• SANTANA: who broke the coffee pot? i'm not mad, i just want to know
  • RACHEL: i did. i broke it
  • SANTANA: no, you didn't. puck?
  • PUCK: don't look at me, look at blaine
  • BLAINE: what! i didn't even break it!
  • PUCK: huh that's weird how did you even know it was broken?
  • BLAINE: because it's sitting right in front of me and it's broken
  • PUCK: suspicious
  • BLAINE: no, it's not
  • KURT: if it matters, probably not, quinn was the last one to use it
  • QUINN: liar! i don't even drink that shit
  • KURT: oh really? then why were you by the coffee maker?
  • QUINN: everyone knows i use the wooden sticks to push back my cuticles!
  • RACHEL: okay, let's not fight. i broke it, i'll pay for it
  • SANTANA: no, who broke it?
  • SAM: tina has been awfully quiet this whole time
  • TINA: really?!
  • SANTANA: [later] i broke it. it burned my hand so i punched it. give them 10 minutes, they'll be at each other's throats with war paint on their faces and a pig's head on a stick. good; it was getting a little chummy in here
My absolute favorite TV trope is the mean girl who gets a little bit nicer (or makes her first female friend) and then realizes she’s queer like immediately.

Let me know if I missed any