit for my hard work. 

So yeah that’s all!!! Hope you enjoy! And sorry if the quality is a bit shitty at times but recording it directly off TV was the only way I knew how to share these images with you guys! Oh, and all credits for this footage go to SPORTTV1 and SPORTTV+.

P.S: The video has no sound except for a random clip in the middle that I forgot to mute, because you could hear me and my family in the background and I wasn’t comfortable with that. Either way, you couldn’t hear Cristiano speak or anything, it was just sounds from the match and Portuguese commentators talking. I advise just putting on your favorite playlist while you watch it or something hahah

Also, if Google Drive is giving you grief, and saying you can’t watch the video, just download it onto your own computer or your own google drive. It’ll take some time (and space) but you’ll be able to watch it perfectly. Enjoy!

the most unfair thing by far is the frequency of hot men in south america

My Favorites.

Another month down! Thank you to all of you who have followed me and supported the blog in any way. I’ll save the sappy thank you’s. Here are my favorite imagines of the past month. There are a ton but please check some of them out if you haven’t already!

Rosaline (Adnan Januzaj), They Say You Can’t Have Cake… (Álvaro Morata), Days With You (Antoine Griezmann), The Blues (Antoine Griezmann), If I’m (Bastian Schweinsteiger), Hide And Seek (Calum Chambers), The Shirt Off My Back (Cristiano Ronaldo), Wild Drive (Cristiano Ronaldo), To Be… (Cristiano Ronaldo), Don’t Save Me (Eden Hazard), Bad Blood (Erik Durm & Julian Draxler), Papa, What Pretty Nails You Have (Erik Durm), Baby Steps (Fernando Torres), Pendulum (Gareth Bale), Fight For You (Gareth Bale), Glory Days (Geoff Cameron), A House Divided (Gianluca Gaudino), He Wore A Red Tie (Héctor Bellerín), Just Like You (Héctor Bellerín), As Fate May Have It… (Isco Alarcón), Shake It Off (James Rodriguez), Living Up To The Family Name (James Rodriguez), Gone (Javi Martínez), This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf*cker (Jonathan dos Santos), Last Friday Night (Jordan Henderson), Drought in the Bahamas (Julian Draxler), Got A Love Jones  (Karim Benzema), GHOST! (Lucas Piazón), The Fault in Our Stars (Lukas Podolski), ‘Coffee’ by Miguel (Marc Bartra), Parenting 101 (Marco Reus), Dirty Diana (Marco Reus), No Rest For The Wicked (Marco Reus), Stand Out (Marco Reus), Never Let Me Go, Part 1 (Marco Reus), King of Anything (Marco Reus), Marley & Me (Mats Hummels), Say Goodbye (Mats Hummels), Steal My Girl (Neymar Jr.), Hard To Forget (Neymar Jr), Bittersweet (Neymar Jr.), A Beautiful Canvas (Neymar Jr.), International Players Anthem (Rafinha Alcântara), Bribery, Corruption, Oh My (Rafinha Alcântara), Where Are Ü Now (Raphaël Varane), When Mommy’s Away… (Sergio Ramos), Cruel Intentions (Sergio Ramos), A Little Conversation (Thiago Alcântara), See Me (Thiago Silva), Simply Charismatic (Viktor Fischer), chapter thirteen (illusion.)

I really loved the plots I have been receiving recently so thank you all for being creative! I’ve had fun writing all of these and if you have the time, here’s plenty for you to enjoy. Thanks again for all of the support!


The most beautiful players of World Cup 2014. (x)

Dogs - asked by xabi-alonso-14 :)

Ana Sofia (Pepe) has a dog Bia.

Coentrao Family has three dogs : Valentina, Gucci and … I don’t know the name of the third dog. Probably they have more animals in the house :)

Raphael and Camille have a dog Nina.

Family Arbeloa has three dogs Bauer, Mulder and Sawyer.

Marcelo and Clarice love animals and … you should read the article on this topic haha :D

Family Rodriguez has two dogs Manolo and Dilan.

Irina has a dog Caesar, Cristiano has two dogs Marosca and Abelhinha.

Toni and Jessica have two dogs Julius and Lennox.

Lena has one dog named Coco.

Sergio has two dogs Urco and Icaro.

Iker and Sara have two dogs Doce and Uno.

Victoria and Isco have two dogs Messi and Bubu. A few days ago Victoria published a photo of the puppy, naming him “Messi Junior” but I’m not sure if it’s their dog :)

Karim Benzema has a dog Bulixon - thank you madridista88 for information :