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Sam + childhood
This is my bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa gift for the-dilatory-dictator, who requested Winchester family dynamics. It’s not very festive, I’m afraid, but I hope you like it anyway! Happy Christmas!

Also I need us all to discuss Nedley awkwardly buying toys for Nicole’s cat because this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard ok.

BEHIND THE LENS | harry holland

in which the reader is a famous photographer and harry has a crush on her and tom hires her for his next photoshoot that harry is also a part of




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Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 89 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!!)

Here is your translation summary for this month’s chapter of Ao no Exorcist.  As usual, I’m writing this up as I read it, so there could be mistakes or typos.  I’m also kind of tired right now as I spent most of yesterday on a plane or waiting in airports, but I wanted to get this out asap so I can get caught up.  Here it is:

Blue Exorcist 89:

Happy (Merry Christmas) Birthday

The chapter starts out with Rin cooking as Kuro looks on excitedly.  Everyone is doing their part to set up the Christmas party and it looks amazing.  They all go to get dressed (although Yukio refuses) and Rin puts on some reindeer ears.  Shiemi comes back in full Santa costume with a bag of presents and thanks Nii-chan for his hard work.  She says she’ll get him some water but then…everything goes wrong.  Nii-chan rolls over, which tips the tree, which catches the decorations…etc etc etc.  The tree even catches fire.  Shiemi falls flat on her face, and the only thing left untouched is the cake.  That is, until Konekomaru trips and knocks it over.  Everything’s a mess.  Shiemi is beside herself, but Rin and everyone else start laughing.  “I can’t believe it…in one moment, everything was gone…!!”  Rin says some stuff survived (the food), and that they would have a nabe party instead.  So, we see everyone cooking up nabe (which is a sort of community hot pot dish).  Mephisto, Shura and Lightning show up.  Shima gets a call from Juuzo asking him, Suguro and Konekomaru if they are coming back for New Year’s.  He tells them that he and Mamushi are having a baby and they want to celebrate.  He then puts them on with Mamushi and she asks if they can come, and when Suguro starts to say he can’t, Lightning interrupts and says he’s “sleeping” for now and to go home because family is important.  Everyone congratulates them and then they open their presents.  Shiemi then says “Oh, I forgot, I have a present for everyone”.  It’s a four-leaf clover.  She tells everyone good luck on their tests, and Rin gets upset and asks her if she doesn’t want to become an exorcist because she’s dying.  She’s shocked, and says that she’s sorry that she can’t tell them the reason, but she’s not dying, and that she’ll be there.  “Even though I can’t fight by your side, I’ll be supporting you with equipment and medicine from the exorcist shop!”

Later on, Rin says he’s really worried about Shiemi.  Just then Shura comes in and says she drank too much and wants some water.  Rin asks if it’s okay that she hasn’t gone home at this hour and she says she lives there on the second floor.  Yukio asks “Didn’t you know?” and Rin replies that he didn’t.  Shura says “You guys are 16 years old now” and says that she should give them a present since she’s dressed like Santa.  Then she drops a bombshell on them by telling them that she met their mother once…and her name was Yuri Egin.  Yukio practically yells at her “How did you know her!?  And why did you wait until now…”  She replies that it wasn’t a big deal and that she only spent a little time with her.  She asks them if they want to hear it, and while Yukio is very adamant that he does, Rin agrees in a very disinterested way.  

18 years ago, Shirou had brought her to Yuri asking for a favor.  He asked her to do something with Shura (because she stank) and that he didn’t know what to do because she was a girl.  Yuri gave her a bath and told her that her red hair was beautiful.  She found her some clothes while Shirou grumbled about picking her up during his mission and that Mephisto said he was stuck with her since the institution was full.  Yuri makes them food and Shirou asks Yuri if she can take care of Shura, and that if she can’t, he’ll have to put her in an asylum.  Shura screams “NO!!” and grabs onto him.  Yuri laughs and says that he’ll regret it if he lets her go.  Shirou is taken aback but then Yuri asks her if she wants to live there with them.  “Shirou would be your father, and I would be your mother…doesn’t that sound fun?”  Shirou then says “…that doesn’t sound fun.  Don’t make such stupid jokes, you perverted woman” (he’s really kind of cruel here).  Yuri just says “I guess you’re right, even though it would be wonderful”.  Shura says “your mother was a wonderful, kind, beautiful woman” and that she could never match up with her in her entire life.  She says that Rin has her eyes, and that Yukio has her facial moles.  That’s the entire story, and she tells them happy birthday and leaves.  

Later, Yukio asks Rin if he’s awake, and what he thought of the story.  He says he’s glad to know her name and what kind of person she was.  Yukio then asks him if he wants to know the details of their birth.  Yukio says “I want to know how I was born and why it’s a secret”.  He then says to Rin “…you still don’t see any need to find out, do you?”  and Rin replies “that’s right”.  Rin sits up and says “It’s obviously not a happy story, and nothing good will come out of knowing about it.  It’s enough for me to find out on our birthday that our mother was a beautiful and kind person.”  He then says he has to pee, and Yukio suddenly screams at him “Don’t fuck around!!  What birthday!  We don’t even know when we were really born!!!  Even though you run off as usual without ever thinking, why…why are you so half-hearted!  Which one of us is really afraid!!!!”

And that’s the end for this month.  Wow, Yukio really loses it in this chapter.  Nice to find out some backstory on their mother, although I feel like Shirou and Yuri have some history going on for him to treat her like that.  I’m glad that Rin asked Shiemi straight up if she was dying, but that just leaves us with the bigger question on why she’s leaving.  That’s it for this month, I may or may not write up a review of this chapter depending on time constraints.  Enjoy!

