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I’m probably the only one who jokes around saying that Midori is one of the “Top 10 Death Metal Bassists” but dude, this cute petite girl is already pretty Metal, look at the bandages wrapped around her fingers from playing Contrabass! I swear, teach this girl about Death Metal (technically Technical Death Metal *pun intended*) and she’ll be a master Death Metal bassist! (Apparently Knuckles-kun is also pretty Metal)

This Is What You Came For is complicated relationships and closed doors and appreciating your other half. It’s about the mystery and intrigue and wonder of a relationship as you stand on exotic balconies with champagne, hair a little mussed and wild. It’s strong coffee and  dancing in your kitchen to electric guitars.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever is knowing someone’s bad for you but calling a cab and telling the driver where their place is. It’s sitting in your apartment hoping that they won’t waste the second chance you’ve given. It’s unanswered texts and voicemail messages. It’s fake smiles and Instagram filters to hide the heartbreak whilst looking sad in all the nicest placvesIt’s standing at the edge of the sea in the middle of the night, screaming your name to the ocean, falling to your knees beat and broken. It’s knowing you have to give the person up but that you’ll miss the addiction. 

Better Man is being alone in your apartment, sitting on a windowseat, reading a novel, a story that makes your heart ache. It’s tea and finding a photograph of kisses on cheeks. It’s remembering everything in flashes of colour that knock the wind out of you. It’s remembering others who broke you when you weren’t strong enough and it’s thanking God that you did the bravest thing and ran from this person who you would have made the one. 

These have been the talents of @taylorswift in 2016 who was “on a break” (insert Ross and Rachel joke here). I’ve written them this way so they tell a story. Whenever I put my writing out there, I kind of stop breathing. I hope you like it, beautiful humans (yes that includes  you @taylorswift ❤️)



Everything that rises will fall. Empires, societies, governments. None of them lasts forever. Why? Because even though they are the products of change, they become resistant to change. The longer a society survives, the more it clings to its power, and the more it resists progress. The more it resists progress—resists change—the more its citizens demand it. In response, the society tighten its grip, desperate to maintain control. It’s afraid of losing its hold.

Ok but seriously tho im really proud of our boys and especially Jeongguk bb! They let him open and be the first to perform on the biggest end of year show. He went from a shy small boy to a beautiful handsome grown man– his appereance changed so much but he’s still as, if not even more, hardworking as he was before. IM JUST REALLY PROUD BTS IS FINALLY GETTING THE SPOTLIGHT AND EXTRA SCREENTIME THEY DESERVE ;A;


there always has been and always will be a special place in my heart for these three ladies. | #unholy trinity