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Leave You - Andre Burakovsky #4.2

about/request: could you possibly do a part 2 to the andre one with the kid?? that one was so adorable, and if you do choose to write a part 2, it could be maybe 1-2 years down the track and it’s even more family oriented???

warnings: none

authors note: this is the fluffiest thing i’ve ever written wow. i hope you enjoy it, i did end up making it a little bit down the line!!

word count: 1461

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Four Hours - Johnny x Reader - College!AU

Requested by: @sellmysoulpls . Enjoy the suffering, lovely Bry <3

Word Count: 1838

Trigger Warnings: None

Genre: College!AU, Fluff, Slight Angst

It had been six months since you’d last seen your best friend.

It’s not that you two had been fighting or anything.

You video chatted and texted all the time like you two were practically living together, it’s just that the two of you were attending different universities that were approximately four hours apart.

Neither one of you had had the time to leave town during the weekend and hang out, so you settled for talking on the phone all day.

And now the semester was over, and the both of you were headed to your home town, back to the same two houses that stood right next to each other and made you the best of friends all those years ago.

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My entry for @embracetheapocalypsewithme‘s 400 Follower challenge - congrats again <3


The second Negan closed the door to Lucille’s hospital room he swore himself that he would never fall in love again.
Never would open his heart to another person, female or male, again.
Never would be able to feel for someone else like what he felt, and still feeling for his beloved wife.
Never would love and desire someone again, because it would feel like betrayal.
The second you moved through the gates of the Sanctuary Negan knew he would fight an already lost battle.

You were nothing special.
An ordinary person with the ‘the girl next door’ charm, but when you smiled at Negan it was for him like the world would stop spinning. You sparked a flame deep in him and moved what is left of his soul in a beat he never dreamed and hoped for.
Some Saviors said you were the one who kept his monster under control, kept it calm and pet the dark side in him. They respected you, the queen to his king and ‪god forbid‬ that someone treated you bad. Or talked behind you or Negan’s back.

Negan didn’t have to read Sherry’s mind to knew that she had a stinky eye for (Y/N). She was his first wife and couldn’t accept that he didn’t treat her like this anymore after (Y/N) became a part of his life.
When he stepped in the bathroom he felt, almost smelled, the cuts and bruises hidden under the clothes. The weak, encouraging smile made the situation even worse.
“You know that she doesn’t have her powers under control… sometimes.” (Y/N) whispered.
The monster in him didn’t calm down after Carson healed her wounds and she said it is ok. But at least he didn’t kill Sherry and only sent her away with nothing, but herself.

Negan has underestimated Sherry and her sense for destroying what he loves and admires the most in the world. Or her piss poor way trying.
“C’mon princess, we’ve to go home.” Negan mumbles in your sticky hair.
Tightly he’s holding you in his strong arms to sway you back and forth, caressing and kissing your wonderful soft skin.
“Let us help.” Simon says, who crouches in front of you both, and reaches out for you as Negan pulls your body away.
“Don’t your fuckin’ dare to touch her! She’s ok, she-she just need a fuckin’ minute.” Negan chokes out, clinging to you.
Something he should feel embarrassed about, but Simon would never judge him for having an emotional moment. Again he kisses your hair, feeling how the wetness moistens his clothes and colors his shirt and skin in a bright red, triggered by your blood.
“Yo-you called Carson to c’mere?”
“There’s nothing he can do, boss. Give her to me.” Simon responds, this time with more demand as he grabs your arms to pull your body away from Negan’s embrace. “Turn around.”
But Negan can’t as his lieutenant takes his knife out and drives it through the back of your head. Hot tears tingling in his eyes, blurring his sight as he can’t control himself and takes your hand again.
“You can’t leave me! You promised, you fucking promised!”

And he is right as you stand next to him and watch the scene, crying and shaking.


Everything has changed since your death and nobody knows if the time would heal Negan’s wounds or make them worse.
At first it were only little things that became worse. Like the dark clouds above the Sanctuary which gave and sometimes still give them days full of rain and promised that the old factory would never see the bright sides of the sky again. Or roamer’s heads exploding whenever Negan passes the fence without him even noticing what happens.
The already sensitive mood turns as Negan starts blaming Simon for his death.

“You should’ve protected her!” Negan yells as another chair flies towards Simon who quickly jumps away. “It was your fucking job!”
”Damn! It wasn’t my fault, boss. Y’know that I tried everything!” The lieutenant trying to bring up a shield to protect himself, knowing that this is the monster speaking and not Negan.
Shocked about the devastated room you step in front of Negan whose eyes are nearly black, consumed by grief and hate. Even when he can’t see you, you put a hand on his cheek and it works. His eyes widen and Lucille falls on the floor as he puts his hand on the same spot where your lays.
“Negan?” Simon asks quietly after a few seconds of silence.
“She-she’s here, I can feel her.” A laughter in disbelief leaving his mouth as he tries to figure out where you stand.
The right hand man wants to say something, but Negan shutting him off and sending him away.

