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Okay your anons are annoying lol So I just need to get this out. No, I don't think Harry is a push over. In one of those interviews from This Is Us promo the boys called him a softie but made a point of saying he isn't a push over. I think its annoying that people are so quick to agree that everything Louis does is to protect Harry, but don't realize that Harry protects Louis just as often, and this is an example of that. They /both/ need to appear heterosexual. 1/?

YES!!!!!!! If we want Elounor to end, sacrifices have to be made. That’s all I’m going to say publicly about that but maybe people should let that sink alll the way into their closed little brains.

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2/2 Louis more so just because he's always been more 'stereotypically gay', but same with Harry. So do I think Harry likes some attention? Yes, every famous person does. BUT, he does the pr stunts to protect Louis because I guarantee if Harry weren't 'fucking Kendall' this week, Elounor would be looking for a fucking engagement ring. He isn't a push over, he doesn't do this for fun, he does it because he loves Louis and Louis needs someone to look after him too.

Yep, I agree completely. No one knows what the alternative would be if he said no, or like I said before, how many times he has said no. I guarantee he has btw.