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Lucifer 3x01 - They’re Back Aren’t They? - Spoilers and Speculation (Updated Sep. 13)

The episode numbers correspond to the Lucifer Writers’ Room scripts and NOT their airing order! 

Warning! There is always a possibility that certain scenes might have been mixed up under their non-respective episodes. Also, some spoilers might have been misplaced and as such certain posts may be edited in time. 

Press Release: 

After a confused Lucifer wakes up in the middle of the desert with his wings back, he recruits the help of Chloe to help figure out what happened to him and why. 

Upon doing their own research, they come across a crime scene that could be tied to Lucifer’s kidnapping. 

When the Lancaster Police Department get involved, newcomer Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) fails to make a great impression on everyone with his stern demeanour. 

The investigation goes awry when Lucifer finds himself in another compromising situation and something much darker is revealed.

Season Three premiere episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Oct. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (L-301) (TV-14 D, L, V)

Written by  Ildy Modrovich

Directed by Karen Gaviola.


Promo Things are Heating in Season 3 (Sep. 16)

Promo: Hotter than Hell (Sep. 13)

Preview: It’s Getting Hotter Than Ever (Sep. 11)

Promo: Same Devil, New time (Aug. 25)

This post follows the logic of the standalone posts. We gather all the spoilers and the information in one place. At least we try… 

What is new this season set-wise?

We have a precinct bathroom and a secret entrance to Lucifer’s penthouse. We may not see them in the first episode of the season but it’s good to remember that they exist. 

Our first spoiler for 3x01 came from our very own @mischief-with-sandra but then we knew that some of their first shootings were outside in L.A. 

We have plenty of videos which show Lucifer and Chloe confronting probably a suspect before Lucifer has enough and throws him into the pool which is just a story down…  The unfortunate guy is Pej Vahdat

The videos of that scene can be seen:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

Afterwards, we had several videos and photos but the most notable was Tom Ellis trying to get into his role’s mood while joking between dicing and slicing… Yet the question remains why does Lucifer has Maze’s daggers when we know that Maze is not in episode 1 and appears probably in the 3rd aired episode of the season with probably the standalone episode 2x19 Mr and Mrs Smith.

My speculation here still stands that maze had a lot to do with Lucifer’s kidnapping. 

The video of Tom Ellis mentioned above can be found here:


3x01 yet features other locations as well. The Santa Monica Bay and what is underneath it… Perhaps it’s for a case of perhaps Lucifer needs to get back there to make sure Mum is really gone… A wild guess from my part to be honest…

Now from the promos, we do know due to the clothes that Lucifer has something important to say to Chloe but he fails as always. My best guess is that he tries to tell her he was kidnapped and she sees it as another attempt to get back to her good graces again… That can be more or less verified from the mid-July interviews where it is reported that Chloe will find Lucifer’s claims doubtful over him being kidnapped by SInnerman or that his Dad being behind it. So yes at first she may doubt him but eventually, she will realise the truth unfortunately not the one we want but we will have to make the most of it…

Also, we don’t know for sure whether the promo scene with Lucifer and Marcus is from 3x01 or it is a shooting sequence… What we do know from Comic Con is that Tom Welling as Marcus Pierce does appear in the first episode after his own admission that he forgot his lines during a shoot…. So with some reservations, I have to say 3x01 welcome Marcus Pierce! 

Other scenes we know they belong in 3x01 include the famous first shoot of S3 with a rather ominously gleeful Lucifer looking through a window and setting aside the drapes. 

Another scene which may or may not be included in 3x01 but it may start the second episode of the season is the following. 

@ships-sailing-in-the-night and I have speculated a lot about that scene… We have mentioned the plaster and that Lucifer seems to be wearing his black velvet robe but what does Linda doing with him? Harris joked about a pillow fight but in reality, we know very little about this. We do know that there is a set which may or may not be Linda’s house and it sporting some rather interesting Buhdas and other kinds of woodwork.. (Just imagine Lucifer commenting on them) 

Our best guess is that both characters are feeling vulnerable at the moment so there is a probability that either Lucifer wants a short term roommate even if it;s only for a night or that he seeks Linda’s presence as he feels lost. No matter what be prepared for some quivering lips when that scene airs… 

One more thing the audience should be prepared for is that Lucifer will be seen back to the dessert…  Today (Sep. 13) The press release cleared certain spoilers under the correct episode! The murder in the similar setting where Lucifer was left in the desert implies that the shooting in the dessert was entirely for 3x01 and not for 3x02! 

Lucifer, Chloe, Dan and Ellllla investigate a really odd grave like site, bearing a lot similarities with Lucifer’s kidnapping in the middle of the desert… Can you say Sinnerman? Perhaps we don’t know for sure but what we do know is that the crew had to spend an entire day there in the middle of the summer. Just for that, I would watch it if I were you. 

Videos which may give an idea of what was going on there are the following: Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

Finally, we do know that the crew also shot some scenes after the sun had set so… be prepared for that as well!

