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I got the job! Heading for Santas workshop!


Christmas advert for Vipps, a mobile payment system for Den Norske Bank. Based on a Norwegian Christmas favourite ‘Santa’s Workshop’.

Animation Studio: The Line

Director: Wesley Louis
Character Design - Wesley Louis
Compositor - Max Taylor
Animators - James Duveen, Alvise Zennaro, Carlos De Faria, Giulio De Toma, Tim McCourt
Inbetweening & Cleanup Amix FIlm Studio Ltd
Background Art - Mathias Zamecki
Storyboards - Xavier Saillo
Additional storyboards - Tim McCourt
Friends Electric production - Dom Thomson-Talbot
Music/sound design: Verdens Sterkeste Mann
Production company : Animasjonsdepartementet
Executive Producer - Jakob Thommessen
Agency: Pol
AD: Stian Johansen
Copy: Janne Brenda Lysø
Project manager: Ina Egelandsdal

It is December 27th. Two days ago Santa did not deliver gifts for the first time in 600 years. Santa’s Workshop has gone dark. You are the leader of the SEAL Team tasked with finding out why. This is your story.

Olicity Secret Santa 2016 Master List

Here is a Master List of all the gifts for the Olicity Secret Santa 2016. We did our best to tag everyone.

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December 22nd

Wrapping Paper

Summary | Dec 13th | Dec 14th | Dec 15th | Dec 16th | Dec 17th | Dec 18th | Dec 19th | Dec 20th | Dec 21st | Dec 22nd | Dec 23rd | Dec 24th


5 years ago:

“Aelin, Is this really necessary?”

“I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just ask me that.”

Rowan looked around the living room. He just came in from shovelling the front step. In the short time he’d been gone, Santa’s workshop exploded in his living room.

Wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, bags, boxes, and tissue paper were littered across the floor. Gifts for their family and friends were in different piles all around the room, as if Aelin had them sorted. Some already wrapped gifts were off to the side, also in their own little pile. And Aelin, she was sat in the middle of it all. A Christmas movie was playing on the TV in front of her, though it seemed to be more of background noise then anything.

Rowan watched as Aelin wrapped a gift in paper brown, that looked more like postal wrapping paper to him than anything else.

He never understood all…this. He was a simple wrapper. Just pick wrapping paper with a Christmas pattern and there you go. Or even better, stick it in a gift bag. But Aelin… To her, wrapping gifts was just as big a deal as matching the tree ornaments with the tree skirt.

Every year, she had to match her paper and her ribbons. Last year, every gift was wrapped in white paper with some form of red ribbon or bow. This year, all the gifts were wrapped in brown postal wrapping paper with twine or a big white ribbon around it.

“Are you just going to stand there watching me?” Aelin didn’t so much as look up from wrapping as she spoke.

Rowan raised an eyebrow, making his way into the living room. “Well, I’m sure you don’t want my help.”

Aelin snorted, wrapping some twine around the gift she was currently wrapping. “Definitely not. I remember your amazing wrapping skills from last year.”

Rowan rolled his eyes. He sat down in the chair by the fireplace, facing Aelin. He watched as she carefully wrote on a tag, To Aedion, Love Your Beautifully Amazing Cousin and Rowan, before attaching It to the gift she just wrapped.

“You’re going to be here all day.” Rowan eyed the big pile of gifts she had left to wrap. Then again, this wasn’t new information. Aelin spent a whole day last year wrapping gifts.

“Probably.” She grabbed a box from the pile of unwrapped gifts. It looked like the gift she got for her Uncle Orion, but Rowan honestly wasn’t sure.

Rowan sighed as Aelin continued to work, the Christmas movie on TV disrupting the silence in the room.

When Aelin was wrapping, there was nothing Rowan could say or do to get her to move. Not until she was done. And there was no way in hell she was going to let him help. Aelin didn’t approve of his wrapping skills – she made that clear last year when she unwrapped every gift he wrapped and redid them herself.

Not knowing what else to do, Rowan stood up and walked into the kitchen. He got to work making himself two cups of cocoa. He placed whip topping on one and grabbed some shortbread cookies before walking back into the living.

When Rowan got back, Aelin was done wrapping her Uncle’s gift and was working on another. He placed the cocoa with whip topping and some cookies next to her. Aelin looked up briefly, giving him a smile. She turned back to her work as Rowan sat back in the chair, his own cocoa and cookies in his hand.

