House Santagar, Lords of Spottswood, Sworn to Martell

House Santagar of Spottswood is a house of landed knights from Dorne. They blazon their arms with a spotted leopard with a golden axe, over a per bend sinister blue and white field. The Lord of Spottswood is Ser Symon Santagar. His daughter and heir Syliva, is good friends with Arianne. Many call her spotted Sylvia, becuase of her freckles.

So I thought I would start an affordable jewellery series of posts, after I was asked about posting wearable clothes/jewellery. Affordable is a bit of an ambiguous term but, I’ll be posting jewellery I think characters would wear that costs less than $200. Heres the first one.

What Arianne’s friend Sylva Santagar, heir to Spottswood would wear from here