Yoonseok - Sope

Just some of my favourite Yoonseok or Sope moments. I say some because 1. There’s so many moments out there that I can’t possibly put them all into one post and 2. I can’t find a lot because when I search up “J-Hope twerking on Suga”  “Yoonseok Moments” or stuff like that, Google doesn’t find any of the pictures or gifs I wanted ):

Huehuehue anyways let’s just get started. 

I mean Hoseok hugged like everyone and everyone comforted him but I just like this. He’s even doing his cute 人 mouth (lmao I tried looking up a frowny face emoji thingy but i just ended up using my chinese keyboard)

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BTS’s Halloween party and they were just comparing hands

and then Hobi goes like

Lmao Yoongi’s so mean to him

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(guys I suck at finding gifs and shit help)

Like look how cute they are. Hobi dnacing with his Santa bag and Yoongi just grips the edge of the bag and dances cutely along side him. 
and then everone else in the background doing their own shit



Hoseok’s all smile-y and Yoogi’s like ??????










Idk I just found this really cute and I couldn’t find the other gif when they’re laughing so hard and Hoseok falls over to the back of Yoongi and is basically hugging him from behind.

But like. Look how fucking adorable Hoseok is. HE LAUGHED AND HIS LEG’S JUST COME UP AND BOUNCE AND I’m so fucking biased towards him excuse me.

Their hug aldkfjeijalkjfiea;oefnowefhkhflaiuwefh. The way Yoongi just cradles Hoseok’s head and brings him closer

Hoseok controlling Yoongi’s arms is so cute and I wish I could find more gifs of them doing this but I suck at finding gifs so pardon me.

their track suits and hwagae market

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Hoseok uncontrollably laughing and Yoongi finding it adorable af


I just find this so adorable like Yoongi just has his hand under Hoseok’s chin and idk why I find it so frickin cute but I do.


Okay this makes me so happy because when Yoongi hops on their backs he wraps his arms around Hoseok’s waist and like ok yoongi ok

and then this (’:

Well I should stop here. Lmao sorry for this super terrible post but I just wanted to make this

P.S. Pictures and gifs are not mine! Creds to everyone who made them!!!

Tis the Season

Title: Tis the Season
Pairing: StilesxReader
Warnings: Smut
Summary: Y/N is sick of waiting on Stiles to make a move so she decides to give him his Christmas gift early.

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“Are you carrying around a Santa hat full of Mistletoe, Stiles?” I asked, my brow raising slowly as I stopped in front of his locker. 

The boy glanced down at the hat bundled up in his hands before grinning up at me with an enthusiastic nod. “It is. There’s candy canes in here as well.”

I continued to look at him with my brow raised, trying to hold back the fit of giggles. I had been dating him for a few weeks now, I guess it wasn’t entirely serious. A few dinner dates here and there, a peck on the cheek and once on the lips. I wasn’t sure if it was because he was worried about making me feel awkward or if he just liked to take things slow. It was sweet, but a part of me was worried he didn’t see this becoming anything series. 

“So, can I ask why?” I giggled, smiling at his happy facial expression. 

“Because it’s Christmas time!” He paused and then opened the bag so I could look in. “Take a candy cane and help me put the mistletoe up above all the doors in the school. It’ll be fun.”

“I knew there was an actual reason behind this.” I smirked, reaching in to grab a candy cane and some mistletoe. “Let’s go put up this mistletoe.” 

The rest of our study period was spent running down hallways with a stapler and a hat full of mistletoe while we hid around corners from teachers. When we put up the last piece of mistletoe I tossed the hat on Stiles head and pointed up at the doorway. “Kiss me.”

He glanced up with a nervous grin before nodding softly. “Well played, Y/N.” 

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He ran his hand over my cheek slowly before dipping down to place his lips against mine. The soft flesh moved lightly against my own before he pulled back and all too quickly it was over. 

Stiles golden hues looked me over a small smile on his face. “Let’s get back to class.” 

I nodded quietly, letting him turn around to head back first, a frown etched on my face as I walked behind him. Was he avoiding giving me an actual kiss?

When we got back into study hall I slid over to sit by Allison. “You okay, Y/N?” 

I sighed, running my hand through my hair. “Yeah…No…I don’t know. Is Stiles trying to not kiss me?” 


“He hasn’t like…actually kissed me since we started seeing each other.”

Allison raised a brow. “Actually kissed you?” 

I nodded. “You know…like…tongue, lust, intense make out sessions that lead to more…” 

Suddenly a new presence scooted over to the conversation. “Okay, just because Stiles can’t hear you, doesn’t mean I can’t.’ Scott raised a brow. “And if you must know, he’s not avoiding you, he heard from Jackson that you like to take things slow and he might have said you’re a virgin.” 

I furrowed my brow. “That jealous asshole.” I grumbled. “What in the world is Stiles doing listening to Jackson?” 

“He didn’t believe him at first, but he also didn’t want to move to fast and make you mad so…he’s waiting for you to make a move, so he knows it’s okay.” Scott whispered before glancing behind his back to see Stiles raising a questioning brow. 

Allison glanced over at me with a grin on her face. “What’s that look for?” 

“Make a move.” 

“What? Like…like how?” 

She giggled, glancing up at the bell rang. “Don’t know, do something fun. It’s the Christmas season, make it a gift.”

