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Ask me things!


  • Dragonhome - What’s the meaning behind your username?
  • Sea of a Thousand Currents - Why did you join Flight Rising?
  • The Ashfall Waste - What’s your favorite part of the site?
  • The Windswept Plateau - Have you gotten friends of yours to join FR?
  • The Southern Icefield - What’s your favorite flight?
  • The Tangled Wood - What’s your favorite FR deity?
  • The Scarred Wasteland - When did you join Flight Rising?
  • The Sunbeam Ruins - What’s your favorite lair aesthetic (doesn’t have to be your own)?
  • The Shifting Expanse - Do you exalt a lot of dragons or do you keep them?
  • The Viridian Labyrinth - Do you have a favorite familiar?
  • Starfall Isles - Favorite piece of trivia you learned on the site?


  • Earthshaker - What role(s) do your progens play in your lore (if they do at all)?
  • Tidelord - Does the element of your dragons’ eyes matter to you in lore?
  • Flamecaller - How do you determine jobs for the dragons in your clan?
  • Windsinger - Does your clan interact with other users’ clans and does that impact lore?
  • Icewarden - Does FR’s official site lore play into your own?
  • Shadowbinder - Do you have any lore about how your dragons view exalting? If so what is it?
  • Plaguebringer - Do you keep lore if a dragon already has it or do you change it to fit your clan?
  • Lightweaver - What’s the story behind your clan?
  • Stormcatcher - What catches your eye in other people’s lore?
  • Gladekeeper - Do your dragons’ names follow any themes/patterns and if so does that play into their lore?
  • Arcanist - Do you like writing lore or reading it more?
  • The Beastclans - Is there an antagonist in your lore? If so, who?


  • Fae - Who’s your random progen?
  • Mirror - Who’s the progen you made?
  • Guardian - What’s your favorite starter breed?
  • Tundra - What’s your favorite breed?
  • Pearlcatcher - Is there a breed you like the pose of one gender over the other?
  • Ridgeback - What’s one breed you could never go without having in your lair?
  • Snapper - Is there a breed you like the hatchlings better than the adults, and if so what breed?
  • Spiral - Do you make breeding pairs for a specific outcome?
  • Skydancer - Do you like to make mates match?
  • Bogsneak - How often do you impulse buy dragons?
  • Imperial - What’s one breed you just don’t like for whatever reason?
  • Nocturne - Do you collect gen 1s?
  • Coatl - Which dragon breed has your favorite lore, regardless of how much you like/dislike how they look?
  • Wildclaw - Do breeding cooldowns frustrate you?


  • Light - What flight did you choose and why?
  • Earth - Do you have flight ambassadors? Why or why not?
  • Shadow - If you could change flights for a single day and go back to your own after, what would you switch to and why?
  • Plague - What region of Sorneith is your favorite?
  • Water - Do you want your dragons’ eyes to match their colors, and if so does that impact what dragons you keep/breed?
  • Ice - What’s your favorite flight aesthetic (if you have one)?
  • Fire - What are your thoughts on dom pushes?
  • Arcane - What’s your favorite thing about your flight?
  • Nature - Do you like finding newbies in your flight?
  • Wind - If you were to summarize each flight into three words, what words would you use for which flight?
  • Lightning - What’s your favorite familiar from your flight?


  • Primary - What are your favorite gene combinations on dragons (primary, secondary, and tertiary)? Share your faves!
  • Secondary - What’s your proudest gene project, if you have one?
  • Tertiary - If you have a dragon with poorly mixing colors, what is your preferred tertiary gene to try and compensate?
  • Apparel - Do you prefer to dress your dragons for their roles or what you think looks best on them?
  • Accent - Have you ever seen an accent/skinscent/skin that you wished existed for another breed or gender?
  • Skinscent - What is your favorite skin, accent, or skinscent?
  • Skin - What’s your least favorite skin, accent, or skinscent?
  • Original color wheel - List your top five favorite colors and why.
  • Color wheel expansion - What’s your favorite gene and color combination (i.e. orca glimmer)? Share a dragon with that combo!
  • Scrying Workshop - What is your dream dragon?

