More Deaf West Newsies

@crunchie-morris your wish is my command and also I just? Can’t get enough of this idea.

  •  I already have a post on this somewhere
  • But I’m gonna yell about it again
  • basically Newsies is perfect for Deaf West? All of it is perfect
  • Jack
    • has a voice
    • sometimes his trouble keeping in sync with his voice
    • Like when he’s joking around? his voice goes faster than he can translate
    • but also sometimes his voice just cuts off entirely
    • In Santa Fe Prologue, the “hey, hey. Don’t you know that we’se a family? would I let you down? no way. Just hold on kid, til that train make Santa Fe” is signed and not sung before Jack hugs Crutchie tightly 
    • In Santa Fe, his voice cracks on “Good ol’ Captain Jack” and cuts out, so the rest of the song in signed completely
    • When he’s giving his speech in Seize the Day, his voice is coming in and out but his signs stay steady
    • Whenever his voice is talking too fast, somebody is standing off to the side translating for the deaf newsies
    • he does do his best to keep in sync with his voice, but sometimes his voice is just going faster than he is
  • Crutchie
    • doesn’t have a voice
    • Jack always pays super close attention to everything Crutchie signs
    • Race will translate for Crutchie when needed, but mostly he just knows that the people who matter can understand him
    • he sells his papers either with a partner, usually Jack or Race, or by looking as small and pitiful as he can
    • instead of yelling when he’s getting taken away, he’s just slamming his hands into the ground, and he’s terrified because he knows nobody can hear him
    • Letter From the Refuge? Letter From the Refuge.
  • Davey
    • does not have a voice, only a deaf actor
    • Les’s voice translates for Davey at first, but eventually Davey learns to speak for himself with his signs
    • Seize the Day is incredible like this just imagine it. Davey is signing all of his parts, but Jack’s voice would still come in on the harmonies
    • and on the “Now is the time to seize the day” call and response bit Davey is signing proudly and then the rest of the newsies come in behind him
    • it’s glorious
    • also as Davey starts to come out of his shell, he goes from signing down low and more slowly to going as fast as his mind is working
  • Katherine
    • is only played by a hearing actress but signs along with all her lines
    • when she’s writing her article, she speaking it out loud as the words go up above her just like it already happens
    • when she’s singing Watch What Happens she’s singing right along with herself
    • at the “A girl? It’s a girl? How the hell? Is that even legal?” she’s pulling faces and signing as aggressively and “manly” as she can
  • Pulitzer
    • Is only a voice, he doesn’t have a deaf actor
    • Hannah is usually translating frantically but Pulitzer is swatting her hands down constantly
    • he proves he does know how to sign when Roosevelt shows up and he grudgingly starts signing
  • Race
    • similar to Jack, both voice and deaf actor
    • Race is much better at staying in sync even though he doesn’t look like it
    • when he calls Mr. Wiesel “Weasel” his deaf actor deliberately spells out the word, throwing every letter in Mr. Wiesel’s face
    • his voice is bouncing all over the place all the time while his voice is usually more controlled
    • the exception is King of New York, when both the voice and deaf actor are super hyper and super into the dance
  • The newsies
    • a mix of hearing and deaf actors, all of whom can sign
    • whenever somebody is speaking, hearing newsies are standing so that their deaf friends can see what they’re signing so they know what’s going on
    • even if the person is translating, like Roosevelt at the end, boys are translating in case somebody can’t see
  • In general
    • the dancing? you wouldn’t have to change almost any of like, Seize the Day, Carrying the Banner, King of New York, because most of the crazy dancing happens either in a dance break or when people are off to the sides, and the things that would change would be incredible? 
    • little details? the boys are always saying little things off to the side, imagine how much more fun that would be with signing added in
    • Medda would be so flamboyant with her signing and it would be Davey’s first time seeing somebody genuinely proud of being deaf? that would be his first moment of “maybe I’m not like them but also maybe that doesn’t have to be so bad”
    • Les? He starts out sticking with Davey and always keeping his voice and signing lined up, but as he starts to idolize Jack more he starts to be more like Jack in that sometimes his voice gets away from him

In conclusion: Please give me Deaf West Newsies? Please.

taekook rec: december 2016

fever chills by cleo_withoutthepatra

“Taehyung looks down at the thermometer and feels his blood run cold and there it is - the moment you realize you’ve let things go on how they are for too long and now it’s too late.”

or, alternatively: the one where jungkook works himself straight into sickness (per usual), only this time is different and taehyung doesn’t know what to do

taehyung’s currency by TaeAndKookies

The five times they kiss and the one time it means something.

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Damian is afraid of Santa Claus.

He writes letters to Santa Claus, begging him not to stalk him.

He sits up all night waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney so he can turn him over to the police. Unfortunately, Tim has drugged his hot chocolate.

The tag signed From Santa causes a panic attack the next morning. So this year Damian is prepared.

He’s got constant surveillance going on at Wayne Manor. No one makes a move that Damian doesn’t know about. He’s part of multiple online conspiracy threads. Now he knows Santa Claus to be a Russian spy. There’s poison in the milk and cookies. Not enough to kill, just to incapacitate. Titus is trained to attack anyone who appears ‘jolly’ on sight. There will be no unexpected presents this year.

Of course, his family doesn’t tell him Santa Claus isn’t real. Not letting children believe in Santa Claus is practically child abuse.

gafou gift exchange?

I’m considering organizing a little gift exchange, would you guys be up for that? it’s the same concept as a secret santa, so people sign up, and everyone has to make fic or art for someone else, based on their preferences. on a specific day, everyone posts their surprise gift, and everyone’s happy! everything will be explained in details in the post. so, are you in? :D