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Santino Marella recalls a phone call with Jim Cornette

In a recent shoot interview, Santino Marella recalled a phone call that he received which led to him speaking to Jim Cornette. Marella and Cornette had an incident in 2005 where The Boogeyman debuted in Ohio Valley Wrestling, and the wrestlers who weren’t under contract (sitting in the crowd) were supposed to behave as if they were in fear of the new superstar. Due to his daughter sitting on his lap and being genuinely afraid of The Boogeyman (who Santino knew personally as Marty), Santino laughed, which infuriated Cornette. The two had an altercation afterward due to Cornette’s anger that Santino didn’t put over the character, which ended in Cornette slapping Santino across the face. Santino took it, out to fear of being deported and thus losing out on his dream, but because the incident, Cornette was fired by the WWE and relieved of his duties within OVW. Santino was signed months later, going on to become a highly successful character in the WWE.

Shortly after Santino got the news that his in-ring career would be ending due to a neck injury, he got a phone call that only made things worse.

So I listened to it, it was Cornette. Cornette grabbed his phone, ‘cause he goes, “I’m friends with Santino.” “Are you really? Oh, call him! Call him! I wanna say hi!” So he called me, then he grabbed the phone, goes, “You piece of shit, I’m glad your neck’s fuckin’ hurt! Get out of this goddamn business, you had no right being here in the first place!” And I’d just, y'know… had a neck injury, I’m potentially facing retirement. I’m like, “What a piece of shit.” [x]

As much as I’d like to believe anyone doesn’t harbor that much animosity over a laugh at a silly situation involving a 40-year old man in giant black horns, it’s not far-fetched that Cornette would say such a thing. In fact, Cornette has spoken out many times regarding Santino and his feelings on the wrestler. Pretty fuckin’ pathetic, if you ask me.