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Our loyal band of protestors have been in front of Pups & Pets in Santee, CA every Saturday since January of 2010! 

This arrogant store-owner thumbs his nose at us but we are determined and feel San Diego may be the first (or second behind Sarasota, FL) County in the country to ban stores such as this!  Franco Cruz, you better start packing!


Ghosts! by Kevin
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Our Halloween display in Santee, California


My cat Lilo disappeared on the 1st of October and has still yet to come home. I’ve left food out, put up posters, asked neighbors, called shelters,and have had a signal boosted to some popular websites but with each passing day I hear or find nothing the more worried I get. I’m absolutely heartbroken and desperate please help me find her. 

My email is

Lilo has 6 toes (polydactyl), she only has stripes on her legs and face, she has a bushy feather tail, has turquoise eyes, and is small. She almost looks like she could be a large kitten. She is nearly 2 years old.

She does not see very well and has a hard time navigating in the dark!

I won’t give my exact address but Lilo was last seen in Santee, CA in the county of San Diego (92071 zip). I have a map of the roads in the general area but she could have gone further. I high lighted the closest spots to me in blue.

Please signal boost this! I know its a slim chance you have followers that just happen to be in this area but I need to try everything. I’ve already accepted that she could have very possibly been eaten by coyotes or hit by a car, but please prove me wrong. I need every shred of hope.

Lilo won’t come right up to you she is a shy cat. The best thing to do is to get down low or sit and call her gently with clicks and chirps with you hand out. She will lift her tail straight in the air to show she can be approached. She won’t bite or scratch but she does make a hissy fuss if she is picked up by someone she doesn’t know. She’s all talk but circumstances may scare her into behaving otherwise.

Please please help me find my baby girl…


“Fame” - 5 year old Sunnie Pelant, Touch Of Class Dance Academy (Santee CA), mini lyrical solo, 5th place, Showstopper West Coast Finals, Anaheim CA, July 2015
Fame ~ cover by Mree