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I live for Rowdy 3 being protective of Amanda and helping to take away her pain when she has an episode at the gorccery store but what is KILLING me is the fact that after they help her and load her into the van to take her home, one or more of them clearly went back into the groccery store and carefully bagged all of the food she had picked out and just made sure that it got home with her safley and then they gently placed her and her food in the garage. 

idc who you are, if you scare my baby again you’re gonna catch these fangs.

raphael’s body language in the deleted scene 


okay but imagine:

jace hanging out with downworlders after he’s rescued from valentine

  • jace’s mental state would be severely damaged after being with his abuser for so long and the shadowhunters certainly wouldnt get it, theyd brush it off saying they were all affected by valentine’s regime 
  • however luke knows what its like to trust valentine and get used and discarded so he takes jace under his wing
  • he helps jace throughout the night terrors and the flashbacks since he’s has ptsd as well, he knows what its like
  • magnus, luke, and jace squad up, going through their struggles together
  • magnus takes jace out to downworlder parties, knowing that it’s a good distraction
  • at one of them, jace gets closer to simon and they become friends
  • simon forces jace to watch star wars with him when jace has bad days
  • jace ends up being a trekkie, simon is betrayed
  • they have group gatherings and jace has to sit and listen as raphael magnus and luke banter
  • “easy there fido” “bite me dracula” “now now boys you’re both pretty” “shut up dumbledore”
  • jace and raphael sass each other sorry i dont make the rules
  • raphael also can tell when jace isnt in the mood for sassing so he either gives him space or sits with him, not saying anything, letting jace know that he’s there for him if he wants to talk
  • the group of them are fiercely protective over jace bc theyve all seen him at his worst and they dont want anyone else to hurt him
  • luke treats jace like his own son and shows him that what valentine did to him is not how a father should treat his son
  • luke also reassures jace that he never deserved what valentine did to him
  • the falcon story? yeah luke is ready to throw hands if valentine wasnt already dead luke wouldve killed him


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  • raphael: simon isn't comfortable labeling our relationship yet. he's been staying with me while we're on tour and he's safe, I assure you. but we tell everyone our relationship is strictly business, you understand
  • elaine: I won't say a thing
  • simon: mom I need to tell you something about who I am and where I've been
  • elaine: I already know :)
  • raphael: business matters...
  • simon: *grinning at raphael and cracking jokes*
  • elaine: (oh yes that) raphael you should have dinner with us to discuss simon's career
  • raphael: *so flattered that she approves*
  • simon: ?????
  • raphael: *flirty* I'll see you soon simon
  • elaine: *watches her son watching raphael leave* well he wasn't lying
  • also elaine to simon: your, um, business manager is nice
  • simon: *heartbroken face* he's not. he's mean, he sucks
  • elaine: oh honey :')
  • ...
  • elaine later on: *frantically calling her sons bf* I know what you said about the business thing but idc if he knows that I know and he'll probably listen to you better - just pls help he's biting a rat