there’s a place off ocean avenue where I used to sit and talk to you

aye-gyo  asked:

where do you think bts would take their new spouse on honeymoon?

Namjoon: [Milan, Italy] - one of Europe’s fashion centrals, imagine walking with him through the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, stopping at various stores and sipping cold drinks from a small, upscale shop you two stopped by after taking photos and staring in awe at the Duomo together. An evening trip to enjoy the art at The Pinacoteca di Brera, revealing in the works of artists so far-ahead of their time. You’ll rest in the many parks that scatter the city, holding bags filled to the brim with your new buys as Namjoon leans in for a kiss that is full of love, something Italy knows much about.

Yoongi: [Los Angles, California] - a mix of upbeat fun from watching street performers together and having a thrill seeking honeymoon date to Universal Studios, then relaxing on towels at Santa Monica Bay, even a homebody like Yoongi will be up to do anything under the warm sun. Home to an abundance of museums and interesting people, getting him to go out won’t be that hard. Swinging your hands together as you walk through the sand, Yoongi’ll make sure the sun is setting just right, just to make this trip and this moment between you even more special.

Jin: [Florence, Italy] - the architecture of Italy is one of the finest in the word, but none of the art in any of the cathedrals, palaces, or museums is going to match up to how perfect Jin thinks you are. Get ready to take a million photos, try every restaurant in a two mile radius around your hotel, and share a romantic little boat ride down the River Arno. A honeymoon full of new sights and amazing tastes and an excited Jin absolutely concentrated on you. 

Hoseok: [Rio de Janeiro, Brazil] - being on a honeymoon might mean relaxing on the beach for some people, but for Hoseok it means swimming in the waterfalls at Tijuca National Park. It means climbing up the hundreds of steps to see Christ the Redeemer up close. It means surfing at Ipanema beach and partying at the various nightclubs scattered around Lapa. Romantic and thrilling is just up Hoseok’s alley. 

Jimin: [Amsterdam, Netherlands] - from sipping coffee to wandering from local art galleries to pretty little shops, being in Jordaan and walking across the beautiful canals of Amsterdam is just a perfect scene for you and Jimin. He’d want to celebrate the fact that you’ve just been married by taking you somewhere beautiful and just pampering you. Also, it lets you two let out a more fun side when you party it up at clubs in Leidseplein or have a fun day at Artis Zoo. Lots of kissing each other’s foam mustaches from all the different lattes you’ll be trying. 

V: [Hong Kong] - even if you two are adults nothing is going to stop V from taking you straight to Hong Kong Disneyland for a full day of fun rides and childish wonder. Then you’ll get to take photos infront of the Hong Kong clock tower, the Tian Tan Buddha, and Victoria Peak. Exploring the Po Lin Monastery and Man Mo Temple too. And the end to your fun days will include eating new and exciting street food as V teases you for all the cute reactions you’ve show him throughout the day. 

Jungkook: [Tokyo, Japan] - strolling through the various gardens, markets, and shrines you and Jungkook will get a taste of the culture of Japan. You’ll take a tour of the Imperial Palace, marvel at the Tokyo Tower, and stand under the changing lights of the Rainbow bridge. But you’ll also find yourselves shopping at Harajuku, making Jungkook try on things he’d never imagine existed. You’ll try to get a photo of you two right in the middle of Shibuya Crossing, and then laugh and apologize when hurried people bump into you. And of course it’s Jungkook so you’re definitely going to spend a good amount of time in Akihabara both of you fanning over the endless amounts of new electronics and of course, anime. Somehow it feels like a High School trip, not a honeymoon - but Jungkook will figure out how to make it romantic too.