FAMILY PHOTO~ on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is a rare family shoot since my dolls are rarely altogether at once.
(Clovisse & Elec will be out for face-up again)

Sorry for the bad picture(background wise) I was so worried about them falling when I was posing and photographing them. And my mum kept coming in my room and bothering me. I screeched at her to get out of my room, lol XD

When I finished phographing them, I just saw that I didn’t include Elec(Rightest Red head) *face-palm* So I included him in the group and re-photograph them again! PHEW.

I don’t know how people do this on a daily basis with many many more dolls than I have >____<;;

Clovisse (MNF Mirwen Boy)
Luvbouy (MNF Karsh)
Lexington gets a chair because he’s the oldest XD (RS Song)
Tanklin (DC Bella Boy)
Santavio (Narin Claasic)
Hamilton (Bluefairy Olive Boy)
Elec (DIM Larina Boy)

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