I stood up from my seat as Allison walked out of the class. I glanced over my shoulder slowly and watched as Stiles shoved his stuff in his bag, the Santa hat still on his head. For some reason a rush of confidence rushed over me. I stood up slowly and made my way over to Stiles. 

“Are you busy tonight?” I asked, leaning my hip against the desk. I watched as Stiles eyes lifted, landing directly on the curve of my hips for a moment until he looked up at me. 

“N-No…Not that I’m aware of. Why?” He stood up slowly, swinging his bag over his shoulders. 

I grinned, making sure it was as flirty as I could manage. “I have an early Christmas present I wanted to give you…Can you come over at eight? My parents have a Christmas party tonight.” 

He swallowed lightly, nodding. “Sure. Yeah. Of course, I can do that. Yeah, so…so eight? Tonight?”

“Eight tonight.” I smiled, leaning over to kiss his cheek, my lips lingering by his ear. “Bring the Santa hat.” 

I bit his earlobe and giggled as his knees practically buckled under him. 

“Santa hat. Yeah. Okay.” 

It was fifteen minutes to eight when I finally had everything set up. I decorated my room with Christmas lights and some garland, I even bought a red and white lace lingerie outfit and completed it with a red bow wrapped around my chest and my waist. 

I had no idea where this came from, but I was going to go with it. If Jackson made Stiles think I was some plain jane prude, I was going to make sure he learned just how much fun I truly could be. 

I texted him quickly to tell him to come in and head up too my room. The last thing I wanted to do was answer the doorbell in lingerie and have it not be him. I couldn’t remember how many times Isaac had come over for something like eggs or sugar when he used to live next door. 

The sound of the door opening and closing made me toss my phone to the side onto one of my beanbags. I laid across my bed, my hip jutting up, one hand in my hair, the other across my stomach. 

A few moments later the door knob to my room turned and opened slowly. My eyes caught his facial expression as soon as he walked in and caught sight of me. His Adam’s apple bobbed nervously, eyes wide, mouth open. He couldn’t even talk. 

Slowly, I rolled to the side and stood up, walking over to him as seductively as possible. “Merry Christmas, Stiles.” 

He shuddered, eyes casting over every inch of visible skin. “M-Merry Chr…Shit…Y/N…?” 

I giggled a bit, nodding. “Would you like to open your gift?” 

I wasn’t sure what came over Stiles, it might have very easily been exactly what came over me earlier today. Pent up sexual frustration and raw need for contact. Suddenly, his hands flew out, gripping my sides just at the top of my hips, he spun us around and pushed my body with his against the door, making sure it shut tightly behind me. His lips connected instantly with mine, hands roaming up my sides until he reached the bow at the front of my chest.

He parted from the kiss, breathing heavily as he pressed his entire body against my own. “What–Are you sure?” 

I grinned, reaching my hand up to tug his down, pulling the ribbon of the bow with it, untying it instantly. “Don’t ask questions, Stiles. Play with your presents.” 

Stiles outright groaned at the words that fell from my lips, I could feel him harden against my thigh. He reached forward, both hands instantly taking my breasts and rolling them upwards, thumbs tweaking my nipples. 

My lips parted in a soft moan, back arching off the door as he continued to play with my chest. The feeling sent sparks and shivers through my entire body, my hips tilted up pressing against his own, pulling another groan from the boys lips. 

His mouth found mine again, encasing the plump flesh within his own, teeth practically clashing from the pure passion and gruffness of the kiss. A single hand removed itself from my breasts, choosing to cascade down to the second bow above my hips. 

“Tell me, Y/N,” Stiles murmured against my lips. “How naughty have you been this year?” 

I grinned, nipping his lower lip and sucking the plump flesh in between my own. “Would you like me to tell you…or show you?”

As I spoke, I slid my hand down and ran it across the front of his pants, my fingers toying over the zipper. 

“Fuck…” He breathed, tugging the second bow off of me “Show me. Now.” 

Stiles gripped my hips, hoisting me off the floor and shoving me back up against the door. His hips pressed up against mine, to pin me against the wall. His hand reached in between u as he let a single digit slid against the folds of my wet heat. 

I shuddered, moaning softly. “Wouldn’t this be you showing me how naughty you are, Santa?” 

He grinned against the skin of my neck, nipping it roughly. “You can show me later. I need to touch you.” 

I opened my mouth to respond, but all that came out was a loud moan when he suddenly slid a finger into me, curling it against my walls. Arching my back off the door, I bucked my hips up almost instinctively, craving the friction of him moving that digit within me. 

As if he read my mind he began to slid his finger in and out, adding a second soon after. Each time he moved against me, I moaned, the sounds only gaining in volume when his thumb rubbed against the sensitive nub at the top of my heat. 

I could feel my body building up as he increased his pace, a familiar knot in my stomach that felt like it was about to burst at any moment. My eyes shut tight as he continued his assault, fingers moving rapidly within me, his mouth nipping and kissing from my neck to my chest. As his lips suddenly wrapped around my nipple, teeth grazing ever so slightly against it, I broke. 

My whole body was on fire, hips bucking to get as much friction as possible, my head felt like I was falling and I wondered for a split second if I truly ever moaned that loud before.

After I calmed down, I opened my eyes to see Stiles wide eyed as he stared at me. His fingers pulled back and I almost got worried that he thought I was crazy for how loud I had just gotten. Those worries disappeared though when he finally spoke and broke the silence. 

“That was honestly the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” He panted, his breath raspy as if he’d been holding it that entire time. 

