October in Girona


From 9th to 12th October you can taste local products in The 20th edition of Firatast Girona 2014 Where, exactly? Palau de Fires de Girona (Passeig Devesa, 34) Entrance: €6.

Watch out! the biggest event in Girona is coming…

We are talking about Sant Narcís Fair and Festival, from 24.10 to 02.11

You can read all about it here

And you may ask: Why is it so important?

Sant Narcís is the main saint of Girona. The city shares with the German town Augsburg his devotion to Sant Narcís, although it is unclear whether it is the same person or not. 

In 307, celebrating Mass it is assumed that in the church of Sant Feliu, a group of people murdered at the altar on the 29th of October.

Sant Narcís is known for the so-called miracle of flies (insects that also constitute his iconographic attribute). In 1286, during the siege of Gerona by Philip II of Burgundy, from the grave of the saint emerged a large amount of flies who attacked the French soldiers who run away, saving the city from foreign domination. 

Mi Piace Sant Narcís..! the only thing that I can say in Italian. Pretty much. 

October 24th, 2014

On Friday night, one of my Italian friends had a flat warming party, and instead of being a sulky bore who ‘doesn’t drink anymore’ I went along and it was actually a really good night..! 

In Girona right now, the Festival of Sant Narcís is kicking off, which lasts around 10 days, celebrating the Patron Saint of Girona, that is, Saint Narcís. Girona is absolutely filled with stalls and balloons and attractions and more stalls and stages and everything, which is going to be really good for when my family come..! But anyway, we were all at the flat party which was a much better experience than my first and last drinking experience of drinking in Girona which took place in a park and put me off for life (until now). 

I was definitely the only English person, but everyone (lots of French, Spanish, and some Italian people) thought I was Italian as I seem to have adopted an Italian accent when speaking Spanish (bit cringey really) because I just hang around with Italians! It’s nice though, because Spanish is the mutual language and we all help each other with out conjugation and mistakes seeing as we’re all in the same boat with it being our second language :)

We then went to all of the attractions in town, with lots of cool live music on a massive stage, and thousands of people cramming around the stalls and surrounding attractions, and Chiara and me got intentionally lost in a hilarious blur of roller coasters and bumper cars when we only went looking for somewhere to have a wee..!

As usual, with weird Girona men, the guy navigating the ride was weird and didn’t answer my questions of if I was going to die on the ride when he didn’t belt me up properly, and he just looked at me, but qué sera sera, here I am studying abroad in anticipation of graduating in just under two years with my Spanish degree and here he is belting people on rides for a living and he can’t even manage that. 

It was so hilarious though, Chiara spent the entire ride yelling “TE ODIOOO” at me, and kicking her legs to the point I thought my new Mango shoes were goners, and then we went in search of more rides, and lots of unhealthy food, exhibit B, before finally reuniting with everyone else who we  lost about two hours before when we unleashed our inner 10 year olds.