Rachel: We have 42 days left until graduation. Half of that’s gonna be prepping for Nationals. That was it.
Santana: Oh, crap. I think I just realized I’m gonna miss you. Oh god, say something irritating so I can get the taste of this out of my head, please
—  Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez - 03x17 Dance with Somebody

Even though Glee was an incredibly flawed show it managed to break many barriers and traditional conventions on television. The show brought awareness to many issues surrounding many minority communities and humanised characters that would have been typically portrayed as caricatures. Though their portrayals weren’t often perfect, barley any shows reach this level of representation. Credit where credit is due. (insp)

Lol. Summary of my 2015
  • January:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • February:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • March:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • April:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • May:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • June:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • July:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • August:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • September:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • October:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • November:*fangirls over lesbians*
  • December:*fangirls over lesbians*

televison meme: [5/15] relationships → Brittany and Santana

↳ Some people love someone because they make them a better person, and that’s not why I love you, because you’ve always just wanted me to be myself. You’re my favourite person in the whole world. And we’re a big deal, you know, like no matter how many times we’ve tried to put our thing down and walk away from it, we can’t… Because I don’t want to live my life without my one true love. Brittany S. Pierce, will you marry me?