For the entire year of 2003, photographer Robert Weingarten decided to throw out everything he knew about photography. Instead of always looking for something different to capture, Robert decided to focus on the same piece of sky at the same time of every morning.

His 6:30 A.M. series takes you on a picturesque journey through the ever-changing hues of Santa Monica Bay sunrises.

The Same Piece of Sky Captured Every Day for a Year

via Faith is Torment

This October, the Skirball Cultural Center, one of the nation’s leading Jewish cultural institutions, will present an exhibit in tandem with the finale of its 30-year partnership with legendary architect, urban planner, and theorist Moshe Safdie: the last two buildings of a 15-acre complex in the Santa Monica Mountains. Shown: Safdie’s entrance to the Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore. Photography by Timothy Hursley.