The general consensus of fans loves Crown’s brass! It’s next to legendary, but with the help of JD Shaw from SCV, He transformed that hornline to personify “Power”! Not saying the these lines are the best in the business, but which one do you prefer? Like this post for SCV or Reblog for Crown’s brass! We will have the results later on today!

Recap Rundown: Corps at the Crest San Diego- Oceanside, CA 6/27

At long last, here’s the rundown of the action out on the west coast.  It was a full panel featuring some familiar faces such as R. Kemp, J. Harper, and J. Sturgeon who all made several appearances in the early running in the Eastern/Midwestern section of the tour, as well as some new names such as W. Dillon and C. Rothe.  Full panel shows are always exciting at this point in the season, so lets dive into it.

As always, we’ll start on the World Class side where the Santa Clara Vanguard brought another stellar performance sweeping the 1 spot across the board including impressive showings at Visual Proficiencey and Music Analysis.  Their Visual Analysis score is a little narrow right now, but Giese seems to keep those numbers close together anyway, so I wouldn’t put as much stock in that.  At this point, SCV is head and shoulders above everyone else at this competition.  We’ll have to wait until tonight to see how they stack up against BD again.

Behind the Vanguard we find the Blue Knights holding strong to their lead over the Crossmen.  The San Antonio corps has the ability to stay with their Denver competitors via the visual captions where Crossmen are right on the Knights heels in both Proficiency and Guard.  The major concern in this area for Crossmen must come in Analysis where Gliese has them outperforming their book.  Meanwhile, Analysis is the one visual place where BK has a major advantage over Crossmen outscoring them by .9.

The best part of the recap tonight comes in the 4-6 spots where we have three corps that found themselves in the 16-20 range.  And who would believe that The Academy is sitting on top of this battle?!  They have a good lead over Pacific Crest in GE 1 as well as in Visual Analysis where the Arizona corps actually topped Crossmen as well.  And strangely enough… that’s it.  Crest has higher scores in every other caption but those two and still they find themselves .5 behind The Academy in the final score.  The Mandarins aren’t that farther back either.  They also finished ahead of The Academy in GE 2 and Percussion while topping Crest in both GE columns.  This match up could yield some of the best head to head battles of the whole season, so whatever you do, don’t get too lost with the shuffling at the top of the standings.

On the Open Class front, several corps made their debuts tonight including Gold, Impulse, Watchmen, and Incognito.  Gold took 7/8 captions tonight with varying amounts of space between them and the next in line.  Golden Empire showed some teeth tonight as they took the percussion caption from Gold.  Impulse fell behind Golden Empire, but was able to take a better finish in GE1, Visual Prof, Brass, and Music Analysis.  Watchmen in turn finished better than Impulse in Guard and Percussion while City sound topped both Impulse and Watchmen in Guard.  Incognito stayed at the bottom of the scoreline in all captions, but still stayed within striking distance of City Sound in Visual Analysis.

So, that’s all for Oceanside.  A lot of jostling around in the Open Class side that should only get better as we go along.  Tonight, we have another full slate of shows.  From west to east we have:  Corps at the Crest Los Angeles in Glendora, CA where the Blue Devils will meet up with Santa Clara, Drum Corps: An American Tradition in Jackson, NJ where The Cadets meet with Bluecoats, and Drums on Parade in Madison, WI where Phantom sees The Cavaliers and where the Blue Stars will see home the home town Scouts.  Until then, this has been the DCI News Network with another recap rundown.