sirblaine asked: Blaine’s breathing was coming short, puffing out of him in an untimely rhythm, and it all but stopped entirely when Kurt leaned forward and dipped in to place a wet, open-mouthed kiss on Blaine’s jutted hip. “Can I…kiss you?” Kurt looked up through his eyelashes. “Ummm…” Blaine gasped, clouded with confusion of what kurt was already doing. Sensing Blaine’s confusion Kurt whispered, “No..i mean..” Kurt lowered his hands between them to gently outline the bulge in Blaine’s pants.“i mean…here.”

Blaine’s eyes bug out comically, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Kurt’s face is about four inches away from Blaine’s crotch he would have laughed. But now is not the time to laugh.

“I…uhh…yes ohmygodplease,” Blaine groans out, clutching at the bedspread tightly, his eyes never leaving Kurt’s as he unbuttons Blaine’s jeans and pulls them slowly down his legs. 

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