Frozen is the first movie to show depressed charact-

Frozen is the first movie to be about an outcast-

Frozen is the first movie with magic-

Frozen is the first movie with a dysfunctional fam-

Frozen is the first to not have love at first sight-

Frozen is the first Disney movie to teach girls they don’t need to be saved by-

Frozen is the first movie where the princess isn’t only focused on marrying a prince-

Frozen is the first-

Let it Go (Original Cut)
  • Let it Go (Original Cut)
  • Idina Menzel
  • Frozen

The original versions of Let it Go from disney’s Frozen. It has another verse that was cut from the movie for time.

It just goes to show what amazing things you can find when you have an unhealthy obsession with this movie.

Emo Christmas; because regular Christmas songs just aren’t good enough

White Christmas - Panic! At The Disco ; Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - Issues ; Yule Shoot Your Eye Out - Fall Out Boy ; Keep Me Warm - The Downtown Fiction ; Ho Ho Hopefully - The Maine ; You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch - Versa ; Wishlist - The Ready Set ; All I Want For Christmas Is You - My Chemical Romance ; Decemberism - Man Overboard ; Fool’s Holiday - All Time Low ; 30days - Never Shout Never; Wonderful Christmastime - The Ready Set ; Winter Passing - The Academy Is… ; Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town - A Rocket to the Moon ; Santa Baby - Versa ; Peppermint Winter - Owl City; Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass - All Time Low

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