I shuddered, but gave him a light grin, my forehead beaded in sweat as I caught my breath. “Stiles…” 


“I need you to fuck me. Right now.” 

Once again, I earned myself an out right groan from the boy as he spun us around and laid me onto the bed. 

He made quick work of his shirt, climbing on top of me, hips lowering to grind against my bare ones. “Take off your pants.” I whispered, my hands running over his chest. 

“You don’t have much patience, do you?” He grinned, glancing up at me, a small laugh falling from his lips when he saw the flustered and frustrated look I sent him. 

“Pants off. Now.”

He smirked, sitting up to undo his belt. “Yes, ma’am.” 

I kept my eyes on him as he stood up, quickly tugging off his jeans as well as his boxers. His eyes smoothed over my body with a nervous smile. “Y/N, you’re so fucking gorgeous.” 

I grinned and sat up, placing my hand at the back of his neck. I tugged him back on top of me, my legs wrapping tightly around his waist. We both moaned when his member slid up against my entrance. 

“Are you ready?” He asked and suddenly, he looked worried. 

“Stiles, I’m not a virgin. Now please…” I pushed my hips up. “Forget what Jackson said, I don’t like to take things slow. Fuck me fast.”

“Fuck…” He whispered, groaning as he slid his hands down to take my hips in them, lifting me up against his own, his member aligning at my entrance. It only took a moment for him to press into me, his hips flush against my own as we both let out a satisfied breath. 

It took us both a moment to adjust to the feeling, neither of us wanting it to end too suddenly. After a few minutes he pulled back, snapping his hips forward once again, burying himself in me with a groan. 

I moaned, my back arching as one of his hands slid from my hip to the small of my back, his digits pressing into the muscle as if he was supporting my weight to make it more comfortable. His other hand stayed firmly on my hip to hold me in place as he continued to move his hips, increasing in pace just long enough to see me on the brink of exploding before stilling himself completely, watching with a grin as I tried to calm myself and not give him a frustrated glare. 

He began moving again with a light chuckle, golden hues keeping my gaze before he leaned down to capture my lips. 

He kissed me roughly and deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth like a dark cavern, I moaned into the kiss when he suddenly pinned my hips to the bed, his own driving into me rapidly. 

That pressure built up once again and I half expected him to stop just before I could reach that high point, but this time he kept going, breaking away from the kiss just as that knot snapped so he could watch my face contorted in pleasure, my body reeling against his own. 

He never slowed down his pace until my walls tightening around him made it to hard for him to keep moving that fast. Still, he didn’t stop his movements, his mouth opening in a groan as he pressed his forehead to mine, his fingers dipping into my skin while he came to his own sexual high. 

After a moment, Stiles collapsed next to me on the bed, both of our chests heaving as we caught our breath. With a grin, Stiles turned on his side, his hand reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, leaning forward to place a kiss against my forehead. 

“That was the best Christmas gift I’v
e ever received.”

On Earth C everyone decides to mix and mash holidays into one giant superholiday and it’s a mess but a fun mess. The trolls tell the humans about 12th Perigee’s Eve, the Rose and Dave explain Hanukkah to everyone (Assuming the other Strilondes never had the chance to experience it firsthand what with being the last humans alive and such), the Crockberts and Harlenglishes get super Christmas hyped. Since Dirk, Roxy, and Calliope aren’t doing much, they put their efforts into New Years, since that’s a pretty easy concept to grasp. They all work super hard with their own designated jobs for a big party they all plan to have on this superholiday. 

Kanaya and Rose focus on decorating for the party, they really could have gotten the job done pretty quick but they had to be really extra about it and go all out. And of course, some breaks to make out a little. In the end maybe things were just a little TOO much for this type of party.

Jade is Santa (Shit let’s be Santa) featuring elf Karkat and reindeer Dave, they’re the ones that hand out all the gifts. Dave jokes about Karkat’s outfit but Karkat just calls Dave a furry, in the most Davekat form of romantic way possible of course. Meanwhile Jade is just having too much fun being Santa.

Jake, Gcatavrosprite, and Dirk go out to get a tree. They come back with two because they couldn’t agree on which tree was the best. Jake picked a super tiny tree because he believes it could do it’s best, while Dirk picked an oak tree because no one explained what type of tree they were supposed to get to him. Gcatavros sided with Jake but Dirk was being stubborn about his tree choice. 

Jane, Roxy, and Callie are on kitchen and food duty, of course. Roxy has to keep a close eye on Callie to make sure she doesn’t, you know, drug anything. But she would have been looking at her anyway, can’t go without some Callieroxy or Calliejaneroxy. But still, Jane is the only one that really knows what she’s doing so half the food ends up being shit no matter how much she tries to get things in order.

Terezi and John are in charge of all the hella rad party games. But, they’re both assholes, so they end up rigging each game in certain ways just to mess with the people playing. Not to mention, they messed with each other a lot while setting things up, it was a mess.

Basically, the whole thing ends up being a mess, all of it. It’s all total shit. The place is overly decorated, the reindeer and elf are flirting while Santa has too much work to do and is goofing around, both trees are total shit, most of the food is burnt or even real food, the party games are total jackassery, the whole party is just TERRIBLE. 

And everyone had a fantastic time. They all ended up laughing at themselves and at each other. The decorations may have been too much but they sure were pretty, Santa and her helpers may not be great at their job but they look adorable trying, the trees may be wrong but they’re decorated anyway, the food may suck but it’s perfect for throwing at your friends’ faces, and the games may be rigged but its hilarious to watch everyone fuck up.