‘Oh Negan.” You say and bring up your other hand to caress his skin.
With a sob the leader closes his eyes as he struggles to pump air in his lungs and leaning into the touch until his forehead would touch yours. You wish you could feel him in the same way how he feels you.
“You’re cold. Always had this cold hands, huh?” He murmurs, almost like he’s drifting away from the simple touch.
That’s why you step back from him, don’t want to leave him in this memory of pain over your loss. But your reaction seems to upset him as the monster takes over again and he swirls around, trying to grab after you.
“You leave me again? Fuck you! You hear me? Fuck you!” He shouts and picks up Lucille to swing her around. “I don’t fucking need you! Leave! See if I motherfucking care!”
Shocked by his outburst and because your body starts fading you stumble back until you’re pulled in a hole of darkness.


Negan is laying on the bed, his eyes swollen and red from unshed tears which hides behind the lids as he turns from one side to the other, finding no rest.
“I’m sorry, so fuckin’ sorry. Come back, baby.” A quiet sob leaving his throat. “I’m doin’ everything, please. Please.”
One beg follows the next as he finally comes to a stop on his back and buries his face in the hands. The whole time, since he has called you, you’re watching him with the brows knit together. Nothing reminds you of the old Negan. And you’re torn between touching and pressing your invisible body on his or just leaving him behind.
Never before you saw him like this, pathetic and pleading like a little child.
But you miss him too, feeling the hard, merciless knot in your chest which just built like someone knocked the wind out of you.

‘I’m here.’ You whisper and sit down on the edge of the bed, a hand ghosting over his and instantly the sobs stop.
“Pr-princess? (Y/N)?”
He sits up and looks exactly at the bed site where you’re sitting, arms moving uncontrolled to reach out for you. It’s kind of uncomfortable as his arms moving through your body and you can see how goosebumps build on his skin until you’re having enough and touch his chest.
“Sorry.” He chuckles awkwardly and leans back.
It’s a weird situation for both of you, because he can’t see and touch you, but you can. That’s why you continue to touch his face, down to the neck while he sighs and closes his eyes in enjoyment.
“I miss you so damn much, wish I could see you, kiss you.”
You nod for yourself and slide your palms down to his bare chest, his breathing becoming heavier and heavier as you reach his flat, muscular stomach. Unconsciously you’re licking the lips as he throws the blanket away and pushes down his boxer.
”Oh shit, that’s so damn fucking weird.”
Silently you agree as you slide a hand over his erection and he’s giving you a throaty groan. To let him more feel of you, you lay down on his side and move your fingers along of his cock until he’s taking the control. He’s bucking his hips, bathing in your cold touches with as much lust as you’d actually have sex.
It’s one of the most erotic things you’ve ever seen as Negan squirms and writhes.
You wish you could feel the same as his sounds of hungry desire getting louder. He leans more and more into you until you’re blurring to one mass of visible and invisible bodies.
”(Y/N)! Fuck princess.” He groans out as his cock pulses and he comes all over his stomach.


Negan’s desperation grows with every day or more every hour. Most of the time he spends between books, trying to find a spell which brings the dead back to life. But you both know it’s pointless.
Magicians tried for centuries to make it possible and one or two might work, but it’s impossible to find the ingredients in times like these.
”Motherfucking dick suck cunt fucking fuck fuckity…” You don’t hear the rest of his yell as he throws first the book and then the whole table against the wall.
Immediately you’re by his side, but you can’t keep him under control as his bloodlined eyes turn black and a wave of energy pushing you and the inventory through the room. Gasping in shock you see how he collapses on the floor, his skin bursts open and his hair messy.
‘Negan, stop!’

But he doesn’t stop.
Instead his obsession with finding a solution or making you at least visible becomes stronger until the point where he doesn’t eat, sleep and even lead anymore. His expressions are all emotionless as he scratches over his wrists, his gaze fixed on one of the new books Dwight found in Alexandria. You’re trying to grab his hand, concentrating all your power on the touch.
”Ow, fuck.” He pulls back as the coldness becomes too much. ”You-you..”
The normally dark, sinful voice breaks as he shamelessly starts crying, quietly and so sad that you can neither move nor talk. For minutes he’s lost in a bubble of grief, letting out the bottled up emotion which he carried for weeks.
Patiently you’re waiting until the tears are dried while you stroke over his bloody hands.
”I just, I can’t fucking save you.”
‘And it’s ok. I’m not mad, baby.’
For a second it seems like he heard you as his eyes meet yours in an intense glare.