Trading and Socializing

  • Forums - What’s your favorite forum game and why?
  • Coliseum - Do you like to do coliseum?
  • Fairgrounds - What’s your favorite Fairgrounds game?
  • Auction House - We’ve all done it, what one thing did you not notice a misclick while selling that still haunts you to this day?
  • Marketplace - Are you saving up for any big purchases right now?
  • Crossroads - Do you ever check in on dragons you’ve sold to see how they’re doing?
  • Dominance - Have you ever bought fodder, only to get attached and keep it?
  • Trading Post - Have you made friends through or because of FR?

Festivals and Events

  • Crystalline Gala - Do you like to participate in the holidays?
  • Trickmurk Circus - Do you hoard elemental currency after the events are over or do you sell it off?
  • Mistral Jamboree - If you have elemental reps, do you dress them in their element’s holiday apparel?
  • Wavecrest Saturnalia - What’s your favorite elemental familiar?
  • Greenskeeper Gathering - Have you ever gotten an elemental egg?
  • Brightshine Jubilee - What was the first elemental holiday you ever participated in?
  • Thundercrack Carnivale - Are there events that you participate in on FR outside of the official festivals and events (secret Santa, trick or treat, etc)?
  • Flameforger’s Festival - What do you do to prepare for an event?
  • Starfall Celebration - What’s your favorite elemental holiday?
  • Riot of Rot - Do you have any retired items or familiars that you want to come back for a holiday?
  • Rockbreaker’s Ceremony - Does your flight do anything to prepare for events, if so what and do you participate in that?
  • Week of Welcome - What do you think of the change in registration windows?
  • Night of the Nocturne - What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever gotten in an event?
Hogwarts House Christmas Aesthetics
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Gryffindor:</b> Waking up early to open presents. Drunken caroling. Stockings overstuffed with sweets. Mistletoe in every doorway. Elf on a Shelf. Terrible Christmas puns. 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas.' Animated Christmas films. Ugly sweater parties. Handmade gifts. Sledding down the steepest hill in town. Staying up late and trying to catch Santa. The smell of cinnamon. Indulgently flavored coffees. Taking a nap after Christmas dinner. Brightly colored wrapping paper. 'Elf.'<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> Midnight Mass sung entirely in Latin. Classy Christmas parties. Breaking out the good china for Christmas dinner. Twinkling white lights that line the roof and doorway and windows. Sneaky mistletoe kisses. Driving around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve to see all the decorations. Extravagant gifts. Ice sculptures. A perfectly harmonized arrangement of 'The Carol of The Bells.' A wine bottle Advent calendar. Snowman building competitions. The quiet crackling of the fireplace. Eggnog-spiked coffee. Shoving handfuls of snow down the back of your best friend's shirt and then running for it. 'A Christmas Carol'.<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> Making snow angels with your friends and then helping each other up so there's no stray hand prints. Working the soup kitchens on Christmas Eve. Super thoughtful gifts. The smell of freshly baked cookies and fudge. Reciting 'Twas the Night Before Christmas from memory alone. Setting out treats for Santa and the reindeer. 'O Come All Ye Faithful.' Santa hats. Eskimo kisses. Candy canes in mugs of steaming cocoa. Curling up in front of the fire with your sweetheart and a heavy blanket. Building gingerbread houses. 'Miracle on 34th Street.'<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Late-night stargazing on Christmas Eve. The way the morning light shines through hanging icicles and casts prisms of rainbow light across the snow. Candlelight in windows. Perfectly hung tinsel on the Christmas tree. Personalized Christmas cards. 'The Little Drummer Boy.' Practical gifts. Building the perfect igloo in the front yard. Waking up to a fresh later of snow on Christmas morning. Sprigs of spearmint in your morning cup of tea. A family photo where everyone's smiling and no one blinks. Shimmering, decorative bows on all the gifts. Artfully arranged stockings. 'It's a Wonderful Life.'<p/></p><p/></p>

serthis-archivist  asked:

lightning, skincent, thundercrack~?

Lightning - What’s your favorite familiar from your flight?
I don’t actively keep up with which familiar comes from which flight, but the Obscuring Goblin’s pretty cute. ouo

Skinscent - What is your favorite skin, accent, or skinscent?
uH. I have a lot of favorites, esp if they speak to the dragon; like Shaemishae’s or Clip’s. ouo

Thundercrack Carnivale - Are there events that you participate in on FR outside of the official festivals and events (secret Santa, trick or treat, etc)?
I’ve participated in raffles. o3o