For the first time in a while everyone is together, they’re all enjoying a wonderful genuine time, laughing, playing, singing, even if it’s all fucked up, who cares? Perfect is too plain for these kids, none of them are perfect, they’re all fucked up in one way or another and they all love each other anyway. So in a way, all the fuckups of this party made it perfect. It was the most fun they’d had in a while. 

Terezi brings up how much Vriska would have been COMPLAINING if she were there, and they all have a genuine laugh about it, especially gcatav. Dave and Karkat get caught under the mistletoe and get too flustered to kiss with everyone chanting “KISS KISS KISS”. Jade hands out everyone’s gifts from her Santa bag. Jake teaches Roxy some Christmas songs she can bug everyone with all by singing them night long. Dirk tries to light the Menorah but ends up lighting everything in that area on fire for a second because he used a flame thrower. Rose and Kanaya share the big New Years kiss, as expected of the hs powercouple Rosemary. John and Jane are just about ready to start launching cake in everyone’s faces, for a full scale food war. Callie gets to experience all of this for the first time so she assumes this is what normal Holiday parties are like, and she fucking loves it. A+ time. 

All of them loved it. They all wake up the next day on the floor of the same room, and just start laughing about the great time they all had.

They do it every year now.

Girl Meets Season 5 - Episode 13– Girl Meets A Christmas Wish

Synopsis: What can you expect when you’re finishing high school? For Riley her entire world will turn upside down and picking up the pieces will bring her and her friends closer together.

[Previous Episodes]

A/N: All the fluff and angst in the world…. someone stop me because I love writing Rucas fluff

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Yamaguchi, today is your Day

I was part of @askhqchibis secret santa and I got @skootleskittle who asked for Tsukkiyama fluff so here it is. The ending is a little rushed so I will probably edit it soon. I’m so sorry I didn’t post it yesterday, I was really close on time so I had to wait untill I got home from school. Also, in some places Tsukishima and Yamaguchi’s names are spelled wrong so sorry again. I worked really hard on this, so happy holidays!

Tsukkishima and Yamaguchi were the last ones in the locker room, Tsukkishima because Noya had hid his glasses and Yamaguchi for a reason only known by the blond. The only thing that was heard through the silent atmosphere was the rustling of clothes and the almost silent sniffling coming from the direction of the scrawny boy. After a long amount of undressing and awkward silence, Tsukki decided to speak, even though he could already tell the answer to his question. “What’s wrong, Yamaguchi?” The boy froze, thinking what his answer should be. But then he remembered this is Tsukki he’s talking to, who always listened to him. “I-it’s my fault. I missed all of my serves.” Yamaguchi voice was cracking as his statement went on, his leg jiggling nervously against the bench he was sitting on. But Tsukki was ready to make his boyfriend feel better. He crept up behind his lover, leaned over him and wrapped his arms around Yamaguchi, then whispered in his ear, “You’re the reason we won, Tadashi.” This caused the brown haired boy to break into tears, trembling against Tsukki’s arms. The blond repositioned his body so that he could sit next to his soul mate, even leaning his head on his shoulder. As Yam’s tears trickled to a stop, Tsukki released his grip and used his shirt to wipe away the excess tears. “You really are something, Yamaguchi.” The boy grinned a meek smile at the compliment, but it quickly turned back into a frown. Almost heartbroken, Tsukishima softly said, “You don’t believe me… do you?” Yamaguchi froze again, heart pounding out of his chest with guilt of not believing his boyfriend. He shook his head slowly. Tsukishima grabbed Yamaguchi’s cold hands and softly commanded, “Tadashi,” Tadashi looked Tsukki in the eyes. “As thanks, I’m going to take you out tomorrow, f-for whatever you want.” Kei was blushing, obviously flustered. Tearing up, Yamaguchi cried, “Arigato, Tsukki!” The duo got up and started their way home, they were so exited for tomorrow that they were holding hands tighter then usual.

           The second Yamaguchi woke up, the memories of the day before came flooding back. He quickly threw on some sweatpants and his sweater, the one that matched Tsukki’s sweater, a Christmas present from last year, all the while singing, “Tsukki loves me Yay! Tsukki loves me Yay!” over and over until he heard a knock on the door. Yamaguchi skipped over to the door, unbolting it to find Tsukkishima wearing his matching sweater, his headphones, and a mysterious grocery bag. “Happy Yamaguchi Day.” Tsukki croaked somewhat happily, handing the bag to Tadashi. He looked inside, it was a leather bracelet. Upon inspecting it, on the inside of it read Best Friends – Boyfriends. “Arigato, Tsukki!” Tadashi exclaimed, slipping the bracelet onto his wrist. Tsukishima raised his wrist to show off his. “Where do you want to go first?” “StDonald’s!” Yamaguchi practically yelled, trying to cover up his stomach grumbling. Tsukki flashed one of his rare smiles as he grabbed Tadashi’s hand, leading him down the street towards the shopping district.

           “We will take two orders of fries.” Tsukishima monotone towards the cashier, who handed him his food. “Have a good day!” Yamaguchi joyfully chirped back as the duo headed to a table by a window. Just when Yamaguchi was about to start eating, Tsukishima cut in, “Wait, Tadashi.” As he pulled away his fries and started sorting them. When it seemed like he was done, he pushed one pile towards Yamaguchi, keeping another pile for himself. After sending him a confused look, Tsukishima replied, “Soft vs crispy fries.” “Fanks Fooki!” Yamaguchi spoke with his mouthful of fries. Personally, Tsukki loved the soft fries, but this was his boyfriend’s day; he deserves the good fries. Just watching Yamagucci made him appreciate everything good in the world. Tadashi quickly gobbled down his food, leaving Tsukki to instantly shove his own into his mouth. “Where next, Yamaguchi?” “… Where do you want to go, Tsukki?” Kei immediately started blushing and looking away, finally stuttering, “I-I could use some StarYen…hot chocolate.” Yamaguchi grinned and grabbed his hand and they left the store together.

