Spell for Protection

You’ll need
-A piece of obsidian(preferably an arrowhead you can put on a necklace)
-A candle
-Holy water/Blessed water

Hold the obsidian in your hands and see it glowing with a fierce light that cuts away all negativity that comes near it. Say
“Santa Muerte, my most holy advocate, please wrap me in your cloak in protection this hour , protect your child . Use your scythe to clear my path, mi Madrina .”
Pass the obsidian through the flame and the water:
“As water and fire, above and below , away from me all evil shall flow.”

Series that I’ve picked up that are similar to the Dresden Files:

-The Iron Druid Chronicles: The gods are real, some are still right assholes and the last living Druid is just trying make a living after a couple of millennia.  It doesn’t last, and the end of the world is ready to go.  Snark, romance, a talking dog and some pretty badass women pepper the series.

-Mick Oberon: It’s Chicago in the 1930′s, and Mick Oberon is just your regular PI.  Except he uses a wand.  And has pointed ears.  And is a couple of centuries old.  You know what?  A Fae PI in 1930′s Chicago, dealing with the Mob, the Unseelie and a baker’s dozen other bad things isn’t normal at all.  Oh, and there’s snark.

-Sandman Slim: James Stark has been locked away for a decade and in that time, his girlfriend died, he lost his house, life has gone to shit, and punk got a whole lot wimpier.  So he’s back to right some wrongs.  With a knife that can kill anything, some Hellion magic and a series that just won’t let up with the action.  It also lets the whole trope of power deescalation take hold.  Yeah, and there’s snark.  Anyone seeing a pattern?

-Alex Verus: Mr Verus is a bit of a one trick pony compared to everyone else here.  He’s not powerful, he can’t blow you up and he doesn’t have gods backing him up. All he can do is see the future.  But sometimes, that’s not enough to stay out of a fight, or keep your greatest fear from raising it’s head.  So when push comes to shove, Verus fights.  And scares the everloving shit out of Harry Dresden in the process.  And guess what?  There’s snark, of the British variety.

-Eric Carter:  This is not a good man.  Don’t try and trick yourself into believing he can be anything but.  But this necromancer tries to fly right and help.  The only downside is that the bodies start piling up and Santa Muerta wants to put a ring on him… Only downsides?  Oh yeah.  Those are just the beginning…


I need a large quantity of things to satisfy my grief aka I would like to do some grief shopping but it will cause me grief it’s a huge problem you feel me?

a) Santa Muerta Tarot

b) Halloween Oracle

c) Illuminated Tarot

d) Gemma Gary’s new book Silent as Trees

e) Veneficium

f) 13 Pathways of Occult Herbalism


Banane Metalik - Santa Muerta