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Ooh ooh. How about Genji, Junkrat, Lucio and Roadhog seeing they're s/o has a secret candy stash? What would they do if they found it? <3

Genji would find it almost immediately. You can’t really hide anything from him. He’d think it’s adorable, too! He wishes he could still eat candy, but at least he can’t steal yours now, right? Seriously though, he might even help you hide it!

Junkrat wouldn’t even see it unless he sees a shiny candy wrapper. He’d think it’s gold, but nope, just candy. He’d probably take a few… Or a lot… When you’d find out he’d innocently look at you and promises you he’ll steal you more candy.

Lúcio would tease you about it once he found out. He wouldn’t take any, and he’d probably ask. But he’d love how you just had a secret stash. Maybe he won’t even tell you that he knows, just to see you try and add more candy to your stash, or secretly eat a few.

Roadhog would also notice it immediately but I think he’d ignore it. Sure, it was pretty funny but he allowed you to have your privacy. Maybe he’d even add some candy to your stash as a surprise. But really, he wouldn’t mind as long as you didn’t get sick or anything


a collection of namjoon carrying his One And Only Bag like a ukrainian old lady going back home after a very busy morning at the local market having sold all dill and garlic for the day

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✨lucio is awful brazilian representation: an brief (and bad) explanation✨

i never explained my problem with lucio properly (even tho people have asked me to before and i just.. chickened out) because my english is shit and i don’t think i can really.. form convincing sentences but i’m going to try to do it :’)
lucio is a lazy character. there is absolutely 0 things brazilian about him besides that-soccer-thingy (wow) and the colors of his outfit.. really. he gives the impression that blizzard didn’t give the proper time to do research about a foreign​ character and their culture.
like, for example, –don’t get me wrong, i love lucio’s va, but he is not brazilian (and doesn’t even make the effort of making an accent), and blizzard didn’t even think about changing the va even though they changed mercy’s, because the previous va couldn’t do a swiss accent :/ Every non-english speaking character has a line in their native language, except lucio.
he also doesn’t make any reference to anything of our culture, as mentioned before. the closest approach was the soccer-themed skin and event, that still is pretty shitty, because the Soccer Playing Brazilian is a very overused trope and everyone is tired of it already.
lucio is more of a representation of an african-american man than anything else to be quite honest - and that would be perfectly ok if they didn’t try to mask it as the representation of another culture ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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That clip they showed us with Keith and Shiro, they actually embraced one another after that. Shiro was the one who pulled Keith. I know cause I was in the background watching them :3

good ending: this ask

bad ending: they have a fight

true ending: keith leaves

secret ending: shiro rides up in the white lion with an altean arm and he’s a prince and he pulls keith into his big strong arms and then they adopt kuron and then go into the rift and defeat evil together and everything is just fine joaquim dos santos pls @ me if this is real i promise i won’t spoil ty xoxo