           As much as Tsukishima insisted, Yamaguchi went up to get some hot chocolate to go, so Kei pulled out his phone and texted Kuroo.

Kuroo-san, the plan worked for Tadashi. How about Kenma?

Glasses, it worked great. We’re just playing video games and chillin’. Where you two?

At StarYen, getting hot chocolate. Hey, quick question.

What is it?

Did Kenma cry when you told him?

There were a few moments of nothing until his phone buzzed.

Yamaguchi did, didn’t he?


More silence.

Our boyfriends are the best.

           Kei smiled while typing.

Goodbye, Kuroo-san.

           Tsukishima turned his phone off just as Yamaguchi came back with the drinks. “What were you doing?” Tadashi inquired. “Telling Nii-chan I was out. Thanks for the hot chocolate, Tadashi.” Yamaguchi grinned. “I had an idea for where we go next, Tadashi.” “Where, Tsukki?” “The- the spa.” Yamaguchi stared at him for a moment. “O-okay, Tsukki.” Tadashi sounded nervous. “I brought your swimsuit, so don’t worry, Tadashi.” Yamaguchi smiled again. “Arigato, Tsukki!” Tsukishima smiled one of is rare smiles for the second day today. They grabbed hands again, palms still warm from their drinks.

           Yamaguchi was handed his swim trunks from Tsukki, the green ones with the stripes, while Kei took off his glasses. They traveled to the changing booths and changed. Tadashi anxiously walked out of the changing room, staring at the floor. “You look beautiful, Tadashi.” Yamaguchi stammered out an incoherent response, which Tsukki only gently smiled at. He motioned for him to follow, bare feet slapping against the tiled floor, till they finally found a hot tub surrounded by cherry blossoms. Tsukishima sniffed the air violently. “Damn it, they promised sugar plum scents… Gomen, Tadashi.” Yamaguchi snickered. “Daijōbudesu, Tsukki!”

Tsukki stepped in first, the hot liquid welcoming him with waves excitement. He hummed out a little tune before softly asking, “Tadashi, this is amazing. Try it out.” Yamagucci immediately complied, stepping in next to Kei before submerging, finally to rest his head on Tsukishima’s shoulder. When Tsukishima looked over expecting to see a happy Yamaguchi, he only saw Tadashi’s red back. “Tadashi, what’s with your back?” “Kageyama was serving, a-and it missed and hit me in the back…” I’m going to kill the King tomorrow. “Do you need a massage, Yamaguchi?” Although blushing, Tadashi managed to spit out, “A-arigato, Tsukki!”

Kei gently dragged Yamaguchi onto his lap, and repositioned the scrawny boy’s hands into a clasping position. Then he set to work moving up, then down, then up, then left… until Yamaguchi fell asleep. Kei was determined to stay awake, but he couldn’t resist sleeping to the sounds of Tadashi’s breathing.

“Hey lovebirds, it’s closing time.” Someone was snapping loudly in Tsukishima’s face. He had to squint under the bright lights to see the small man crouching in front of him. “Sorry sir. We’ll leave right away.” Only then did Tsukki realizes his arms surround Tadashi into a passionate hug. The man noticed this and left, only saying, “Get out soon.”

Tadashi, wake up.” Yamaguchi tensed up, but instantly relaxed again. “Hi, Tsukki.” He said groggily, rubbing his eyes to find the water on his hands going into his eyes. “Konbanwa, Tadashi.” When Yamaguchi started to speak but immediately started yawning, it signaled Tsukki to end the bath time. They each went into their separate changing rooms, Tadashi barely able to slip on some jeans without falling asleep. “Let’s go, Tadashi.” They casually left the building without falling asleep, until they were halfway home.

Tsukki had noticed Yamaguchi was shivering, and finally gave him his jacket. “A-a-arigato…Tsukki…” Now Kei had to practically carry Tadashi home. His house was a couple blocks closer than Yamaguchi’s so he just decided Tadashi would stay the night. They carefully crept into his house and up the steps to the guest room. He plopped him on the bed and changed him into a spare set of pajamas before he finally collapsed onto the bed. Kei laid down next to him before being absorbed into Yamaguchi’s hug. Yamaguchi slept carefree that night, but not Tsukki. Even though the thought of waking up to a cold was worrying, the only thing pestering him was if Yamaguchi looked at Kei’s bracelet. It did say Best Friends – Boyfriends , but it also said Husbands.

anonymous asked:

scenarios about hibari doing weird things on special occasions,,, like wearing santa hat and bringing bag of presents and at school he just slams the door with his foot and throws the present to 'notable herbivores' and just walks away searching for the next prey?? pretty please


•Instead of Santa,it’s more like Satan

•Wears entire Santa outfit and beats people who touch his fake beard

•Threatens Tsuna to dress up as an elf


•hE tHInkS iTs nOrMAl

•He doesn’t “hand” presents out

•He throws them at everyone making sure that at least one leaves a bruise

•There is no such thing as a bad gift according to Hibari

•That smashed pineapple Mukuro got seems to disagree-

•tries not to fight others-

•I repeat “tries”

•I’m sure he burns all the mistletoe

•hE GeTs HiBIrD a LiTtLe sAnTa HaT

•ofmdnnfdje Im convinced he teaches Hibird Christmas songs.