A comfortable silence fell around the room as Rowan watched Aelin work. It mesmerized him, the way she worked. The way she knew if she was going to use twine or ribbon. The way she wrote on the tags, the way she cut and taped the paper around the gift. Every now and then, stopping to eat her cookie and drink her cocoa.

Rowan’s heart swelled and a small smile lifted on his lips. Sometimes, in quiet moments like these, Rowan wondered how he got so damn lucky. What cards he played right to have Aelin in his life. To have the love of his life with him here at Christmas, watching as she wrapped Christmas gifts for their families and their friends.

Slowly and quietly reaching into his pocket, Rowan pulled out his phone and pulled up the camera. He wanted to capture this moment forever. The way Aelin’s eyes were pulled together slightly. The way she bit her lips when she was looking for the tape.

Making sure his sound was off, Rowan took the picture before pulling it up to look at it.

In the picture, Aelin was sat crossed legged on the floor. She was in the middle of tying a big piece of white ribbon into a bow.

“Like what you see so much you had to take a picture?”

Rowan looked up. Aelin was still at work wrapping, but there was a smile on her face.

“If that’s the case, I’d always be take pictures of you.”

Aelin laughed, rolling her eyes playful before looking up.

“Come here.” Aelin patted the spot next to her. “You can wrap. But I have to approve or it’s getting redone.”

“Give you compliments and you bend at my will,” Rowan stood up from the chair before sitting down next to Aelin. “I know how you work, Galathynius.”

“Oh do you?” Aelin gave Rowan a sideways glance.

“I do. All I need is chocolate and you’d be all mine.”

Aelin turned to Rowan, an evil sparkle in her eyes. She slowly crawled over to Rowan, stopping right in front of him.

“I’m already yours.” Her lips were just inches from his. Rowan could feel her cookie scented breath on his face. Her voice was low and raspy as she spoke. “And I’m more then happy to show you just how much I’m yours.”

Rowan’s heart pounded in his chest as he mumbled an agreement. He leaned forward, wanting to taste her lips on his. But just as he was about to, Aelin pulled away.

“Right after we finish wrapping.”

Rowan couldn’t help but laugh as Aelin moved back to her spot, getting back to work at wrapping.

“You,” Rowan smiled at Aelin. “Are evil.”

“And you love me.”

“And I love you.” Rowan leaned over, placing a kiss on Aelin’s cheek.

She smiled up at Rowan, her eyes shining. Then, she pointed to the pile of gifts.

“Now get wrapping.”


“One Gift” - coming tomorrow, December 23rd

72. At Christmas, the Gryffindors who are staying at Hogwarts for the holidays organize a secret Santa for all the students regardless of house who are staying at Hogwarts for the holidays. During the last month of term the Gryffindors collect all the names of students who are staying (with the help of Professor Mcgonagall) and arrange secret Santa partners and wish lists. The Gryffindor common room becomes Santa’s workshop as students sort and wrap all the gifts. When Christmas morning comes, all the students, regardless of house, meet in the common room and exchange gifts.

Submitted by  inthehallsofawaiting

  • Jinyoung: Merry Christmas Bambam...I am so happy to call you my friend
  • Bambam: 🎄🎄MERRY CHRISTMAS BITCHES🎄🎄!! Now that it’s finally DICKmas 👅💦Santa’s about to slide 🎅🏾😉 down your hot 🔥 hot 🔥chimney tonight. So lick 💦💋those juicy candy canes and drink up that creamy eggnog🍼, it’s about to get wet down at Santa’s workshop🍆🍆! Don’t forgot to slide down that XXXtra 🎅🏾🎅🏾 big North Pole, and make sure your 🍪 cookie 🍪is yummy enough for Santa to eat👄! 👀 But are you bad enough to handle Santa’s giant juicy 8=candy👊🏼COCK=D💦?? Send this to 🔟 of your baddest bitch elves💁🏼💁🏾 If you get 5️⃣ back, youre on the naughty list this year🍆💦! If you get 🔟 back you better be ready for Santa’s hot ♨️CUMlate☕️💦😭 If you get 2️⃣0️⃣ back you’ve got the most bitchin 🍬peppermint 🍬pussy in the North Pole! ❄️⛄ Hope you get to blow 🌬 lots of XXXmas 🎄dick, and that you get lots of XXXmas 🎄CUMMIES 💝💝 HAVE A SLUTTY 💦🍆👅DICKMAS YOU HOE HOE HOE!!! 🎅🏾🎅🏿🎅🏽🎅🏼
  • Jinyoung: ...
  • Jinyoung: I lied.