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Well, this was… unexpected. Having obviously drunken clearly too much and now waking up next to a beautiful woman — who was his goddamn nurse! — and being remembering every each part of what just happened last night. Irritation and self-satisfaction at the same time.
“We need to repeat that.” Wait, did he seriously say that…?

All By Myself

Lee was sick, like really sick.  At least it felt that way, if he was honest with himself, the chances of getting the bubonic plague weren’t very good, but he was completely miserable.  Thankfully the replicators were all working fine and no one had come to see him since his symptoms had progressed past “sniffles territory.” 

It had been four days now, he was running a fairly impressive fever and he had almost forgotten what it felt like to be able to breathe properly or taste anything.  Turning away from all of his cooking utensils, he pulled a tissue out of his pocket and raised it to his face, “Heh…heh…heh…ha…Dabd id,” he tried to blow his nose, but it didn’t do anything but make his sneeze come out, “Heh-kshuu!”  He groaned and turned back to wash his hands for the hundredth time that day, he honestly could not think of a time he had ever been more miserable, though he had taken some comfort in the conversation he’d had with his mother the night before. 

He was considering calling in for a replacement and spending the rest of the day in bed when he heard the door to the kitchens open, he opened his mouth to say something, but had to turn away to sneeze twice into his elbow, “"Cad I help you with sobethigg?“

"Merry Christmas, Verelan--"

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“You like black, right? This should make your legs look fantastic.

Verelan’s eyebrows raised. “Thank you very much, T'Venna… Perhaps I should wear this soon.” She was right; it would compliment her body well, and she did like the color. “Perhaps I should go put it on now?”

emotiionisms asked:

Costume Box. [Hello! ^.^]

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“Why the hell am I wearing this?” Vincent contorted his face in confusion as he looked down at the long, lacy gown that he was wearing. “This is some strange first date….”

A Very Pie Filled Christmas || Ned & T'Venna

      Ned managed to prop the door open with the small display tree he had on either side of the entrance. He huffed and puffed as he moved around the jazz piano to push it, and then pull it inside the building. It had taken longer than he expected– out of his apartment, avoiding his other furniture, into the elevator and all the way down. He didn’t realize he had the back door of the Pie Hole locked until he had pushed the piano all the way there. Of course no one would be able to hear him with the Christmas music already playing– so he took the more dangerous route to the front. 

     The ground was both slushy and icy with the previous night’s snowfall. He did his best not to have it fly down the street, and/or trample him flat. But when he finally got it to the door, his problems were over. 

     With a breath he slid it toward the rounded counter in the center of his restaurant. “I didn’t break anything.” Unwrapping the scarf from his neck and setting it on the piano’s top, he took a moment to rest before he moved it toward the corner, near the espresso machine. “I forgot the trombone and guitar at the back door though."