Secret Santa headcanons

Lucy Heartfilia

  • Lucy’s secret santa is Gray.
  • Lucy buys Gray a black beanie and black scarf along with a gift card to his favorite frozen yogurt place. She neatly wraps it all in gold wrapping paper and carefully arranges it in a green bag with a simple holly pattern.
  • Gray guesses Lucy on his first try and she’s upset that it was so obvious that it was her.

Natsu Dragneel

  • Natsu’s secret santa is Jellal.
  • Nastu buys Jellal the ugliest Christmas sweater he can find. He sloppily wraps it in brown paper and ties a red bow around it. He has Happy write the tag so that Jellal can’t tell whose handwriting it is.
  • When Jellal has to guess who gave him his gift, he doesn’t have a chance to because Natsu busts out laughing the minute he unwraps the gift.

Gray Fullbuster

  • Gray’s secret santa is Juvia.
  • Gray buys Juvia bath salts as well as various types of soaps for bubble baths. He also buys her a little pale blue wash cloth with a snowman on it. He wraps it all in white tissue paper and puts it in a blue bag with reindeer on it.
  • Juvia immediately guess Gray first, and when he admits it is him, she nearly faints from absolute joy.

Juvia Lockser

  • Juvia’s secret santa is Mira.
  • Juvia buys Mira a cute floppy pink hat and a pink flower charm on a silver necklace chain. She puts the hat in a hat box and wraps it in gold tissue paper. She puts the necklace in a little pouch and places both gifts in a white bag with sparkly white snowflakes.
  • Mira could tell from the start that it was Juvia from the way the girl was sitting on the edge of her seat and looking nervously from the gift to Mira. To humor her, Mira guesses it is Juvia on her last try and Juvia happily confirms her guess.

Erza Scarlet

  • Erza’s secret santa is Gajeel.
  • Erza buys Gajeel his own wireless microphone. She shakily wraps it in snowflake tissue paper and puts it in a blue bag with a snowman on it.
  • Gajeel is so happy with his gift that he almost forgets to guess, but he doesn’t guess that it’s Erza anyways.

Jellal Fernandes

  • Jellal’s secret santa is Laxus.
  • Jellal buys Laxus a pair of headphones that are also earmuffs. He carefully wraps the boxed gift in green wrapping paper and finishes it off with a big red bow.
  • Laxus guesses Jellal on his first try, but it was a fluke. He was just randomly picking people in the circle and Jellal happened to be the first one he laid eyes on.

Gajeel Redfox

  • Gajeel’s secret santa is Levy.
  • Gajeel buys Levy a set of books about dragons and the history of dragons. He wraps the gift somewhat neatly in black wrapping paper with silver snowflakes and completes the present with a red bow.
  • Levy doesn’t guess Gajeel right away and figures it out immediately after she uses her final guess. His bright red blush and shifting eyes gave him away.

Levy McGarden

  • Levy’s secret santa is Lucy.
  • Levy buys Lucy a new pair of Gale-Force Reading glasses as well as the first two books in a fantasy series that Levy loves. She also buys a couple bottles of pastel nail polishes. She wraps the whole gift in candy cane striped tissue paper and neatly arranges them in a cute red santa bag.
  • Lucy guesses Levy on her third and final try because Levy’s large grin made it obvious.

Mirajane Strauss

  • Mira’s secret santa is Erza.
  • Mira buys Erza a membership to the new cake shop that opened up near the guild and a variety of cake mixes that she can try to bake. She makes a cute handmade card and sticks the membership certificate inside and wraps the cake mixes  in blue wrapping paper with silver stripes, a silver bow stuck on top.
  • Erza honestly has no clue Mira is her secret santa and isn’t able to guess correctly at all despite the fact that the card is most definitely in Mira’s handwriting.

Laxus Dreyar

  • Laxus’ secret santa is Natsu.
  • Laxus buys Natsu a stuffed red dragon and a pair of flame patterned underpants. He shoves it all in a red bag with snowflakes on it and stuffs white tissue paper on the top.
  • Natsu finds the gift to be humorous, but doesn’t guess Laxus. His three guesses consisted of “Gray, Gray, and Gray.”
Secret Santa // Jungkook Scenario

Anon asked:
Hey lovely! Can I request a fluffy, Christmassy scenario with Jungkook where you have a Christmas party at school and you are each other’s secret santa? Please and thank you ❤🎄🎅

This request is so cute! It’s been a while since I’ve done Secret Santa, let alone in school, but this is somewhat how I remembered it… Thanks so much for your ADORABLE request (seriously, I absolutely loved writing this) I hope it meets your expectations ❤❤

Genre: Fluff
Jungkook x reader
Length: 1.3k words

“Next we have this one for Jungkook?” Mr Song said from the front of the room, rummaging through the bag that held all the Secret Santa gifts as he walked towards the boy. You along with all your classmates had gone to your teacher that morning with all your gifts so he could collect them and give them out anonymously. You watched with sharp eyes as Mr Song handed the carefully wrapped present to Jungkook, the tiny little note you’d written containing a hint hanging off of a gold string. As the teacher moved away to continue handing out the gifts you watched Jungkook as he read the note, a small smile creeping onto his face. He looked up suddenly and his eyes immediately met yours, taking you by surprise. You diverted your attention from him instantly, hoping he hadn’t seen you watching.

