santoff claussen


Making a map is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, so this was a good excuse to actually get down and do it! 

I’ve included a couple of close-ups of the area surrounding Iscadin (the palace is about 15 miles from the city), and also the Sinaran empire. The countries separated by dots instead of dashes are those still part of the empire (Ita, Mannon and Vonnya as well as Sinar itself). The town marked Vara in Vonnya is the location of the castle where Jack was kept captive. Santoff Claussen is the tiny bit of land nearby. 

If there are any questions, let me know :)

Children of Santoff Claussen – A mix for the curious and mischievous {listen}

“The children were wily, even brilliant, at avoiding that dreaded span of the day called ‘bedtime.’”

–William Joyce, Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

i. Alan Menken; Kingdom Dance ii. Alexandre Desplat; “Little Man” Oti iii. James Newton Howard; The Launch iv. James Newton Howard; Neera Rescues the Orphans v. John Powell; Test Drive vi. Julie Fowlis; Touch the Sky vii. Howard Shore; Flaming Red Hair viii. John Williams; Aunt Marge’s Waltz

Father’s (sadly) seem to know best

Jack was a grumpy upset mess. first of all as someone who was not a fan of water sitting in a boat with his father and other alphas and betas and the few omega’s dashing here and there to keep the ship going was not something he would want to be doing in the first place. 

But if that wasn’t the sweet milk on top of the proverbial pie they were on a ship to a place called Berk so Jack could be married off……. no he was not happy. 

North on the other hand was not having his Sons fit. Every chance jack tried to weasel his way out of it North would have to put him right back on the spot that he was getting married to Hiccup or married off to one of the more southern barbarians because Santoff claussen did need the crops

Jack doubt marrying him off to his old war buddies kid was any better. But a Hiccup sounded better then a barbarian his father met on a chief meeting… that is right not a son but another chief someone close to his own fathers age and the son around His age that wasn’t a big burley alpha sounded better then said big burly Alpha….

Still didn’t mean jack couldn’t be upset he did’t get to choose his own mate at all.

Some Jelsa rough sketches before going to bed cuz I’m hella tired but was super itching to do something. (Yes, I draw in THAT kind of pink, the same color of blood in a certain video game. Can you guess what that game is? XD)

These versions of Jack and Elsa are from a spontaneously-made Magic School AU that popped into my head after hearing the word ’reconcile’. Professor Elsa Schnee(yes, you know where it’s from) and Professor Jackson O. Frost teach at the Santoff Claussen Academia Magika, elementary to middle school division, both holding the subjects Fundamentals in Elemental Magic I, II, and III and Elemental Combat Application, the both of them specializing in the Ice Element. 

Prof. Schnee and Prof. Frost have a longstanding rivalry that extends even to their students, but what many do not know is that their rivalry extends to something much deeper and more personal…