santabarbaratown 2

Gus: You need to stop. We’re in way over our heads. We have redefined the words “over our heads." 

Shawn: [recording into phone] Over Our Heads. Great title for a movie about two short guys who pretend to be one tall guy in order to get a basketball scholarship.


In the Psych pilot, and through out Season One, Shawn and Henry had a really rocky relationship. They were chilly at best and downright snarky  at worst. 

But here, in the Season Seven premiere, Shawn literally goes out of his mind for a while because he is so upset.

He admits that he loves his father. And that is very telling of his character. 

Shawn: “I need something bigger, man. Maybe something semi-automatic. Something I can shoot a caribou with. That’s my dream. Not for sport. Just for their general superior attitude. I wouldn’t kill one, no sir. Just teach those cocky bastards a little humility by grazing it in its horn.”