New Jets WR Tandem: Plaxico & Santonio

The NY Jets have lured Plaxico Burress away from the Steelers and Giants who were reportedly after him. The Jets seem to be addressing concerns that the Jets did not have enough offensive weapons for Mark Sanchez. 

Plaxico has had off the field problems of course, which resulted in his absence from the NFL the last two years. Although he hasn’t played in a while, there is speculation that he will beat out Santonio to be top receiver.

Santonio Holmes of Ohio State has also been signed to the NY Jets. Holmes faced his own off the field problems in the form of substance abuse. He is very talented despite that issue. He has shown flashes of greatness, most notably as the MVP of the Steeler’s victory over Arizona in the Super Bowl.

After losing Nnamdi Asomugha, the Jets seem to be rebounding nicely. At least they are finally going after players they actually need. 

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