“Y/N?” The teacher called your name, giving you a reason to lose interest in the boy. Your teacher crossed the room and came to you, a little gift-wrapped cylinder held in his hand. You took it, more than a little excited as to what was inside. You wondered subconsciously how your Secret Santa had managed to wrap it so well. You searched for the note, and found that it was taped to the bottom of the cylinder.

Merry Christmas Y/N!! Your gift is the hint ;)

This was all that it said, and it intrigued you even further as to what the gift could be, and to who had bought it for you. You unscrewed the top of the cylindrical gift excitedly, peering into it immediately. You found that inside there were three things. Some of your favourite candy was the first one, which made you giggle a little bit. It felt a little personal since they’d actually tied it to something you liked. It could’ve just been a coincidence though, so you looked past it at what else there was. You found a rose next, and pulled it out, gasping a little at the kind of un-Christmassy gift. It was a delicate pink, the petals soft as velvet. You stared at it, noting that all of the thorns had been thoughtfully snipped off by whoever your Secret Santa was. You were completely bewildered, and wondered if this was the hint they were talking about.

The last thing in the box was a little perfume, which you immediately opened so you could smell it. It was perfect, the exact smells that you loved filling your senses. You were really intrigued by the fact that you’d gotten a really decent present, and all of the pieces were stuff that reflected things you actually liked. In the other Secret Santa gifts you’d received in previous years you’d simply gotten things like gummy worms and a pack of pencils, but this year you felt genuinely touched with the effort this person had put in for you. It was clearly someone you knew well, and you instantly looked up to scan the room for your friends.

But as soon as your eyes left your gift they flitted to Jungkook, who was, strangely enough, watching you in a similar way to how you were earlier. A light blush settled on his cheeks as he hurriedly turned away from you, but you’d seen it. You watched him as he trapped his bottom lip with his teeth nervously, staring intently at the front of the room as if he had most definitely not been watching you. You smiled a little bit before turning to watch the teacher hand out the remaining gifts, waiting to be dismissed.

Mr Song handed over the last little present, before telling the class that in their lunch break they should seek out their Secret Santa. And that was exactly what you planned to do.

When the bell rang, you immediately gathered up your gift and stood up to go to Jungkook. However, by the time you had picked up your bag, he had already left the classroom. You frowned in confusion, noting that all six of his friends had remained inside so they could talk to their own Secret Santas. You wondered why he’d left so suddenly.

You crossed and exited the room quickly, hoping you could catch up to Jungkook. Quickly looking up and down the corridor to check if he was there, you found him standing in front of his locker. You only saw the back of him and yet you still knew it was him somehow. You went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

He turned to look at you, probably thinking it was one of his friends, but when he realised it wasn’t he jumped back violently in surprise. You stifled a giggle.

“Oh. Sorry. Um, you surprised me,” he stuttered, turning back to his locker, trying very hard to stay focussed on everything but you.

“Don’t apologise,” you told him, pulling your Secret Santa gift out of your bag distractedly. You tapped his arm again to get him to turn back to you. He did, his cheeks a little flushed as he looked from your face to the gift.

“Was this you?” you asked him, and he froze immediately. Despite his embarrassment, he still struggled to keep a grin off of his face.

“No. It wasn’t me.”

“Yes, it was.”


“Are you sure?”


“So it was you?”

“No! I said it wasn’t-“

“But you said yes-“

“I meant no.”

“But yes doesn’t mean no.”

He stared at you, eyeing you in annoyance as he tried to get around what you were saying. You were teasing him - that much was clear.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” you insisted, smirking. He looked as if the competitive side of him really didn’t want to give in, and he turned away from you and continued putting his stuff in his locker.

“Maybe,” he said finally, his voice lowering as if he was secretly ashamed of himself. You smiled, pleased that it really was him. It made you so happy that he had been so thoughtful just for you.

“Thank you,” you told him quietly, watching as he placed a textbook on the neat stack he’d already made at the top of his locker. He mumbled something to you in response, but you didn’t hear what it was. Right before you were going to ask what it was he had said, you saw him pull his Secret Santa gift from his bag and put it carefully in his locker.

“So do you know who gave you yours?” you asked him casually, taking a few steps back so you could open your own locker.

He glanced at you in his peripheral vision, a small smile creeping over his lips. “I might have an idea of who it could be. But I’m not telling.”

You placed your own bag in your locker. “Why not?”

He closed his locker door and came to stand next to you, watching you carefully as his tall figure loomed over you. “Because I want her to come and tell me.”

You looked up at him and noted the sly grin on his face, fully aware of his guess. It was a bit of a change from the scared little bunny you’d been facing earlier now that you’d swapped places in the conversation, but you kept your reply calm. “You might be waiting a while then. I know who gave it to you and she’s a bit shy when it comes to you.”

His face changed completely. “She doesn’t need to be shy,” he said strangely, looking somewhat concerned now.

“Are you sure? You can be scary sometimes.”

He blushed yet again. “Scary? I don’t want her thinking I’m scary.”

“You’ll have to be extra nice to her then,” you said, grinning. You closed your locker door slowly, being careful to not do it too fast that it disrupts any of the things you arranged. Right as you went to look back at Jungkook again, he dipped down and brushed his lips over your cheek softly. You froze, completely shocked, and when he straightened up again his cheeks were scarlet.

“Would that be nice enough for her?” he stammered, seeming extremely nervous about what he’d just done. You couldn’t stop the smile from decorating your face as your heart warmed at his efforts.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Let me know what you think! Writing requests always open ❤ I write for any BTS member so ask me for anything!