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1. What is your town name? Why did you choose it?

~ My town name is Starlite. I chose it because I originally really wanted Starlight, but with the 8-character limit, I couldn’t go with it, and a lovely anon on here suggested Starlite! I still love it~!

2. Your favorite cat villager? 

~ Kiki!! I miss her so much ;-;

3. What do you think about the snowman family?

~ They’re awesome, and I love how you have to be so perfect with your snowballs in order to make them!!

4. The best K.K. Slider song?

~ I love JPop so much okay so it has to be Bubblegum K.K. aah<33

5. What are your current villagers? 

~ Pietro(babyy), Bob, Octavian, Merengue, Ankha, Freya, Scoot, Marshal, Bonbon & Deirdre!

6.What is your favorite holiday/event in animal crossing?

~ Toy Day!! I love figuring out which present to give to who, and it’s so cute seeing how happy the villagers are once you give them the correct present aww :3

7.What’s your favorite fruit in animal crossing? 

~ Peaches because butts

8.Who was the first villager to give you their picture? 

~ Pretty sure it was Kiki ^^

9. The largest amount of bells you ever saved? 

~ 7million!

10. Are you going to play ac on new year’s eve? 

~ Yep!

11. What’s your favorite fish in ac? 

~ Sea horses!


  1. Who’s your favourite villager?
  2. Is your storage neat & tidy?
  3. Your favourite K.K. Slider song?
  4. Your favourite AC game?
  5. Meaning behind your town name/why you chose it?
  6. Your favourite flower in ACNL?
  7. Have you ever lost a villager you really loved by mistake?
  8. How many rooms does your house currently have?
  9. Your favourite NPC?
  10. Do you ship any of your villagers? If so, who!?
  11. Do you send letters to your villagers often?


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tatertotsie-deactivated20150407 asked:

Truth hour: Ive got 3! 1. On a scale from 1-10, how kawaii am I? 2. How many followers do you have? (you dont have to answer this one if you dont want jw) 3. Do we make aa great couple? Im so modest btw, i mean talking about myself is just mean ^-^

Haha I’m gonna answer these anyway even though truth hour was yesterday <3


2. Uhm, 593 * u * Almoooost 600 hehe.

3. JEEZ obviously we do, you are cute, I am cute. perfect. 

tatertotsie-deactivated20150407 asked:

uhhh, send a song send a song up...JINGLE BELLS! idk what im doing :P

Song: ew | can handle | i like it [getting bored of it tbh!] | i love it | I WANT SOME MORE OF IT<3 
URL: eh | alright | awesome | OMF- | PERFECTION SKJLFD
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Description: none available | it’s okay | cute~ | AWESOME | i can’t it’s so nnnfffgg.
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