Negan skipped this part, because he would never accept what Sherry did to him. He’s still feeling (Y/N) around him, sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker. But it doesn’t satisfy him anymore.
It’s simply not fucking enough and it’s driving him insane.
For the first time since months he’s staring in the mirror without looking through him. His hair and beard grew and he could easily making a good Santa fucking Clause. What shocks him more is his pale skin and the dark circles under his eyes. Sighing he washes the face as he’s feeling her hug from behind.
“I know, princess. Can imagine your little angry face.” He chuckles, but it sounds without joy.
As he steps back in his bedroom Simon storms inside, a big smile on his face and obviously full of excitement.
“We found it, boss. We can bring her back.”

Suspiciously you look at the scene in front of you. Negan and a few of his lieutenants kneeling around your grave as the leader lifts up the century old jar in his hands. The blood from a virgin drips over his face down to the chest while he whispers words you don’t understand. Suddenly he starts choking and falls forward, his eyes rolling back in the skull and as Simon and Dwight want to jump up he’s holding them back. A snake slides out of his throat and mouth, stopping in the middle of the grave where it vanishes.
Unimpressed by the current events Negan continues the ritual, but you can’t follow up on it anymore. The last thing you see are the dark violet clouds over them as suddenly a hot pain shoots through you and you disappear in nothing.
Just like the snake.

As you wake up the next time everything is dark and you can barely breath, also your face burns from the hotness of your cage.
And then you realize it.
You’re not dead anymore, you’re alive and still buried six feet under. Panic rushing through your veins as you kick and slam against the wooden box.
“Negan! Negan, help!”
You swallow a good amount of sand and start coughing as you fight, don’t want to give up. And finally the wood gives in and you cry in relief, not caring that your knuckles and palms are full of scratches. As the hole is big enough you twist and twirl until you can crawl out of it. That you run out of air doesn’t bother you, all you can think of is that you’ll be with Negan again.
That you can finally talk, laugh, kiss and cuddle again.

Negan is dead. Of course he is.
’Why should it be otherwise?‘ You think hysterically as you look down at his grave next to yours. Lucille lays enthroned on it as a memorial.
“Why? I mean, five minutes ago..”
“Five minutes? (Y/N), we did the ritual five weeks ago.” Simon interrupts you softly. “Rick came and shot at the jar. Negan, the monster went wild and he attacked him.”
“But he was too weak.” You fulfill his sentence with a whisper and he nods. “Where’s Rick now?”
“In one of our cells.”
“Ok and what about Sherry? Someone found her yet?” With shaking hands you pick up Lucille, feeling the power which spreads through her and then through you.
“No. (Y/N), with Negan gone. We don’t have a leader and I think I speak for all of us when I say that you should take over.” Simon speaks and you turn around.
At first you want to reject the offer, still feeling weak and dirty as you feel a hot touch on your shoulder. Shakily you exhale and put your hand on the spot where his lays.
He’s with you like you were with him.
“Ok, I’ll do it.” You agree and raise Lucille a bit.
With the help of her and your man you can take revenge on Rick, Sherry and all the others who tried to attack and destroy you.

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Me: People need to lighten up with all the LazyTown headcanons. It’s just a show.

Also me: If Santa canonically exists in the LazyTown universe then his helper elves must surely exist. Is Sportacus okay with this? Is it one of those things he just pretends doesn’t happen because it’s better not to think about it? Is Santa just one of those people that Sportacus’ magic is weaker than and he can’t beat? Does Magnus expect us to ignore this? Did he really think that he could get away with making his main character an elf and then having said elf meet Santa, whose main source of physical labor is elves? Does Sportacus even know that Santa uses elves to make toys? When Santa appears, Sportacus knows who Santa is and talked to him like he knew him. Since it was the first (and only) time we saw Santa, we are left to assume that Sportacus has had a past experience with Santa. The kids were surprised that he was in town, but were still oddly nonchalant about fucking Santa Claus walking in unexpected. Has Santa met them before? If Santa has met them before and Santa, who would know that Sportacus is not necessarily a Christmas elf but an Icelandic Elf, has become friends with Sportacus, and uses elves to make his toys then Sportacus surely must know because Santa is using slave labor to make children’s toys and that’s something that he should know about as a Hero, and not just slave labor, elf slave labor. What would have happened if a helper elf had been on the sleigh with Santa? There are three possible conclusions to this: Sportacus chooses to ignore this because Santa has magic far more powerful than his, Sportacus genuinely doesn’t know about this, the lore for LazyTown’s Santa was changed just so Magnus wouldn’t have to face the difficult scenario that this episode would have him face theoretically. None of these are very satisfactory and I need actual answers and my answer is to conclude that Santa is actually Mr. Striker that used to own Sportacus and after Sportacus revolted against him, he used magic on Sportacus to make him forget him and all the atrocities that happened and Striker chose to isolate himself so Sportacus would never find him.



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