santana x dani

got some cuteness over here

Thank you Dantana for giving me my faith in Glee back!

Seriously, did anybody watch last night episode for something else than Dantana? I don’t think so and if you did you’ve got mental issues! *snap*

Buuut, I’ll spend a few words fangirling for Kitty and the Pezberry friendship: LOVE.

Color My World (Santani/Sani/whatever they're ship name is)

Santana needed fresh air. She needed to get out of the box-like study room she’d been inhabiting for the past…Jesus, had it already been three hours? Food – that was the key. She needed food, and coffee, and sunlight.

Stretching, she tossed her books, pens and notebook into her backpack and made her way out of the library. The sidewalks were busy with students getting to their next classes, but she noticed that there was a large crowd around the visual arts building.

“Hey, what’s going on?” she asked a tall boy with a huge fro.

“A couple of the art students are doing improve pictures for people,” he explained. “Throw some elbows and get to the front of the group if you want one. They’re really good. I got one from Dani last semester. She’s the blonde girl –in the overalls.”

Santana managed to squeeze between a couple of gaps in the crowd and looked down at two huge canvasses on a table. People were calling out colors and girls with a belts full of spray cans were adding them. Santana’s mouth dropped open as she watched the blonde who was, indeed, wearing overalls.

“Orange, Dani!” someone called.

She added a stripe then tossed the can in the garbage. “Out of orange,” she said. “What’s next?”

“Blue!” Santana called.

Dani caught her eye for a moment and smiled before adding a few points of blue.

As Santana watched, an actual picture began to take shape before her eyes. From what she saw as random streaks and dots, came a city scape of New York, complete with the Statue of fucking Liberty.

“Last one!” Dani called.

“Green!” someone shouted.

Dani added a few finishing touches to the painting and turned her canvas so the crowd could see it. There were oohs and ahhs as she scribbled her name in the bottom corner.

Santana was surprised when she walked over and handed the painting to her with a wink. “Thanks.”

The crowd was clamoring around Dani and the other artist, trying to convince them to draw something else.

Santana looked down, admiring her new painting, and noticed that underneath the girl’s name was a phone number. She smiled. Best study break ever.