Behind the Scenes Videos:

Video 1 

Video 2 

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6 

Video 7

Video 8

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would you maybe do 40 and webgott, maybe? i'd be really grateful if you would<3

‘Course, love <3

  • Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Joe is pissed.

There is no better word for it.

He is pissed because for the first time in weeks, he swears to God, he finally has the weekend off, and he has plans goddamnit, and then the blasted phone rings, and as soon as he hears that shrill noise echo throughout his apartment at Gods knows what time in the morning, he knows it’s a bad idea to pick.

He stumbles, as if blind, to the dining room where his land line is installed (he’s not even sure why he even has a land line, no one, no one except for one person, uses that number, and that better not be that person).

“Hello?”, he answers, voice heavy with sleep, eyes flickering to the digital clock by the oven, groaning internally. 5.46. This better be good. And it better not be fucking David Webster on the other side of that phone line.

“Yes, hello, is this the residence of one Mr. Joseph Liebgott?”, a perky female voice sounds from the other end, far to chirpy for this time in the morning.

“Yeah, I’m Joe Liebgott,” he says, a hand going through his hair. “What’s this about?”

“Ah, I’m glad,” she answers, sounding pleased, “I’m calling from the UCLA Santa Monica Bay Physical, and I’m calling to inform you that we this morning had one David Kenyon Webster brought into our ICU, and you were listed as his emergency contact. If you could come down here, so we can brief you better on his condition and treatment?”

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where do you think bts would take their new spouse on honeymoon?

Namjoon: [Milan, Italy] - one of Europe’s fashion centrals, imagine walking with him through the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, stopping at various stores and sipping cold drinks from a small, upscale shop you two stopped by after taking photos and staring in awe at the Duomo together. An evening trip to enjoy the art at The Pinacoteca di Brera, revealing in the works of artists so far-ahead of their time. You’ll rest in the many parks that scatter the city, holding bags filled to the brim with your new buys as Namjoon leans in for a kiss that is full of love, something Italy knows much about.

Yoongi: [Los Angles, California] - a mix of upbeat fun from watching street performers together and having a thrill seeking honeymoon date to Universal Studios, then relaxing on towels at Santa Monica Bay, even a homebody like Yoongi will be up to do anything under the warm sun. Home to an abundance of museums and interesting people, getting him to go out won’t be that hard. Swinging your hands together as you walk through the sand, Yoongi’ll make sure the sun is setting just right, just to make this trip and this moment between you even more special.

Jin: [Florence, Italy] - the architecture of Italy is one of the finest in the word, but none of the art in any of the cathedrals, palaces, or museums is going to match up to how perfect Jin thinks you are. Get ready to take a million photos, try every restaurant in a two mile radius around your hotel, and share a romantic little boat ride down the River Arno. A honeymoon full of new sights and amazing tastes and an excited Jin absolutely concentrated on you. 

Hoseok: [Rio de Janeiro, Brazil] - being on a honeymoon might mean relaxing on the beach for some people, but for Hoseok it means swimming in the waterfalls at Tijuca National Park. It means climbing up the hundreds of steps to see Christ the Redeemer up close. It means surfing at Ipanema beach and partying at the various nightclubs scattered around Lapa. Romantic and thrilling is just up Hoseok’s alley. 

Jimin: [Amsterdam, Netherlands] - from sipping coffee to wandering from local art galleries to pretty little shops, being in Jordaan and walking across the beautiful canals of Amsterdam is just a perfect scene for you and Jimin. He’d want to celebrate the fact that you’ve just been married by taking you somewhere beautiful and just pampering you. Also, it lets you two let out a more fun side when you party it up at clubs in Leidseplein or have a fun day at Artis Zoo. Lots of kissing each other’s foam mustaches from all the different lattes you’ll be trying. 

V: [Hong Kong] - even if you two are adults nothing is going to stop V from taking you straight to Hong Kong Disneyland for a full day of fun rides and childish wonder. Then you’ll get to take photos infront of the Hong Kong clock tower, the Tian Tan Buddha, and Victoria Peak. Exploring the Po Lin Monastery and Man Mo Temple too. And the end to your fun days will include eating new and exciting street food as V teases you for all the cute reactions you’ve show him throughout the day. 

Jungkook: [Tokyo, Japan] - strolling through the various gardens, markets, and shrines you and Jungkook will get a taste of the culture of Japan. You’ll take a tour of the Imperial Palace, marvel at the Tokyo Tower, and stand under the changing lights of the Rainbow bridge. But you’ll also find yourselves shopping at Harajuku, making Jungkook try on things he’d never imagine existed. You’ll try to get a photo of you two right in the middle of Shibuya Crossing, and then laugh and apologize when hurried people bump into you. And of course it’s Jungkook so you’re definitely going to spend a good amount of time in Akihabara both of you fanning over the endless amounts of new electronics and of course, anime. Somehow it feels like a High School trip, not a honeymoon - but Jungkook will figure out how to make it romantic too.