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MERRY CHRISTMAS FERRAH over at @forsaken-spirits

Maybe you’ve blocked it out by now, but waaaaaay earlier in the year you signed up for a Voltron secret Santa, and ho ho ho I be your Santa haha. 

I was so thankful when I read your likes/dislikes because I felt we were very much on the same page. You mentioned that you liked Klance, flower shop aus, and beach days (I’m so sorry, I wanted to sneak in a Shallura sub-plot, but I just ran out of time ugh), so I hope this ticks all your boxes haha. 

I hope you have a great christmas and here’s looking forward to a better 2017.

The Winter Santa {Bucky X Reader}

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Characters:Bucky Barnes

Word Count:630


Request:SECRET SANTA! (For the Holiday thing)

Notes:I’m writing this as I cry over AmaLee’s anime covers.So check her out <3 Ryan

“Of fucking course…” You muttered as you peered down at the little piece of paper that read ‘Bucky Barnes’.Out of everyone you could have gotten for the Secret Santa service you got Bucky-without a doubt you were set up.Maybe it was one of those two-bowl-swaps that are always in childish movies and tv…and that would mean you got tricked…by Tony!

“That sneaky bastard” You whined as you crumbled the paper into a tiny ball,and tossed it to the ground as you stormed off down the hall.Tinsel decorated the sides,and all the festive cheer that was exuded of it just died in your gloomy aura.”Bah Humbug” You mummured as you barged into your room and buried yourself under the cover of your bed to forget your responsibilities.

“Y/N! You’re favourite colour’s black,right?” You felt a strong metallic finger prod at your leg-the only part of your body not under the covers.You just nodded your head and grunted in agreement.”Cool,See you later!” The Winter Soldier left in a hurry,leaving you confused.You drifted back to sleep,still curious about Bucky’s motives.

“Free-Rex I need you!” You called from the hallway,making your way into the living room.Steve stood waiting at the door frame,eager to see what service he could offer.”Ca-Kaw…Freedom calls…how can I help?” He deadpanned the response you asked of him whenever you needed help.That was his reminder to never make bets with you.

“Secret Santa help-List me some of Bucky’s interests” You gruffed,still annoyed at being set up.”Hmmm…let’s see hear:cooking,sports,you,me when he’s drunk,weapons and the occassional pop song.That cover it?” The American smiled,before walking away to return to his football watching.”Wait…I didn’t quite catch some of that!” You tried getting the blonde’s attention,but all you got was a quick dismmisal in a wave.”I see why they charge for healthcare over here you bastard…” You grumbled as you left,even more unsure of what to get Bucky.

“Bucky…Merry Christmas” You handed Bucky a small box,wrapped in striped green paper.Your face was scarlet in embarrassment,just the thought of Bucky opening your present was enough to make your blood boil.The smirk on his face made you seethe with anger.This really was the worst thing imaginable.”Aww thanks” He grinned a shit-eating grin.”And here’s your’s!” He handed you a box,wrapped in ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ paper,you started squealing at the site of it.You didn’t even hesitate to slowly start opening the gift-savouring the glorious paper.Bucky tore his paper to shreds to open his.

“You got me a Captain America figurine!?!?!?” Bucky shrieked upon inspection of his present.”Well Steve did say you like him when you’re drunk,so that means it’s a secret…and you’d enjoy it more then” You deadpanned as you focused on neatly removing the paper.”That was one time I tried to kiss him…give me a break! I had thirty shots of tequila that night-blame Tony” The Winter Soldier huffed as he went on the defensive.”Right…” You giggled,totally not beliveing him-he must have tried at least five times.

“Holy fuck!” You cried out in joy at the contents of the grand paper.A limited edition album,signed by each member of your favourite band,packed with a black beanie from their merch store.Actually the best gift ever.”Bucky I love you…” You laughed as you pulled the album close to your chest in a careful hug,gushing over it’s awesome covering.”Merry Christmas Y/N” He grinned.


For King & Country by @solarrift

Beautiful Kingsman medieval!au pieces done by the brilliant Solarrift. She does amazing prompt worthy edits. This is one of my favourites, second to the pacificrim!au that she made. You can view this collection here:

See her best works here ©solarrift and send her lots of love.